ucb loyalty missions scripts cover

Loyalty missions were designed to increase the efficiency of any employees the player may take on whilst growing their businesses across the Frontier. They only need to be completed once, but can be replayed multiple times. Each of these NPC employees have their own distinct personalities and flaws.

Loyalty missions will vary from 1 - 4 to 1 - 7 players.

The update relating to character will be linked where their career is listed.

Camp Guard - Tobias Johnston:

Player must have Bounty Hunter Rank 40.

The host player arrives back to camp and sits at the table with a bowl of stew. Tobias Johnston comes running over.

Tobias: Boss! Boss! I got bad news! Bad, bad news!

The host player stands up looking puzzled. Any other players will come to them from nearby in the camp. Tobias is out of breath.

Tobias: Group of Bounty Hunters came by, some real mean lookin’ fellers. They said they had problems with you for all these big fish bounties you’ve been turnin’ in and they’ve about had enough of it.

The host player rolls their eyes and nods.

Tobias: That ain’t just it. They said they’d be back when you was around to, well, as they put it – “Eliminate the competition”.

As Tobias finishes this sentence, a bullet flies past the player and into the beer crate at Cripps’ wagon. The player and Tobias jump over the table and flip it over in order to take cover behind it. Any other players will run for cover elsewhere. Gameplay resumes and everybody must then defend the camp from five waves of attackers.

After defending the camp, a cutscene triggers where the host player and Tobias are seen lifting the table back the correct way up. Other posse members may be seen clearing bodies and such.

Tobias: Damn, with shootin’ like that, I’m surprised you even need guards. You’re one bad bastard.

Cripps: You weren’t too bad yourself, son.

Tobias: Thanks, Mr Cripps

The host player pats Tobias on his shoulder as a sign of approval.

Fade to black.

Camp Guard - Albert Smith:

The player’s camp must be pitched somewhere in Lemoyne for this mission.

The player(s) returns to the camp to see Cripps’ wagon missing. They look around confused. Albert approaches.

Albert: You’re back, oh thank God. About thirty Lemoyne raiders showed up and told us we had no right to pitch here without a fee. They took Cripps and his wagon. There wasn’t much we could do by the time they had us surrounded, I’m real sorry.

The host player looks stressed, whilst any posse members look fed up and judge the player for their guard choice. The host player whistles on their horse, getting on.

Albert: Here, I done some looking around. Gimme your map and I’ll mark down the locations I think they’ll be at.

The host player hands Albert their map, and he scribbles down on it. Gameplay resumes and the player(s) must head to three locations to reclaim the following:

    • Cripps’ wagon
    • Cripps
    • Cripps’ supplies.

Upon arriving back at camp, a cutscene starts:

The player arrives back at camp on Cripps’ wagon with Cripps. Albert comes running back over.

Albert: Mr Cripps! You’re alive, oh thank the lord.

Cripps slaps Albert over the head.

Cripps: We wouldn’t be in this damned mess if you weren’t asleep on your post. I was ready to see my old friends Limpy Pete and Phil the Crab. Did I ever tell you about those fellers? Real funny story. We were taking on a bank job in Tenn-

Albert: Yes, you told us. Near a hundred times.

Cripps: Well, for your stupidity, you’re hearing it again.

Fade to black.

Camp Guard - Francis Bruce:

The player must own a chicken coup at their camp.

Cutscene opens up with the camera in the chicken coup pointing at the player(s) and Francis leaning over, inspecting multiple dead chickens. Francis stands up and whistles her horse.

Francis: Look, I got a friend in town. I can get us more of them chickens. You wanna go take a look and see if you can work out what happened here?

The host player nods, and they split ways. Gameplay resumes and the player must follow tracks and clues to a nearby camp of Del Lobos. Two are sitting by a campfire warming up.

The following dialogue happens naturally in gameplay when the player is nearby.

Del Lobo 1: You get anythin’ good lately?

Del Lobo 2: Nah, you?

Del Lobo 1: Some cattle round Emerald Ranch. Seen lots of folks poachin’ them lately. They’ll be getting a fun surprise when they taste that meat.

