The GTA 5 stunt jumps are just one of the virtually endless challenges that GTA V and GTA Online have to offer. These are ramps that are scattered across the map, both in downtown Los Santos and Blaine County.

The GTA V Stunt jumps are pretty straightforward, too: all you need to do is run into these ramps at high speeds with a vehicle (preferably a motorcycle) and land safely on the other side.

It's recommended to do the GTA 5 Stunt Jumps while playing as Franklin, as you can use his special ability to slow down time while driving, which can be very handy.

It's also important to note that GTA stunt jumps aren’t successful if the vehicle crashes or doesn’t land properly. So it's a good idea to make use of the quick save feature (on the in-game phone) right before attempting every jump, so that if you fail you can reload immediately and be in the same exact spot where you saved.

There are a total of 50 GTA stunt jumps locations: 10 in Blaine County and 40 in Los Santos. To achieve 100% Completion in GTA V, you only need to complete any 25 out of the 50, but for the "Show Off" achievement / trophy, you must complete all jumps.

You’re in the right place if you want to complete the challenges. We’ve prepared a GTA 5 stunt jumps map for every region of the game! Let’s get into it.

All 50 GTA 5 Stunt Jumps Locations + Maps

Below, you'll find all GTA 5 stunt jump locations for GTA V and GTA Online, grouped by their areas:

North Blaine County GTA 5 Stunt Jumps

gta 5 stunt jumps map north blaine county

  1. Paleto Bay has a construction site with a ramp. To complete the jump, drive off of the ramp and land in the parking lot.
  2. The parachute pier on the west side of the map is the next one. Near it lies a broken wooden bridge that can be jumped off of.
  3. During the mission "Mr. Philips", you will be asked to take a shortcut by going left. That shortcut leads directly into the jump. It can also be performed outside of the mission.
  4. South of the 4 parachute spots at Raton Canyon, there’s a trail with a ramp. This jump is easiest to do with a bike.
  5. There’s a small road barrier that you need to break on Mount Gordo to make this jump. The ramp is directed towards the lighthouse.

South Blaine County GTA 5 Stunt Jumps Map

south blaine county stunt jump map

  1. Head north from the Sandy Shores hotel to find a bike ramp near a few run-down buildings.
  2. Next, head over to the Sandy Shores Airfield and go south. There’s a ramp that leads over a large white rock standing there.
  3. South of Bolingbroke Penitentiary is a cliff. Drive off of the ramp on the cliff and land in the prison to complete the jump.
  4. Drive down south on Senora Freeway and make sure to take the upper route. When approaching the overpass, there will be a dirt ramp to your left. Land under the overpass to complete the jump.
  5. There’s a dead end on the west side of the Wind Farm. Beneath it, there’s a train you need to jump over, then land on the freeway.

North Los Santos GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations

north ls gta map

  1. On the outskirts of town, in Vinewood Hills, there’s a steep hill with a ramp near the bottom that you can use to jump over the road.
  2. On the corner of Mad Wayne Thunder Dr. (still in Vinewood Hills) is a house with barriers right in front of a ramp.
  3. The Los Santos Golf Course has a small, broken bridge in the southeast corner that acts as a ramp.
  4. The Rockford Hills Subway has a sign that says “entrance.” Drive to the right of it and jump over the entrance, landing on the street.
  5. The building at the corner of Milton Rd. and Boulevard Del Perro has a narrow opening you can go through with a bike or a motorcycle; the motorcycle works much better. Drive through the opening and land on the other side of the street to complete the jump.
  6. Head through the upper ramp of the Rockford Plaza. Turn just at the curve and jump off.
  7. Drive to Del Perro Beach and find the Jetty building at the top of the hill. Jump off the hill and land at the gas station to complete the jump.
  8. Head west along Bay City Ave and go through the roadside orange poles to the left. You’ll run into a ramp that launches you on the freeway.
  9. There’s another ramp right beside the Del Perro Freeway that launches you to the other side.
  10. North of the Arcadius building, where the Del Perro overpass faces west, lies another ramp.
  11. There is another ramp just right of the Pillbox Hospital on Elgin Ave.
  12. Go to the circular overpass on the Del Perro Highway and find the metal ramp with a picture on it.
  13. The roof of the parking building on Pillbox Hill has a ramp to jump off of.
  14. The intersection of Vespucci Boulevard and Power St. has a styled arch with a ramp leading through it.
  15. Decker St. in Little Seoul has a pagoda jump you can take from the east side.
  16. At the Weazel News building, some barriers are blocking the sidewalk. Smash through them and continue towards the jump.
  17. Another one on Elgin Ave, between the Wisdahl Hotel and Ammu-nation.

