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Micah Bell

A career criminal and hitman, Micah has been with Dutch's gang for about five months. He claims he met Dutch when he saved his life in a bar fight over some stolen gold. He comes from a long line of bad men.

His father and grandfather before him were also called Micah Bell and, at one point, his father was wanted for murder in five counties. He has a brother living in California, whom he despises.

Wild, unpredictable and vindictive individual, he lives for the action, and is great in a gunfight.

Character Information
Role Companion
Gender Male
Born 1860
Nationality American
Location 1907: Mount Hagen (Grizzlies West, Ambarino)
Affiliation CleetJoeVan der Linde Gang
Weapon Micah's Revolver
Horse Missouri Fox Trotter
Performer / Actor Peter Blomquist

"I believe there's winners and losers... and nothing else besides."



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