Del Lobo 2: Hah, damn that’s cold.

A third Del Lobo sits at the campfire.

Del Lobo 3: I got some chickens at a nearby camp.

Del Lobo 1: Chickens, that’s weak partner.

The player(s) must attack the camp and destroy the poison supplies.

Upon arriving back at the player camp, another Cutscene starts:

Francis: Howdy, boss. I got them chickens, real prize-winning beasts, too. Should be laying much nicer eggs.

The host player holds a chicken and inspects it, before putting it back in the coup with new food. They then shake Francis’ hand.

Camp Guard - Margaret Reid:

The host player must have completed all three of the other Guard Loyalty Missions to unlock this one.

The player(s) arrives at camp and it looks strangely empty. Margaret approaches the player. She is clearly panicked.

Margaret: Boss, you’re back! I’m terribly concerned, I ain’t heard from Mr Cripps or the other guards in some time. I think somethin’ bad must’ve happened.

The host player guides her to the table and hands her a beer. A secondary player may comfort her by placing a hand on her shoulder.

Margaret: You mind hanging by for a little while? Just to see if they come back.

The host player nods and grabs a beer for themselves.

Margaret: Thanks, you’re a saint.

They sit down together as a day passes. The camera opens on them eating stew at the table as they’re hit with some sleeping darts.

Margaret and the player(s) wake up in a dimly lit dungeon with the rest of the camp guards and Cripps, who are all locked in a cell.

Cripps: Rise and shine, sleepy head. Seems like we’ve got a new home.

Francis: Are you making a joke about this right now? How are we going to get out of this damned pit?

Albert: The boss is here, don’t worry. We’ll be out in no time.

Francis: You’re still in disgrace after that failure in Lemoyne, you damned fool.

Tobias: Please, my head is still splitting from that fall. Can you give it a rest already?

Margaret: Boss, pay no attention to these idiots.

She fiddles around with her boot.

Margaret: Take this wire, I’m sure you could jimmy that lock and get us out of here.

The host player picks the lock and sneaks out as a guard comes down. At that moment, a guard comes downstairs to see an open door. The host player hides behind a wall, grabbing a shovel. As the guard walks to the open cell and aims his weapon at Margaret, the player sneaks up behind him and puts the shovel over his neck. They struggle for a minute, but the player is able to choke him out. The host player opens up the rest of the cells with the guard’s keys and the cutscene ends. From here, gameplay resumes andthe player(s) must sneak upstairs, reclaim their weapons and fight their way out of the dungeon.

As the player(s), Cripps and guards return to camp, where in a short cutscene they celebrate surviving the kidnapping with a party.

Vault Guard - Richard Brown:

Enter the player, walking through their vault. They hear a faint crying noise from around a corner, upon inspection they find their hired guard, Richard trembling on the floor and pointing a black and Copper LeMatt Revolver at his head. The player leans down, puts their hand on the barrel and points it away from Richard’s chin.

RICHARD: Oh, um, hey partner. I’m sorry, it’s just been one damned evening for me.

The player sits next to him, and offers him a bottle of alcohol.

(Any co op partners will sit alongside the wall)

RICHARD: Thank you kindly.

He takes a swig, looks at the bottle, and downs it.

Those bastards. Those sick, evil, devilish bastards.

He begins to tear up again.

They took my boy, my only boy after the love of my life passed to the Cholera in Armadillo. I swear to the Lord above, I am going to find every last one of those Murfree Brood and I am going to bring forth hell upon their sorry souls.

Camera cuts to the player, who is checking the bullets in their guns. It cuts back to Richard, who aggressively throws his glass bottle at the wall.

RICHARD: You know what they did? They put my boy’s head on a pike. Seventeen years old and they done something I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

Camera cuts out to the pair of them, the player nudges Richard and spins the barrel of their Revolver, before standing up and offering their hand to Richard.

RICHARD: What are you planning?

The player takes their gun out again, taps their head, and re-holsters it.

(Co op partners will also gesture, pulling out knives, dynamite, etc.)

RICHARD: I like your thinkin’. Let’s pay these fools a visit.