Southeast Los Santos GTA V Stunt Jumps

south east ls gta

  1. Head to the oil field and scrapyard. There will be a pipeline near the cliff at the top with a ramp at the end. Jump off and land anywhere to complete the jump.
  2. At Little Big Horn Ave, there is a boat shop with a ramp nearby. The ramp is bright green and easy to spot and will launch you onto the freeway above.
  3. Enter the dockyard, then head west. Keep going until you reach a small ramp and jump across the water.
  4. Head to the place where MacDonald St. meets the train tracks. You will see a parking garage there. On the roof of the garage is a ramp that launches you towards the street.
  5. Another garage jump. This ramp is on top of the Medical Center’s garage. Just like with the previous one, you will launch and land on the street.
  6. This one is easy to recognize as a stunt jump. It’s a big pile of dirt, north of the power plant on Chum St. It’s best to use a motorcycle since you’ll need some control for the jump. To complete it, launch onto the bridge, past a few sets of arrows.
  7. The Bristols Coke Storage compound has four jumps you need to make. First, head to the eastern side of the compound, then to the south. There’s a ramp on the trailer that launches you to the top of a nearby building.
  8. After that, head north. There will be another trailer with a ramp waiting. To complete the jump, fly across the water and land in the parking lot.
  9. Next, go east. You’ll see a white trailer with a ramp and it will launch you onto the freeway.
  10. Just a little southeast from the last jump lies a green storage building. Next to it is yet another trailer with a ramp. You will need a lot of speed for this one, as you’ll have to clear the whole roof for the jump to count.
  11. Even further south now, next to the Berth 60 building near Walker Logistics. Jump and land on the roof to complete the stunt.
  12. Another one in the dockyard. Head towards the north end, where you will see another ramp to the east.
  13. Now go further north towards the Elysian Fields Highway. A ramp is located where the highway runs parallel to the rail bridge. There’s a big white silo next to the ramp.
  14. Go to the large ship called “Ocean Motion” at the docks and you will see a ramp next to it.
  15. Enter the terminal and keep an eye for the ramp that appears on the left side near the curve of the road. There is a dirt pile you can use. Use a motorcycle and land at the Jetsam Terminal parking lot.

Southwest Los Santos GTA 5 Stunt Jumps

southwest ls map

  1. At the south side of the La Puerta freeway, at its highest section, you’ll find a metal ramp. Land on the freeway below to complete the jump.
  2. Another jump at the La Puerta freeway. The ramp is located at an intersection near Little Seoul. Jump off it and land on the opposite ramp.
  3. Head to where Dutch London St. meets the train bridge. Under the bridge, there’s a small ramp leading over the freeway.
  4. This one requires a lot of speed. Reach the aqueduct north of the Maze Arena, then head west. There will be a ramp to your left that launches you over three bridges and onto a helipad.
  5. South of the train bridge jump’s location, and east of the previous jump, you’ll find a ramp at the curved freeway.
  6. The next one is in the Los Santos International Airport, south of the parking lot. You have to land on top of the garage to complete the jump.
  7. On the opposite side of the previous jump, there is another small parking lot with an upwards ramp. This jump is very similar to the previous one.
  8. Go to the eastern airport runway entrance. There’s a small ramp on the right. You’ll need to make it over the gate to complete the jump.

GTA V Stunt Jumps: FAQ

How do you complete Stunt Jumps in GTA 5?

As you’d expect, the GTA 5 stunt jump locations can be found all over the map. All you have to do to complete GTA stunt jumps is drive a vehicle up the ramps, launch, and land safely - without crashing. If you need help finding these spots, refer to our GTA 5 stunt jumps map above.

What do you get when you complete all Stunt Jumps in GTA 5?

In addition to the ‘Show Off’ Achievement, players receive new colors in Los Santos Customs after 5, 10, and 25 completed GTA 5 stunt jumps.

Plus, completing at least 25 Stunt Jumps out of 50 is required for 100% Completion of the game.

What are the easiest Stunt Jumps in GTA 5?

Nearly all stunt jumps GTA 5 has to offer are easy to do. Only a few of them require some extra speed and precision. We recommend going from #1 on our list to be sure not to miss any - and it’ll be easier to group them by location!

Where is the best jump in GTA 5?

The aqueducts north of the Maze Bank Arena lead to a ramp that launches you over three buildings and onto a helipad. It’s one of the biggest GTA 5 stunt jumps - as well as the most spectacular one.

GTA 5 Stunt Jumps Video

Below you find a video walkthrough for all 50 Stunt Jumps available in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

Well, fellow adrenaline junkies, that’s it for the GTA V stunt jump locations. Have you completed the challenges?

Let us know!

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