ucb live event cutscenes scripts cover

My goal with seasons was to give players a reason to continuously revisit Red Dead Online, whilst simultaneously bringing a new way for Online-only players to check out the phenomenal story that comes with RDR2's singleplayer mode. I didn't want to sacrifice the integrity of the story, so I made sure that the player's actions would have minimal impact on any of the events, whilst still providing new context and giving our characters some new stakes.

Seasonal events are experience solo, players will not see other player characters in these cutscenes.

Each of the updates coinciding with the chapters of RDR2's story will be linked to provide further context


Cutscene - Event 1:

Normal cutscene with new angles added showing the player sitting in the trees.

Cutscene – Event 2:

The player rides into Annesburg to see the Cornwall train screeching to a halt. Workers and Pinkertons rush to the rear of the train to help the guards off. They can be heard murmuring about what happened.

Live Event – Event 3:

The player arrives at Colter just as the gang has finished packing up and begun leaving. They approach Dutch on his wagon.

Dutch: Ahh, it’s one of my new friends. Care to ride with us?

The player can ride alongside the gang wagons to hear the following conversations:

Dutch’s Wagon:

Dutch: Hosea tells me this is some nice country we’re heading into. It’ll be a good place for us to lie low for a while.

Bill: Micah keeps mentioning the money in Blackwater, though. Wouldn’t it just be easier for us to sneak in, grab it and get out of there?

Javier: You? Sneaking anywhere. There’s more chance the Pinkertons will just give it to us.

Susan: Boys, calm down for the love of God. You’re acting like children. Keep this up and you’ll be walking to the new camp.

Dutch: -laughs- I’d suggest you listen to Mrs Grimshaw. You know she isn’t one to be trifled with. But to answer your question, Bill – All in good time, all in good time my friend.

They continue to discuss their pasts; Bill’s stime in the army, Javier’s life in Mexico, Dutch’s ex, etc.

John’s Wagon:

John: It’s good to be out of the cold. My face… It hurts so damn much.

Uncle: It hurts to look at, too.

John: As soon as I’m better, you’ll be the one hurting if you keep this up.

A beat.

Uncle: Say, what was it again. Mrs Adler? How about you tell us about yourself.

Sadie: I’m just tired. I don’t really feel like talkin’ much right now.

Uncle: Come on, talkin’ lifts everyone’s spirits-

Abigail: Not when it’s you, ya damn old fool. The woman’s mournin’, so give her some space?

Sadie: Thank you.

Jack: She’s morning? Is that why she has hair that’s yellow like the sun?

Sadie: Awh, thanks lil’ guy.

Abigail: Not quite, it just means she’s sad because she… Uh, misses someone.

Jack: Like when Pa goes away, and I miss him?

Abigail: Not quite… Not quite.


Cutscene – Event 1:

The player enters the Valentine Saloon from the back after visiting the outhouse. They see Arthur get thrown through the window by Tommy. They run over to the window, and as they get there are grabbed by a man on either side and thrown onto the table. The player rolls to the side of a table and onto the floor where they stand up, duck under a swing thrown by one of the fighters and punch their knee out sideways. The other person jumps on their back, and the player backs up, slamming them against the wall, before falling out the ground with them.

Cut to outside:

Arthur: Pretty boy? Pretty boy?!

Back inside:

The player and the other person are on the floor, the player grabs onto a piece of glass from the window and stabs the other person in the shoulder. The player crawls out from under them, stands up, and walks out of the bar.

Cutscene – Event 3:

The player returns to the Smithfield Saloon for some drinks, where they see Arthur wandering around screaming for Lenny. Arthur stumbles on to the player and stares into their eyes.

Arthur: You’re not Lenny! Here ho- Hold muh drink. -Arthur hands the player a drink, they drink it-

Cuts to the player, Arthur and Lenny doing shots. Then everyone playing poker and dropping cards and chips everywhere. Then the “I’m talking to nobody confrontation” followed by the dancing, with the player involved. Then the player staring out of the window laughing at Arthur and Lenny trying to drown the other man.

Fade to black. The player wakes up at their Moonshine Shack if available, if not – They will wake up in the stables on the back of their horse.

Cutscene – Event 4:

The player enters the Strawberry Visitor’s Centre, where they meet up with Gus McMillan. They shake hands.

Gus: Hello my friend, I hope you’re doing well. Either way, I asked you over here because I have some exciting busi-

Gus is cut off by a loud crashing outside, the pair rush to the window to see Arthur breaking Micah out of prison.

Gus: Jesus, a prison break!

They see Micah and Arthur running round the town, shooting the place up.

Gus: You seem invested in this shootout. Do you know these guys?

The player awkwardly gestures, as if they’re embarrassed to say yes. Fade to black. Camera opens on Gus filling in US Marshals on the events.

Cut to black.

Cutscene – Event 5:

The player passes the Valentine train station on horseback, entering the town. They notice Leviticus Cornwall speaking to the auctioneers.

Cornwall: And you say they went to this “Went’s” Saloon?

Auctioneer: Yes, Mr Cornwall. Just up the hill there.

Cornwall: Thank you mister,

he gives the auctioneer a large sum of money

I’d suggest you head home for tonight.

The auctioneer is about to leave, when he spots John and Strauss.

Auctioneer: That’s one of them there!

He points to John and Strauss.