The player(s) ride with Richard to the cave at Beaver Hollow, where they must fight through waves of Murfree Brood who are equipped with mid-tier weapons and machetes. Upon reaching the end of the cave, another cutscene will trigger:

The player and Richard notice three large cages filled with people, and begin opening them. One only has one person in it, a little boy surrounded by skeletons. He is dirty and his clothes are tattered. It is very clear he’s been crying.

RICHARD: Boss. It’s… A child. Those fuckers. They took a child.

The player looks infuriated, takes out their pistol and lays a few more shots into one of the Murfree corpses, before kicking it.

Richard approaches the cage.

RICHARD: Hello there, son, what’s your name?

VINCENT: My- My name- Vincent.

RICHARD: Well hello there, Mr Vincent. Are your Mother and Father around? Where do you stay so we can take you home?

VINCENT: They’re…

He starts to tear up

They’re in the cage with me. The scary men. They stole Mama and Papa’s skin.

He bursts out into tears.

Richard leans back as the camera cuts behind him, panning out to show the two skeletons next to Vincent.

RICHARD: Here son, don’t you worry. We’ve got you.

He glances to the player, who nods.

Come here son.

Vincent comes to Richard, who picks him up. The player (along with any co op players) starts opening the other cells and guides all the prisoners to a passenger wagon.

The player must then drive the wagon back to Annesburg, where they take all the survivors into the Sheriff’s office to be helped. From now on in gameplay, players will see Vincent playing in the Vault Dorms.

Vault Guard - Derek Kyle:

Open in the Treasure Vault. The host player is inspecting some of their treasures when they are approached by Derek Kyle.

Derek: Howdy [Mister, Miss]. Now, I hope you don’t find this to be cheeky or rude, but I have a favour to ask.

The host player looks surprised yet intrigued. Any other players crowd behind them.

Derek: You see, I’ve been with a fine woman for a while now. Helena. She really is somethin’ special, so I think it’s time I got on one knee to propose to her.

A player smiles, and pats Derek on the shoulder approvingly.

Derek: Thank you, but there’s this one thing. I haven’t gotten her a ring and they’re so damned expensive these days.

The player(s) takes out a small stack of cash.

Derek: Now, you put that away. I ain’t here looking for charity, boss. I’ve got something else in mind.

The player(s) puts their money away.

Derek: You see, due to the nature of our job, I’ve been hearing rumours of a lost ring around a lost underground grotto in Big Valley. Boss, I wouldn’t normally ask to keep one of these treasures, but this girl, she’s somethin’ else. I’d really appreciate it?

The host player nods and agrees, and they set out for Big Valley.

Gameplay resumes here, the player(s) must search multiple areas and inspect different rocks on the cliff face for the entrance to the cave leading to the grotto. Once entering, a cutscene starts:

Derek takes a few steps forward, admiring the beauty of the area.

Derek: Wow, isn’t this place ama-

He steps on a pressure plate, the host player quickly runs and tackles him to the ground, saving him from a large spike.

Derek: I appear to have been mistaken. This place is a damn hellhole. Let’s get this ring.

Gameplay resumes. The player(s) must make their way through the grotto and avoid dangers until they find the ring on a podium. It’s gold with a large ruby which appears to be encased in a tree design, with ornate patterns all around. Upon picking up the podium, the area around them begins to collapse.

Derek: (Still in gameplay) Quick, boss! This place ain’t safe, let’s go.

The player(s) must then run out of the area within the next minute and a half before it collapses. They must also dodge falling boulders, collapsing trees and other disasters caused by the area falling apart.

Upon reaching the exit, another cutscene triggers:

Derek and the player(s) dive out of the cave as it collapses behind them seconds later. The host player helps Derek to his feet, who is out of breath.

Derek: Damnation. That was close, I am so sorry partner.

The host player gestures as if to say it’s okay and reveals the ring to Derek. He takes it.

Derek: My, it really is something. A perfect ring for a perfect woman. I really appreciate this. It’ll be a few years before we marry, but please, come with me to the proposal?

The host player nods, fade to black.

