undead redemption scripts cover

We all want an Undead Nightmare 2, but I highly doubt any singleplayer expansion for RDR2 will happen. This is why I decided to try and make it into it's own standalone Online lobby, known as "Plague Freeroam" which can be accessed via a one-off purchase serving as a paid DLC. Because of this, I wanted to make sure it had plenty of missions to play through, as well as events to witness in the world.

All of the main missions for Undead Redemption will be completed in 2 - 7 player co op. Sidequests are 1 - 4 players and Random Encounters happen in Plague Freeroam, but can be experienced by more than one player at a time, and more than once.

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Cutscene opens with shots of Saint Denis. There is a paper boy standing on a box next to the general store.

Paper Boy: Cannibals going crazy in Annesburg! Read all about it! Horrifying plague said to be coming from Butcher Creek!

Cut to the player and Horley exiting the store, loading crates onto a wagon.

Horley: You know, after everything that’s happened as of late. With my mistress, I never got to thank you. My master was, well, not perfect but he was a kind man. I’m glad we could get him justice.

In the background, as Horley is speaking, the paper boy is attacked by the undead in the background. He begins to scream as the zombie bites his leg. The player and Horley run over, the player shoots the zombie in the head as the little boy falls back.

Horley: You alright there, son? What happened?

Paper Boy: Mister, I don’t know. This crazy fool just came over to me and started chewin’ on my leg like those crazy basta-

The boy begins to snarl and turn pale, he leaps up and bites Horley. The player shoots the boy in the head as Horley falls back, more of the undead pour in from the surrounding streets. The player aims their revolver round but sees that there is too many to take on, they hold their hand out for Horley.

Horley: No! That boy was bitten and he changed, I can already feel it happening to me. Get that wagon out of here!

Gameplay resumes, the player must ride the wagon out of Saint Denis to nearby Caliga Hall whilst avoiding undead.

Another Cutscene triggers here.

The player jumps off the wagon and looks back at the city, smoke pours out of it as gunshots and screaming can be heard. A young boy runs up to the player.

Boy: You! You! Are you bit?! Are you bit?!

The player stands back looking confused, shaking their head.

Boy: Good, good. The name’s George. Whenever someone’s bit, they turn into one of them demons. Real nasty shit. That’s a good wagon of supplies you got there, me and a few other survivors are held out at Shady Belle, if you want to join us? We could really use the help.

The player nods their head, and gets on the wagon with George. Gameplay resumes as the player must ride with George back to Shady Belle.

In gameplay, on the wagon:

George: I don’t know if you heard about those folks going crazy up in Annesburg and Butcher Creek? Well, it’s been spreading. One of them crazies get their teeth on you and it seems to be within a few minutes to a couple hours, you become one of them. Craziest part is, the only way you can be stopped is with a bullet to the head. Nothing else works. I’ve even heard tales of the dead bursting out of graves and trying to get a piece out of everyone too. Nobody knows what’s caused it. Some say the factories, some are blaming immigrants, Catholics blaming Protestants and Protestants blaming Catholics, and then both of them are blaming the devil worshippers in the swamps. Everybody’s lost their damned minds.

After arriving at Shady Belle, another Cutscene triggers.

The player and George jump off the wagon. The player looks around, seeing the area much more fortified than usual. They walk forward to the mansion with George.

George: I got us another survivor, and they got some supplies too!

A woman exits Shady Belle, it’s Jessica LeClerk. She is clearly in charge here.

Jessica: Oh my, it’s you. Thank God you’re alive.

Jessica looks to see Horley isn’t with the player. She begins to tear up.

Jessica: Horley, is he..?

The player looks down, upset.

Jessica: That is a damned shame.

Another person exists the mansion. It’s Guido Martelli.

Guido: Ahh hello, friend. It is good to see you again. I see you brought supplies, in this new world, these are going to be a lot more valuable than capitale. Bring more of these, and we will reward you handsomely.

Jessica: Yes, we have some other things for you.

Jessica hands the player a flaming torch.

Jessica: As I’m sure George has filled you in, these creatures have been coming from the graveyards. The best way we’ve found to stop them is by burning them. Once you’ve burned the graves, ring the Church bells to give us the signal that the area is clear. The more survivors we can move in, the better.

Guido also hands the player some bottles.

Guido: Also, some salesman came here advertising a cure. Only brought these monsters in more, and made them angry. We’ve decided to use it as, what do you American hunters say for ‘Esca’?

Jessica: Bait. Throw it, and you’ll be able to slip by unnoticed.

Guido: And if you run out, you can always just shoot a local in the leg and use them as this “bait” instead, eh?

Jessica: Ignore him, after all, with little people left – There should be no waste of human lives.