Cornwall: Is that so? Men…

He gestures up to John and Strauss, his guards grab them.

John: What the hell is this? I didn’t do nothing?

Cornwall: On the contrary, Mr Van Der Linde, I presume?

John: I ain’t ever heard that name in my life.

Cornwall: Might as well check this bar then.

The player goes to rush Cornwall, but an overwhelming amount of guards point their gun at them and tie them up.

Cornwall: Well, this one certainly isn’t a “Dutch Van Der Linde” – Go tie them up by the wagon.

The guards walk the player over to the wagon. The player is sat next to a fence in the auction yard. The guards stand in front, watching them.

Guard: Tell us about Van Der Linde.

The player stares at him.

Guard: What’s wrong scumbag, you turn yellow now you’ve been caught out?

Suddenly, gunshots are heard in the distance, causing the guards to run towards them. The player rubs their ropes against the fence, breaking them. They stand up and run out of town.

Cut to black.


Cutscene – Event 2:

The player heads into the Rhodes Saloon one night. They notice it’s a lot more bustling than usual. A patron stumbles over to the player and grabs onto them.

Patron: Why the sour face partner? They’re givin’ out free drink!

The player’s face lights up.

Another montage of Arthur and Hosea starts, with them pouring out the drinks and everyone celebrating. The player is seen jumping from the chandelier and being carried and passed over the crowd.

Cut to black.

The player wakes up in the bed in the saloon. They walk through to the main bar room, clutching their head from the hangover. They look up to see a bunch of dead Lemoyne Raiders on all the floors, tables and hanging over the balconies. The player looks around, backs out of the room and exits the back of the saloon.

Cut to black.

Cutscene – Event 3:

The player exits the Rhodes general store, they see a glow in the distance. They head towards it to investigate on horseback to see the Grays tobacco fields alight. Sean and Arthur burst out past them on horseback, chased by a hail of bullets.

Cut to black.

Cutscene – Event 4:

The player arrives at Clemens Point. Dutch rushes over to them.

Dutch: You there! Friend! It’s Arthur, my boy, he’s gone missing. We think Colm got him. There was a meeting, Arthur was supposed to watch over it and suddenly he was gone. Please, if you could, keep an eye out for him?

The player nods, Dutch pats them on the back.

Cutscene – Event 5:

The player is at the Van Der Linde camp handing over ‘Wanted’ posters to Susan as Arthur stumbles in on horseback. Mary-Beth and Karen rush over.

Mary-Beth: Arthur!

Karen: Arthur?

Dutch sees the commotion and heads over too.

Dutch: Arthur?

Arthur: I told you it was a setup, Dutch…

Dutch: My boy, my dear boy, what?

Arthur: They got me. But I got away.

Dutch: Yeah, that you did. Miss Grimshaw, I need help! Reverend Swanson?

Susan hears Dutch’s call, and sees what’s happening. She runs over to help. The player stands back and watches what’s happening with Sean and John. The Reverend approaches the player.

Reverend Swanson: It’s Mr Morgan, he’s back. He’s not faring too well. If you can bring me some Ginseng, maybe some Vanilla Flowers – Well, it would go along way. Any healing cures are welcome too.

Cutscene – Event 6:

The player arrives at Rhodes on a train, they get off and head into the General Store. The Store Owner looks nervous.

Store Owner: Please, make it quick.

The player brushes them off.

Store Owner: Partner, please! I- I have things to be doing. Rhodes, it isn’t safe right now.

The store owner. sees Micah, Bill and Sean talking to Arthur outside.

Store Owner: Whatever you do, do not leave this shop. I implore you to stay inside.

The player goes to leave anyway, the Store Owner pulls a repeater on them. The player points their pistol at him.

Store Owner: I don’t want to do this. Hats are going to start flying in a few minutes.

As he says this, the player looks out the window to see Sean get shot. The player looks outraged, and goes to shoot the Store Owner, but misses. The store owner also misses, shooting out the windows. The player ducks out the back entrance and into the alleyway where they see a Gray preparing a Blunderbuss. The player charges them into the wall, which sets off the gun sending it flying into the ground and breaking in two. The Gray pulls a knife on the player, but they counter the attack and break his arm, before throwing him into the wall of the General Store. The player runs to their horse next to the store and gallops to the camp at Clemens Point. Abigail runs up to the player.

Abigail: My son! Have you seen my son! Wait, you’re not even one of us! Was it you? What did you do with my son?

The player backs up, confused.

Susan: What’s going on? Why are you acting all hysterical?

Abigail: Jack, I can’t find him anywhere.

Susan: Dear Lord, alright. Miss Jackson, Miss Jones, Miss Gaskill, Mr Smith, Mr Escuella! Help us find young Jack?

Javier: What do you think we’ve been doing? Dutch is checking the lakes, and Hosea and Kieran are checking the forest.

Susan: And nobody thought to tell me? Christ, the boy could be in serious trouble!

Abigail: No! No, he can’t be. I swear I will skin any feller who hurts my son alive. -She runs off to continue looking for Jack-

Everybody looks for Jack around the areas. The player is checking under the docks as Arthur arrives back at camp.

Dutch arrives, and heads to his tent.

Dutch: Listen up! Everybody just calm down. Now I know you’re worried, we’ve got everybody looking for him and we are gonna find this boy.

The rest of this cutscene plays. Hosea arrives telling everyone about overhearing the Braithwaites talking about the boy. Dutch promises to get Jack back.