Open on Blackwater cinema. Derek and Helen are leaving the building. They head over to the Blackwater bar where the player(s) is sitting at one of the tables with a few drinks and a meal.

Derek and Helen enter, Derek pulls open a seat for Helen who sits down. Derek heads to the bar to order their food. Helen is seen touching up her hair and adjusting her clothes as if she knows what is about to happen. Derek is also seen fixing himself. He comes back over, standing next to her.

Derek: My dearest, this past year has been. Well, it’s been real special to me. So much I almost got myself killed getting this.

He gets on one knee.

But I’d nearly die for you every day of the week if it meant making you happy.

He takes the ring from his pocket, and holds it up to her. She takes it.

Derek: So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, will y-

Helen: Yes!

Derek: - Marry me?

Helen: Yes, a million times yes, ya damn fool!

They stand up and hug. Everyone in the bar claps, including the players. Derek gives the player a quick thumbs up behind Helen’s back.

Fade to black.

Ranch Hand - Alexander Freeman:

Just outside the ranch. The host player encounters Alexander milking a cow rather forcefully. It kicks him.

Alexander: Dammit! Son of a bitch! I can’t take this anymore!

He kicks over the bucket of milk. The host player approaches him carefully. A secondary player will continue to milk the cow whilst any other players will wait around.

Alexander: Sorry, times have fallen rough, friend. Made a damn fool of myself by accepting money off a loanshark in Saint Denis. Just had debt collectors come round and threaten my wife and daughter. She’s seven, Goddamn it! Ain’t no child needing to see that.

The host player whistles on their horse, mounts it and offers their hand out to Alexander.

Alexander: You offering help? That’s mighty kind of you.

He climbs onto the horse as they ride out. The player(s) must ride from the ranch to Saint Denis.

On the ride:

Alexander: It all started when my younger son took ill. Pneumonia. He started off fine but just kept getting sicker and sicker. Eventually the bills were drownin’ us. We’d given up all we had, and it still couldn’t save poor Eli. I had to take out these loans with the bank so we could pay rent, but then I couldn’t pay those off. I headed down to the slums and met this shady guy who was dressed real fancy to be loiterin’ round those parts of town. He offered me money and I was just so damn desperate, I took it. Three hundred dollars. Well, that paid off the bank and bought us a few weeks of food. Then they came knockin’. Bastards bruised my ribs after one beating. Last time, they pointed a gun at my daughter. My seven-year-old daughter. What kind of man does that? The devil, I tell you. Either way, that’s why I appreciate you doing this. You’re saving my family.

At the loanshark’s office, a cutscene starts:

The player(s) and Alexander enter the building and heads towards the office room. The host player gestures to any other players to wait outside the office. The host player enters with Alexander. The loanshark is a large man sat behind a desk with three guards. One on either side of the door and one in front of the desk. The desk guard is firmly holding a repeater.

Loanshark: Ah, Mr Freeman! Came to pay back your debts, I hope?

Alexander: I can’t, I just don’t got the money, and what you’re doing ain’t right.

Loanshark: Ahh, I see. So this is your muscle, I take it? Am I supposed to be intimidated? You ain’t a fightin’ man, so your friend here is outnumbered three-to-one. Jorge, will you please?

The guard at the front of the desk, Jorge, walks up to the host player. The host player grabs the barrel and stock of the repeater, bashing it into Jorge’s face. The host player then jumps back with the gun and smacks the guard on the left with the stock before they’re able to draw their pistol, before shooting the guard on the right. The guard on the right’s gun goes off as he falls down, shooting the globe on the Loanshark’s desk sending it spinning.

The loanshark leans back on his seat, terrified.

Alexander: (After taking a second to process what just happened) Yeah, I think you are meant to be intimidated.

The host player throws Jorge’s repeater to the side, and pulls out their own revolver, pointing it at the Loanshark who falls back on his seat. He fumbles back to his bookshelf.

Loanshark: Alright, alright! What do you want?

Alexander: Consider this as my debt absolved.

Loanshark: Done, done! Jesus, just get the hell out of here. Please!

The host player holsters their gun and exists the office. Other players follow, with one knocking over some expensive looking china and the final one spitting on the floor. Upon exiting, gameplay resumes where the player(s) and Alexander are ambushed by debt collectors. They must fight their way out of Saint Denis.

Back at the ranch:

Alexander: I really appreciate this boss; you won’t get nothin’ but dedication from me. Forever. I’m actually glad to be in your debt.

He goes back to the cow.

Sorry about that earlier, girl. Let’s get you milked, huh?

He continues to milk the cow.

Cut to black.

Ranch Hand - Jon Wright:

Player must own a Moonshine Shack

The host player is leaning on the fence to the chicken section of the Ranch. Other players may be doing work around the place. Jon approaches the host.

Jon: Howdy, partner. Heard about what you did for young Alexander there, real admirable. How ‘bout we head out to that bar of yours and get a drink? You’ve earned it.

The host player nods, and they ride out to the bar with any other players. They lean on it.

Jon: Two of your finest Caribbean Rums, please?

Joanna: Gotcha. On the house for the boss and (his/her) people.

Jon: Brilliant, thank ya. So, have you got any more of these tales? I’ve heard rumours of you about the Frontier, but you don’t talk much, well, at least around us. I’d like to hear ‘em myself.

The player somewhat laughs, and gestures in an “if only you knew” sort of way.

Jon: You don’t shoot and tell, huh?

Jon looks around laughing, but something catches his eye.

Wait a damned minute. That’s my wife. Who is that she’s with?

The player(s) looks towards the table. They see the man put his hand on Jon’s wife’s hand. Before they can react, they notice Jon is at the table. They hear a slight inaudible argument before Jon picks the man up and throws him into the nearby column. They run over but it’s too late, the bar is now in an all-out brawl. Gameplay resumes and the player(s) must fight multiple enemies in their own bar.

After most enemies are defeated, a gunshot is heard and the camera focuses on Maggie, who has just shot the roof with her cane gun. This triggers another cutscene:

Maggie: What the damn hell is going on down here? Y’all are behaving like children and making such a racket, I can barely hear myself think. Bar’s closed for tonight, now get the hell out of here.

Everyone but the player(s) and Jon leaves. Maggie approaches the host player.

Maggie: I honestly thought you were above this, you’re ridiculous.

She slaps the host player, then leaves the room. Jon and any other players approach the host player gathering together. Jon has a black eye and pats the player on the back before laughing. His now soon-to-be ex-wife is sitting in the corner with frayed hair looking furious.

Cut to black.

Ranch Hand - Maureen Butcher:

Inside the barn, Maureen is shovelling faeces as the wheelbarrow breaks, spilling the shit everywhere.

Maureen: Aw shit.

Jon comes out from the sheep pen.

Jon: Hah! Literally.

Maureen: And you’ll be swimming in it if you keep that cheek up, mister.

Jon holds his hands up and returns to sheering the sheep.

The host player enters the barn, and Maureen rushes up to them.

Maureen: Finally. Look, our tools are leaving a lot to be desired. Now, my brother is running his own ranch too, and I’m sure he’d be willing to sell us some better gear. He’s over at Ridgewood Farm, so how ‘bouts we pay a visit?

The host player nods, and they head out. The host player must drive a wagon over to Ridgewood Farm from the ranch with Maureen on the passenger seat and any other players following.

Upon arriving at Ridgewood Farm, another cutscene triggers. Maureen and the player(s) notice that the family and their Ranch Hands have been round up and held inside by a group of cattle rustlers.

Maureen: Aw, Darren. What have you gotten yourself into this time, you lousy fool?

Gameplay resumes. The player(s) must kill the rustlers in order to get the equipment and save the family.

Upon defeating all the enemies, another cutscene triggers:

Darren Ridgewood: Thanks for saving us, partner. My life was startin’ to flash before my eyes.

Maureen: I swear, if Pa heard about this your life wouldn’t have time to flash before those eyes of yours.

Darren: Well, if it isn’t my caring sister. I am fine, thank you very much for askin’.

Maureen: Well, we came for those tools? Mind sparin’ em. The boss here has been having us on reused stuff from ’66, it seems.