Dutch: ­-Getting on his horse­- You, I’ve got a wagon of fire bottles parked over there. Do us a favour and bring it over to that old hag’s wretched abode.

The player nods. Dutch and the boys ride off to get Jack. The player gets on the wagon near the camp and Abigail comes up to them.

Abigail: I swear to God, once they get my son, you make sure they burn that old place to the ground. I want those bastards to have nothing left.

The player nods and drives to Braithwaite Manor. They step off the wagon, over all the bodies. Hosea comes out the front door.

Hosea: Ah, Dutch’s special delivery. Help me pass those out, will you?

The player passes fire bottles to Hosea, Javier and Bill, who start tossing them at the building.

Hosea: Do us a favour and check in on everybody back at camp? I don’t feel so good about leaving them undefended.

The player nods and returns to the camp where they are greeted by Susan.

Susan: Well, did they find the boy?

The player shrugs. They go over to Abigail.

The next day.

Dutch sees John raging, throwing knives at a tree. He asks him to sit down and sends the player out to inspect Saint Denis. On their way out, they see Milton and Ross approaching Lenny outside. The player locks eyes with Milton for a second, who turns his attention to Lenny. The player quickly ducks into the bushes.

Lenny: Hold it right there, who are you?

Milton: Agent Andrew Milton, I’m here to see Mr Van Der Linde.

Lenny: Never heard of ‘im.

Milton: Look, I know he’s in there, so we either arrest or kill you, and go in, or you let us in.

Lenny: Fine.

The cutscene with the Pinkertons at the camp plays out, and Andrew and Edgar are led out of the camp by Lenny.

Lenny: You bastards better not come back, if you know what’s good for ya.

Milton: Listen here, you.

Milton raises his hands, and slowly walks to Lenny

You and your half-wit of a leader have no clue what’s coming for you.

He quickly disarms Lenny and points the gun at him, Edgar also points his weapon at Lenny

Aha! You are under arrest by the power of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

The player sneaks up behind Milton and Ross, pointing a gun at the back of each of their heads.

Lenny: -Laughs- You know, thanks to my silent friend here, I don’t think I am.

Milton and Ross drop their weapons and raise their hands. The player backs around so they can’t get close enough to disarm the player. They gesture away from the camp and shoot the ground a few times to intimidate the agents.

Lenny: You might have saved my life there, partner. I appreciate it.

Cut to black.


Cutscene – Event 3:

The player is on the Casino Boat, enjoying games and drinks at the bar. They approach the bar and order a drink, to see Trelawney waiting next to them.

Trelawney: Oh dear, you’re a patron on this vessel of sin?

The player looks confused for a second, then nods.

Trelawney: Well you might want to get off, before it hits the proverbial fan.

The player takes a swig of their drink, steps back from the bar and looks puzzledly at Trelawney.

Trelawney: You see, Arthur, you remember Arthur yes? He is currently away robbing and cheating this very boat with Javier and Mr Strauss. Now knowing the luck of our friends, that’s about to go wrong.

A slight pop is heard in the distance. The player and Trelawney look around.

Trelawney: Ahh the timing, let’s hope only we heard that.

Desmond Blythe: You!

He runs up to Trelawney

I saw you speaking with that Callahan! He stole my damned watch! The pair of you are conmen! No-good cheats!

The player laughs to themselves and walks away from the bar. On their way out, they see a man in a union suit waking up and clutching his head. The player runs away from the action, hearing gunshots fire. The player jumps onto a lifeboat, cuts the rope with their knife, and rows to the shore.

Cutscene – Event 4:

The player is riding into Shady Belle as they see some O’Driscolls fastening Kieran’s decapitated head and corpse to a horse in order to prepare for their attack. The player knows they can’t get in to warn the gang first, so they sneak off to the side picking some berries. The player takes some meat from a nearby skinned deer and combines them to make some bait. As the O’Driscolls attack, the player throws multiple pieces of bait into road to the camp, sending gators in to kill some of the O’Driscolls.

Fade to black.

Camera opens up on the player with Hosea and a few other gang members, burying Kieran Duffy.

Bill: That Kieran, he… He was a good kid. May’ve been an O’Driscoll at first, but he really grew on me.

Hosea: Shame, never really got a chance to properly fit in, did he?

One more shot of the graves at dusk. Fade to black.

Cutscene – Event 5:

The player and Cripps walk out of the theatre in Saint Denis, to see Arthur, Lenny and Dutch rushing onto the Streetcar.

Arthur: Does this Trolley go to Tahiti?

The player looks amazed as it speeds past them, followed by what seems like twenty whistling lawmen. They look round the corner to hear a lot of shooting.

Cripps: You know, this might’ve been better than the show.

The player looks at Cripps, laughing. They hear the crash in the distance.

Cutscene – Event 7:

The player rides into Saint Denis. They pass Hosea and Abigail loading a building up with dynamite.

Hosea: Oh, perfect timing, friend. Would you mind helping us set up this little distraction? My backs got some shooting pains going up it.

The player helps. Hosea lights the fuse, they all run back and set off the explosives. They turn around to notice the wagon Hosea and Abigail rode in on has been stolen.

Hosea: Well, shit.

They hear the Pinkertons rushing towards them. Abigail peaks over the wall.

Abigail: Hosea, this isn’t good. There’s a lot of them.

The player goes to draw their gun, but Hosea holds up his hand as if to say “no”. He opens a crate.

Hosea: Pair of you, get in.

Abigail: Hosea, that won’t fit all of us.

Hosea: I know. You.

He points to the player

Keep her safe, will ya? I've got a suspicion that things are about to get really ugly.

The player nods, and they get in the box with Abigail. The Pinkertons arrive with agent Milton.

Milton: Mr. Matthews, well, I did warn you, didn’t I?

Hosea: You assume you can scare us? You can’t.

Milton hits Hosea over the head with his Revolver. Hosea falls over and is picked up by Pinkertons.

Milton: Take him to the bank, that’s probably where the rest of them are.

The Pinkertons leave.

Abigail and the player get out of the box and look round the corner.

Abigail: We’ve got to get to the bank and see what’s going on. Oh Jesus, Hosea.

The player follows Abigail to the bank. They hide behind the wall the gang originally stood by before crossing to rob the bank. Milton walks Hosea out from behind a wagon.

Milton: Come out, it’s over! Dutch, get out here! Get out here now!

Dutch and Milton argue in the background.

Abigail: Oh my God, they’re still in there. What’re they going to do?

Milton kills Hosea. Abigail almost screams but covers her mouth. The player falls down behind the wall and sits back looking worried. A shootout ensues. The player tries to get Abigail to leave.

Abigail: I can’t. I can’t go anywhere until I know John’s alright. We’re hidden here, we’ll be fine.

The side wall of the bank blows out. The player and Abigail notice Arthur and the gang climbing up to the neighbouring roof.

Abigail: That, that’s a good sign. The boys have found a way out. Now that idiot just needs to make his way across there alive.

They continue watching. A War Wagon rolls up to the bank and prepares to shoot. The player draws their pistol.

Abigail: Don't, there ain't nothing we can do from here.

Inside the bank:

John: Dutch! I’m stuck over here, watch me so I can get out of here!

Dutch stands in the gap in the wall, staring at John and the wagon.

Dutch: I’m sorry, son.

Dutch leaves and climbs up the ladder. The war wagon turns its aim to John and the barrel begins spinning.

Back outside:

Abigail: Oh no you son-of-a-whore. Not my husband.

She takes a stick of dynamite out from her top.

Abigail: Always keep a little extra, for emergencies.

She throws the dynamite at the war wagon, destroying it. The Pinkertons don’t notice her as they are more focused on the rest of the gang and think it was from one of them. The player pulls Abigail back and they start running from the city. Passing the buildings, they hear Arthur cry Lenny’s name and assume the worst. They arrive back at Shady Belle; Abigail is in tears and the player is visibly distressed.

Susan: What’s going on, where are the others?

Cut to black

Camera opens on Sadie, Susan, the player and other gang members standing around the table.

Sadie: So, me and my friend here have done a little bit of scoutin’. We believe Lakay is the best spot for us to lie low for now. We don’t know where the boys are, but they’re strong men. They’ll pull through.

Abigail: We get the boys back, and we find a way to get John out of prison. Then we can all get out of this God-forsaken pit.

Susan: We also need to get Hosea and Lenny back, give ‘em a decent burial. Who knows that those heartless bastards would do with them. Those poor souls.

Tilly: But how will they know we’ve moved? It’s not like any of us can stay here.

Karen: She’s right. We’d need to find a way to let them know we’ve had to high tail it out of here.

Tilly: Maybe a letter, or something?

Sadie: I remember Arthur told me about this name they all got mail addressed to?

Susan: Tacitus Kilgore. It’s a little on-the-nose, however.

Sadie: Uncle Tacitus. We’ll let them know-

She is interrupted by the door opening. Everyone raises their guns.

Charles walks in

Susan: Mr. Smith! Oh, it’s good to see you.

Sadie: Where’s the rest of the guys?

Charles: On a boat heading to Cuba. They plan to lie low there for a few weeks, then return when they think it’ll be safe. Hard to tell when that’ll be, really, but it’s a good plan.

Abigail: Why aren’t you with them?

Charles: There were a few guards watching the boat. I gave them a chase out of there so everyone else could escape. Hid in the old processing factory until they gave up looking for me.

Sadie: Well damn, you are one slippery bastard. Good on ya. I’ll get to writing this letter for the guys, and we can all make our way to Lakay before the morning?

Cut to black.


Cutscene – Event 1:

Establishing shot – Hosea and Lenny’s graves in Lemoyne.

The remaining members of Dutch’s gang are standing around the graves.

Susan: I’ve known Hosea for many years. He was a good man. Wise, clever, and an excellent con artist. He could sell sand in Armadillo. I bet right now; he’s conning the Devil himself out of his throne. And young Lenny. Taken from us so young, that poor boy had so much potential, so much skill. I didn’t know him as well as I did Hosea, but I know he was loved…

Sadie pulls the player to the side.

Sadie: These Pinkertons have been hunting us down for a while now. I’m really going to need your help until Dutch and the boys are back. This ain’t something I can do alone; I don’t have no experience in leading a gang. If you can bring us supplies, or keep those creepy Nightfolk out the area, I’d appreciate that. Also, any big robberies you can pull off, well it’d drive attention away from us.

The player nods. They turn to the funeral again.

Fade to black.

Cutscene – Event 2:

Austin Smith enters a prison interrogation room with John Marston.