Darren: Well we can’t be havin’ that, can we partner? Tell you what, on the account of you saving my life and all, I’ll give you them on the house.

The host player smiles, and shakes Darren’s hand.

Cut to the player(s) finishing loading everything onto the wagon.

Darren: Thanks again for all the help, and good luck in your future endeavours. The art of the trade really is somethin’ to master.

The player climbs onto the wagon, waves and drives off.

Cut to black.

Moonshine Bartender - Joanna Booth:

The player(s) enter the Moonshine shack to see Maggie and Joanna in the middle of the kitchen, standing on either side of the table from one another.

Joanna: Are you callin’ me a liar or somethin’?

Maggie: No, I’m just saying you can’t get every one of our customers down to their birthday suits because you lost your damned ring! It’s a violation!

Joanna: A violation? It was a precious heirloom! That “damned ring” has been in my family for generations! And one of ‘em degenerates stole it, I swear to you! And I’m ‘bout ready to find out who!

Joanna storms past the player(s) and into the stair hall where she sees a sleazy looking man admiring her ring.

Joanna: Well I’ll be damned, I knew it! Give me that back you rat bastard!

She runs and climbs over the man but he pushes her down the stairs. The player(s) and Maggie run through. Maggie runs down the stairs to check on Joanna.

Maggie: Well, what are you waiting for? Get the bastard and get this poor girl’s ring back!.

The player(s) must chase the man out of the shack and onto a nearby train the main has boarded. The player(s) must avoid being killed by the guards, kidnap the man and return him to the shack alive.

Upon arriving back at the shack, a cutscene triggers:

The host player enters with a gun pointing at the thief’s back. They cock the gun and gesture to Joanna, who is sitting at the table clutching her shoulder. Other players will lean on counters or also sit at the table.

Joanna: There’s the no-good pig.

Thief: I uhh…

The host player presses the gun into his spine a bit more.

Thief: I’m sorry about stealing your ring. Have it back.

The thief hands the ring to Joanna. The host player looks at the thief, unimpressed.

Thief: And I’m sorry for pushing you down the stairs.

Maggie: And?

Thief: And, well, here’s some money for your troubles.

The thief hands a sizeable stack of money to Joanna.

Thief: Can I go now?

Joanna: You certainly are pardoned.

Maggie: Pardoned, maybe. But you’re also barred. Now get lost.

The thief runs out of the bar, pathetically.

Maggie: Now, how about we have a drink?

She pours some Moonshine, which everyone celebrates with.

Cut to black.

Moonshine Bartender - Charlie Green:

The host player is in the distillery helping Marcel move barrels when they hear doors banging upstairs.

Marcel: And Maggie says we make a lot of noise, eh?

Other players enter from the Moonshine bar.

Maggie: (Shouting from upstairs) Oi! Get up here!

The player(s) and Marcel run upstairs. They see Charlie sitting on the table with a bullet injury on his shoulder.

Maggie: You! Get some bandages out that drawer there, Marcel, bring up some of the drink to help me sterilize this!

Everyone scuttles about to help Charlie. Maggie applies the Moonshine as Charlie screams, before bandaging him up.

Maggie: Tell me, son, what happened?

Charlie: Ugh, damn Braithwaites. I went out to get us some more jugs to sell the shine and they caught me. Said they were on their way here with more men to burn the place to the ground.

Maggie: Those slimy, inbred hillbillies. I’ve had one of these bars burn down already. I won’t let it happen to another. Come on, we’ve got a business to defend.

Charlie: Let me help.

Maggie: No, you’re too weak.

Here, the host player can offer Charlie a health cure in order to have him help defend the bar.

Everyone charges outside, taking cover. Outside, gameplay resumes and the player(s) must defend the shack from three waves of attackers, before heading back inside to fight off some more Braithwaites who snuck in disguised as guests.

After defending the shack, a cutscene triggers:

Maggie: (Out of breath) Damn, I haven’t been in a good shootout in quite a while.

Marcel: I am surprised you found that fun. I am a lover, not a fighter, after all.

Maggie: Aw, quit your whinin’. Let’s get a drink before we clean up this mess.

Cut to black.

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