Austin: John Marston, or is it "Rip Van Winkle"?

John: It ain't nothin' of your concern.

Austin: Your gang has a friend; they come and go from time to time. I want you to tell me about them.

John: Trelawney? I hardly spoke to him.

Austin: I have no interest in Josiah Trelawney. I’m talking about the other one.

John: Please, we’ve never taken too kindly to strangers. You’re mistaken, partner.

Cutscene – Event 3:

The player is sitting in one of the shacks with Sadie as Arthur arrives home. Before the rest of the gang arrive, Arthur sits next to the player.

Arthur: Sadie tells me that you’ve been quite the provider? Well, I appreciate that. -he coughs- I know you’re not exactly one of us, but you’re a good person. These folks, I mean, they’re lost without Dutch. And from what I’ve seen, he ain’t exactly sure of where he is either. Bastard’s losing it.

Fade to black.

Opens on each of the other gang members arriving back. After the last arrival, everyone is concerned about Bill. Sadie goes over to the player.

Sadie: Hey, you mind looking for Bill for us?

The player nods, and heads out. They head to Shady Belle first but see nobody is there. They take the ‘Uncle Tacitus’ letter and head into Saint Denis where they see Bill asking for everyone. Bill notices the player.

Bill: You! I know you! Where is everybody, I went to the house and they were all gone, not even a clue-

The player interrupts Bill by taking out the letter and holding it to his face. He takes it and reads it.

Bill: Well, how was I supposed to spot this? Damned fools.

He gets on his horse and rides to Lakay.

Fade to black.


Cutscene – Event 1:

The player enters the Van Der Linde gang camp at Beaver Hollow. John and Abigail approaches them.

John: I swear, things around here have gone to shit.

Abigail: Dutch was furious when Sadie and Arthur broke John out. I was half expecting him to shoot the three of ‘em right there and then. Not only that, but Arthur seems to be sick. I mean, real sick.

John: Ain’t as sick as Dutch has turned in the head, though. I swear, if another one of the guys hadn’t destroyed that big metal beast of a wagon, I would be a puddle on that bank floor.

Abigail: Well, that was me. I had an extra stick of dynamite on me.

John: Really? Well, I’ll be damned. I’ve never loved you more than I do right now, darlin’.

Abigail: I always was full of surprises. Either way, friend, we’ll let you know if things get worse. I reckon I know where Dutch keeps all the money from Blackwater, and it’s a lot closer than you might think.

The player looks intrigued.

Fade to black.

Cutscene – Event 2:

The player is passing through Annesburg as they see Cornwall’s boat dock, and him be confronted and murdered by Dutch. Dutch, Micah and Arthur shoot their way through the town, as the player runs over to Cornwall. They look shocked at the path Dutch is going down, and check Cornwall’s body. They take out a gold and cyan ‘Navy Revolver’ with the quote “You must observe my Sabbaths” inscribed on it.

Any players who watch this cutscene will be able to keep this gun.

Cutscene – Event 3:

The player gets on a train at Valentine towards Annesburg. The train crosses over Bacchus Bridge, when the ride gets rough. The player looks out the window to see John and Arthur lying on the ground exhausted. The player looks puzzled about what happens, sits back in their seat and continues to read a newspaper. An explosion goes off, and the player drops their newspaper to look back.

Cutscene – Event 4:

The player is on another train, which has just stopped at Emerald Station. The player is just about to get off the train as they pass Captain Monroe.

Monroe: Wait a minute, I know you! I’m afraid I have to leave; I’ve just committed several crimes the army will not happily forgive me for. We done some great work together, so I’m glad I had a chance to say goodbye. I hope to see you again in the future, one day.

Monroe and the player shake hands, Monroe takes a seat and the player gets off the train. They see Arthur talking to Sister Calderon.

Calderon: ... Take a gamble that love exists and do a loving act.

The player notices these words, and Arthur’s reaction to them. They lean against the office at the train station and smile, before walking away.

Fade to black.

Cutscene – Event 5:

Outside Blackwater Police Office. The player leans against the wall after turning in the ‘Colm O’Driscoll’ Bounty. Sadie approaches the player and leans on the wall next to them, she lights a cigarette.

Sadie: So, you got him?

The player nods.

Sadie: Good, I’m ready to see that bastard swing. He took my Jake from me. Damn, I miss that man so much. Ever since he was murdered, I’ve been so damn angry. Thank you for getting him. I can’t express how much I appreciate it.

The player pats Sadie on the shoulder and walks off.

Cut to the execution.

The player is in the crowd when Colm is hanged. They watch him die, and run for cover as Sadie starts killing the O’Driscolls.

Cutscene – Event 6:

The player and Cripps are unloading crates from a boat in Saint Denis, Rains Fall runs up to the player.

Rains Fall: You! I’ve seen you with Van Der Linde and his men! You know them?

The player nods.

Rains Fall: My son, he has let his rage consume him. He’s rounded up the gang and some of our warriors and went to attack Cornwall Kerosine & Tar. Please, try to talk them out of this before it’s too late.

The player looks at Cripps.

Cripps: Sounds important, don’t worry I can still handle a few crates. I’m not that old.

The player races off to the Heartlands. A few of the Guards notice the player and start firing at them, but the player dodges the bullets and kills the men. They rush up to the main building where they see Eagle Flies get shot by the guards and helped out of there as the gang escapes. The player punches a nearby crate and follows the gang back to Wapiti out of respect for Eagle Flies.

Cutscene – Event 7:

The player is riding along North Roanoke and into Ambarino as they see a destroyed train carriage alongside the rails. They follow the rails to see the Van Der Lindes robbing it ahead of them. John is shot and falls off the train, and Dutch and Micah return to him as the player hangs back for a minute, suspecting the worst.

John: Agh, those bastards. Help me up, will ya?

Dutch stares at John.

Micah: What’s this? The third time he’s gotten himself stuck. He’s only held you back, Dutch.

John: Don’t do it Dutch, don’t listen to him.

Dutch: I’m sorry, son. He's right. You just ain't got faith no more.

Dutch and Micah ride off.

John: Dutch! Get back here you bastard! Dutch! Don’t leave me!

The player approaches John on their horse and holds out their hand. John takes it and climbs onto the horse.

John: Can you believe it? He just left me there. After all these years, all that loyalty. And it ain’t even the first time. Well, I’ve had it with that basta-.

John falls off the horse in pain. The player quickly jumps off and scrambles together some healing herbs, giving them to John. They help him back up onto the horse and continue riding where they come across Tilly and Jack on their way to Copperhead Landing.

Tilly: John! You’re alive?

Jack: Hi Pa!

Tilly: Dutch had us thinking you were killed?

John: Dutch has been having us all thinking a lot of things lately. Where’s Abigail?

Tilly: The Pinkertons got her, took her out to Van Horn. Dutch refused to help so Arthur and Sadie went out to get her. I hid with Jack when they came so I could keep him safe.

John: That rat bastard. I’ll kill the fucker. Thank you, Miss Jackson.

Tilly: Arthur told us to head out by Copperhead Landing, so we’re going that way. Come by after, we’ll let Abigail know you’re alive.

John: I hear you, Tilly. And thank you, again.

He looks at the player

Go with them, make sure my son gets out of here safely. If we don’t make it, I want you to look after him.

The player nods and shakes John’s hand. John walks towards Beaver Hollow as the player escorts Tilly and Jack to Copperhead Landing. They wait there until sunset, when Sadie and Abigail arrive.

Jack: Ma!

Tilly: Abigail, Sadie! John isn’t dead. Our friend here saved him after he was turned away by Dutch.

Abigail: That son of a bitch, I’ll skin him alive.

She looks at the player­

Thank you for saving my husband. Stay away from Micah. It's been him all along, he was the rat. Dutch killed Molly for nothing.

A beat.

Abigail: Wait, where is my husband?

Tilly: He went back to camp to confront Dutch. Where’s Arthur?

Sadie: He also went back. His condition – I don't think he's got much longer..

Tilly and the player look at eachother, then back at Abigail and Sadie, who is beginning to tear up.

Sadie: He was a good man. He wouldn't ever admit it, but he was.

A few more hours pass, everyone is sitting around Copperhead Landing. John arrives with Arthur’s hat and satchel.

Abigail: John! You’re alive.

She runs up and hugs him

John: Yeah, just about. Dutch, Micah, Bill and Javier turned on us when Arthur told them that Micah betrayed us. After everything, he still chose Micah. He even shot Miss Grimshaw. Me and Arthur barely got out. Arthur, he- He waited behind to let me go. He gave me his hat and satchel.

Tilly: He gave us this bag from the train. He knew we’d need it more.

John: We didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but especially recently, he was my brother.

Tilly: Well, I guess we split this, and head our own ways?

Abigail: I guess we do that.

She looks at John, putting her hand on his cheek.

A chance at a normal life.

Everyone takes a cut of the money and gold from the bag. Sadie takes some over to the player.

Sadie: You deserve some of this, too. You were one of us as much as the rest.

The player puts their hand on the bag, but then lets go of it, and shakes their hands as if to say no.

Sadie: You, you’re one of the good ones.

Everyone gets on their horses, and heads in a different direction. ‘Unshaken’ plays.


Cutscene – Event 1:

The player is sitting at their camp looking at an old picture of Arthur. Jessica comes to the player camp with Horley.

Jessica: Hello, old friend.

The player looks up.

Jessica: I just wanted to offer my condolences. I never knew much of the Van Der Lindes, but as you are very aware, I do know grief. When Philip was murdered, I was lost. I left my home, my life, everything behind to ensure I could face justice. And though, it didn’t solve my pain, it did bring satisfaction. You helped me with that, and I am forever grateful.


Philip LeClerk is sitting in the Blackwater bar with Amos Lancing. The player is at a table closer to the window.

Philip: I’m sorry but I told you, I’m not willing to sell my shares. I’m still very passionate about our company.

Amos: Look, Philip, you’re a good man, but your business decisions are terrible. You’re dragging us down. It’s better to get out alive now, than sink it for all of us.

Philip: You lie, sir. I bring honour to our company. Simply because I do not allow you to treat our employees and world as if nothing matters-

Amos takes a drink from his glass, and puts it upside down

Does not mean I do not understand business. It means I under-

A smash, the windows crash and Philip falls onto the table with a hole in his head. Amos acts surprised, and points at the player who is promptly arrested by nearby police. Teddy Brown stands up from the roof and walks away. Amos walks out and smiles.

Cut to the trial. A gavel smashes, and the player is seen locked up in Sisika.

BACK TO 1899

Jessica: Either way, I wanted to offer an old keepsake of yours. Back from when we first met. Mr Horley?

Horley: Yes, Ma’am?

Jessica: The gift?

Horley: Right here.

Horley hands the player their old striped prisoner outfit. Watching this cutscene when it is live will unlock the outfit for the player.

Jessica: Call me sentimental, but I thought it was a nice keepsake. To remember how far we’ve come. Remember, the grief is the challenge that comes to prove you once had something wonderful. Hold on to the wonderful, lest you will be damned.

The player takes the outfit and smiles a little.

Fade to black.

Cutscene – Event 4:

The player leaves the Blackwater Post Office, where they see Uncle sitting outside.

Uncle: My, oh my! I didn’t expect to see you here! How’s the gang doing?

The player looks down.

Uncle: Oh, damn. Dutch. He, he lost it. How is everyone doing, how is Arthur?

The player shakes their head with regret.

Uncle: That’s a damned shame. John and his family?

The player smiles a little and nods.

Uncle: Well, at least there’s that. The turn of the century is coming, it sure seems like this world is changing. It’s scary, but at least there’ll be a party. Are you excited to see what’s next? Because me, I’m scared. Either way, enough of this. I’ll see you around, might stop by your camp one day. I’ve got a collection of really nice drinks I can bring too, provided you have the money. I ain’t letting that go free.


Cutscene – Event 1:

Opens near Valentine. Tents and cages are being put up for the County Fair. Animals are being taken around and clowns are getting ready.

The player arrives ta the fair and is greeted by ‘Jacob Heyward’ – The County Fair Planner.

Jacob: Hello, hello, my wonderful friend! Welcome to the 1900 New Hanover County Fair! Celebrate the future by gazing upon wonderful animals, playing games with friends and later on, participating in our Prize Animal challenge! It truly is a lucrative way of living!

Cutscene – Event 2:

The player enters the Valentine Cinema after hearing some crying. They notice it’s Jacob Heyward. The player taps him on the shoulder and get gets a fright.

Jacob: Oh, it’s you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. A gang of bandits stole everything from our safe box. We have nothing, we can’t afford to feed ourselves, let alone the animals. It’s the end.

The player taps him a few other times, holds up a finger as if to say, “Wait there” and runs out. Mission starts.

The player returns after having killed the thieves and retrieved the funds. They give the bag to Jacob.

Jacob: Is this!? Are you!? -he picks up the player and hugs them- You’re a hero! Thank you so much! You just saved all of us! I appreciate this so much!

Cutscene – Event 6:

The player will return to the county fair as it’s being packed up. Jacob runs over to the player.

Jacob: Hello again my friend! I’m glad I could see you once more before we left! I must once again thank you for all the help you gave us, and I really do hope you enjoyed the festivities! After all, I would love to bring them back in the near future, perhaps to another town? Either way, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I will see you soon!

He shakes the player’s hand-

Fade to a time-lapse of the world moving forward. Areas change, buildings are built, destroyed or refurbished. People come and go. “That’s The Way It Is” plays.


Cutscene – Event 1:

A series of different shots across changed locations of the Frontier.

Cut to the player in the Strawberry Doctor’s office. Abigail and Jack enter.

Abigail: Oh my God! It’s you! What’s it been, eight years?

The player looks shocked, nods and hugs her.

Abigail: Me and John, we’ve been living a quiet life. Got robbed a few days back, so that wasn’t great. But we’re doing her best, which reminds me.

She goes to the desk

Hi, I’m looking for a simple job. Cleaning, or something? I’m a hard worker and easy to please.

Doctor: That’s fine by me, you start tomorrow. I’ve been desperate for a cleaner.

Abigail: Brilliant.

She walks back to the player­, placing a hand on their shoulder

Let’s head outside, shall we?

They go outside. Jack starts playing with a cat.

Abigail: John’s been, well, John. He shot a man over some incident. I think he’s off delivering some things to a nearby ranch. I’m just hoping he can find us a place to settle down. I worry all this moving about ain’t to good for young Jack over here. I can’t imagine how much his childhood will have changed him, that can’t be good for a boy. He really likes his books, so, at least there’s that. What have you been up to?

The player makes a wide, open gesture.

Abigail: Still don’t talk much, huh? Well that’s fine. Much easier to stay out of trouble that way, I presume.

John arrives on his wagon. The player nods at him.

John: Well look at who it ain’t! Good seeing you again, old friend. If you ever want to stop by and see us at a settlement not too far from here - Pronghorn Ranch, feel free.

The player shakes hands with John as Abigail and Jack get on the wagon, and they ride off.

Cutscene – Event 2:

The player is at Pronghorn Ranch, watching Duncan practise on his horse. They notice a slight commotion on the other side of the ranch, which quickly escalates into shooting. The player grabs Duncan and rushes him back to the Geddes house. A few minutes later, David Geddes comes into the house and sees that the player saved his son.

David: My boy! You saved my boy! Damn, I was worried. Thank you. If you ever need any animals for your own Ranch, you come to me. They’ll be a gift for saving my boy.

Cutscene – Event 4:

The player is drinking in the Smithfield Saloon as Sadie enters.

Sadie: Well would ya look at that! I ain’t seen you in what feels like forever. How ya been? I’ve been at the bounty hunting for the past few years. It ain’t so hard, alive gets you a full price. Dead, a little less, but still not too bad. I’d give it a go if you haven’t already. Either way, I’m not here to sell you a job. Just grabbing drinks as I pass through on my next job.

Sadie heads over to the bar, where she is harassed by the other men and meets up with John. The player sits back in amusement as she stabs and beats the harassers. They head out, as the player orders another drink.

Cutscene – Event 5:

The player is passing through Armadillo with a bandana covering their face to help prevent the spread of the plague. They see the pile of burning bodies and items in the centre of town. Uncle comes from a nearby alleyway.

Uncle: Oh, thank God it’s you. I need to get to get my horse from Blackwater, and everyone else here is sick with the Cholera so I can’t ride with them. I’d walk, but the Lumbago would be the death of me. I tell ya, that right there is a very serious condition. Disabling, in fact. Would you mind giving me a ride?

The player nods and whistles their horse.

Uncle: You’re a life saver, kid. I appreciate it.

On the journey, Uncle tells stories of his life as a younger outlaw. He mentions familiar names such as Landon Ricketts, ‘Limpy Pete’ and when he met Hosea and Dutch.

They arrive at Blackwater.

Uncle: Thanks very much for the ride, how ‘bout I buy you a drink to pay you back?

The player nods. They enter the bar. Cut to a few drinks later, they’re laughing together.

Uncle: So yeah, he really wasn’t much of a Reverend. Either way, I should head out now.

The player looks frustrated and gestures to the drinks as Uncle stands up. He hasn’t paid for a single drink.

Uncle: Farewell, old friend! I’ll see you later!

As Uncle leaves, he sees John exiting the bank after getting the loan for Beecher's Hope. The player quickly sneaks out as the bartender is distracted.


Cutscene – Event 4:

The player rides up to John’s ranch to see the foundation of a new farmhouse being laid.

Uncle: Hey, would you mind bringin’ us some more supplies from the store? Some food would be nice too.

The player nods. A montage triggers showing the player bringing supplies and helping with parts of the house as ‘The Housebuilding Song’ plays.

Fade to black.

“One week later”

The player arrives at the newly-built Marston home. Uncle walks out next to them and pats them on the back.

Cutscene – Event 6:

The player gets off a Ferry at the Blackwater dock and walks to the railing on the pier. They lean on the railing and notice John and Abigail get on the small rowboat and head out to the lake. They see John propose to Abigail and begin smiling and clapping.

Fade to black.

Cutscene – Event 7:

The player is riding up Mount Hagen where they encounter Sadie and Charles who are injured. The player runs over to help.

Sadie: Don’t worry about me ya damn fool. I’m fine, it’s just a little stab wound.

The player sits back, as if to say “Really?”

Sadie: John’s away up the mountain. It’s Micah. We found that son of a bitch. And we’re here to take him. -she grunts- Damn, I wish I could be there to watch him take his last breaths.

The player stands back up and holds out their hand. Sadie takes it.

Charles: I’ll wait down here for any more of them. Good luck.

The player nods. They help Sadie up the mountain.

Establishing shot – The tower near the peak.

Micah and John are in a shootout.

Sadie: I gotta a get down there and help ‘em.

The player holds her back and takes a step down.

Sadie: No. It has to be me. For Arthur. Micah said there would be more on the way. Charles said he could handle them, but you just keep an eye out for us.

The player looks at her and nods. Sadie stumbles down the hill and backs up John. The cutscene continues playing out as normal. As Dutch exits the shack, the player is hit in the back with a shovel. They stumble over with this enemy, fighting back and forth in the snow. They pass on top of eachother, fighting as Dutch and John argue. As Dutch shoots Micah, the attacker is distracted. The player quickly pulls the attacker’s gun from their belt and shoots them, before standing up to watch Dutch walk up the mountain.

Dutch approaches the player, standing next to them.

Dutch: I know you weren’t exactly one of us, but I am sorry.

The player glares at Dutch and spits on his boot. Dutch looks down, sighs, and walks away. Shortly after, John and Sadie come to the player. John tells the player there’s more money in the shack, so the player collects it. They all run down to where Charles is.

Charles: How did it go?

Sadie: We got the bastard. He’s dead. It’s over.

John: That ain’t all we got. Take a look at this.

He takes a gold bar out of the bag, and throws it at Charles, who catches it with his good arm.

Charles: Is this…?

John: The Blackwater money, and some of the gold from that last train. Dutch just left it.

Charles: Dutch was there? He stuck with Micah for all these years,

Sadie: Apparently so. I guess he held onto what was left.

Charles: What of Bill and Javier?

John: Who knows, but if I see either of those traitors again, it’ll be too soon. -He looks at the player- You were never really treated like one of the gang, but you were always there for us. I’d like you to come to my wedding and have some of this.

John hands the player a bundle of cash. The player takes it and nods, before riding off.

Fade to black.

Cutscene – Event 8:

The player shows up at John’s Ranch in formal attire. John thanks the player for coming. They head up to the hill as everyone waits on Abigail. She is walked up the hill in her wedding dress by Uncle. Cut to the end of the ceremony.

Priest: You may now kiss the bride.

John kisses Abigail, everyone celebrates. “Red” by Daniel Lanois begins playing. Cue different scenes of everyone partying and leaving the Ranch, much like the credits. Some scenes of Charles and Sadie wandering the Frontier are seen.

Fade to black.

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