Guido: (To Jessica) This world is survival of the fittest, Madame. We must do what we can to stop ourselves from becoming one of those ‘cadaveres’.

Jessica: Well, there is always a better way. Either way, my friend, feel free to take a look around the area and get yourself acquainted with any locals before heading out. Any supplies are appreciated, and be sure to help whoever you can. There’s not enough of that going around these days.

The player nods, and steps away, ending the mission.


Objective: Liberate Saint Denis, Van Horn, Annesburg, Rhodes and Valentine.

Can be completed in any order. Each location will have a mini-story. If being played with multiple people, players can go to different locations at the same time to complete faster.

Started from Shady Belle.

A player approaches Jessica.

Jessica: Greetings again, it is a mighty fine day, considering the world has come to an end.

The player chuckles to themselves, and nods.

Jessica: And I have a plan to make it even finer. Come this way.

She leads the player into the living room at Shady Belle, where the other players are stood round a map on a table.

Jessica: I’ve gathered you all today to help five local towns. Saint Denis, Van Horn, Annesburg, Rhodes and Valentine. Each are struggling with these Undead monsters. I want you to ride out to each of them, clear the graveyards and kill each and every one of those shambling corpses you see. There’ll be survivors there, so if we can establish trade routes and such with them, we can all get through this better. Whether you go together, split up into groups, whatever, I don’t mind. Just be prepared for a challenge. This isn’t like anything we’ve faced before, this is something of Biblical proportions. You’re mighty skilled, but you ain’t invincible. You think you can manage?

A player grabs a shotgun from the wall and pumps it as if to say yes. Gameplay begins, players can head in whichever direction they want.

Saint Denis:

The players arrive at Saint Denis. They see the streets infested with undead. As they’re pondering what to do, an explosion goes off in the distance, sending all of the monsters walking away. The players sneak to the gallows near the graveyard and climb on top to see a graveyard filled with undead. Mayor Henri Lemeiux climbs up behind them.

Henri: Ahh, you see the home of the local blight. I have sent many men in there, none have returned. I had the doors barricaded to make sure no more got out. I am sorry, but if you have something in there, I cannot let you in.

The players shrug off Henri and jump over the wall from the gallows, on top of a tomb. Gameplay resumes with the players atop the tombs, requiring to empty out the graveyard, burn coffins and ring the bell to signify it’s clearance.

After clearing:

Two guards burst down the door with Henri, aiming guns around to double-check the area is clear.

Henri: Bon! You have done a fantastic job of saving my beautiful city. I know you have been partial to causing problems here in the past, but consider them forgotten. You, my friends, are heroes. The city may not be safe, and there’s still plenty of those creatures wandering the streets, but it’s good to know there won’t be more on the way.


The players walk alone down the main street of Rhodes. It is quiet and dusty. All of the buildings are boarded up. They make their way to the Church, and prepare their torches to burn the coffins before the pastor comes out the main building with a shotgun.

Pastor: Heathens! The lot of you here to desecrate the dead! I shall not allow it!

He fires a shotgun at one of the players, everyone hides behind different tombs and walls.

Pastor: The Lord sent us the monsters as tests and you dare meddle with His plan!

He fires another shot. Undead begin crowding behind him. They fall upon one another, with their guts and destroyed limbs merging together to form an Amalgamation undead.

Pastor: God almighty is not one to be trifled with, and I am his messenger!

The pastor fires one more shot, the Amalgamation approaches behind him and smashes him into the ground. The pastor pulls a bottle of Holy Water from his vest and smashes it against the beast. It begins to burn as it falls back in pain. A player jumps out from cover to shoot it but the Pastor fires back, so they must return to cover.

Pastor: You will not eliminate His creatures!

The amalgamation rolls round and bites the Pastor’s leg, taking it clean off. His shotgun fires in the air attracting more Undead. Gameplay resumes and players must kill the Amalgamation whilst fighting off Undead and liberating the graveyard.

After clearing:

The players approach the Pastor who has climbed onto the stairs of the church, and turned into an undead. A player shoots him in the head.

Van Horn:

Players enter the town, checking the windows of each building, as they arrive at the bar, a bullet flies into the door next to them. They look up at the lighthouse to see a survivor waving. The players head to the lighthouse to meet up with the local survivors.

The players climb up the stairs to meet a woman with a sniper rifle. It’s custom designed with the initials “IKZ” branded on it.

Woman: Well hello, partners. Nice to see a couple of folks still in the land of the livin’ durin’ these crazy times. The name’s Bernice, put it there.

She spits on her hand and holds it out to shake. A player reluctantly shakes her hand.

Bernice: Now, Van Horn was a shithole before all these munchers and human lunchers ran it down, but it was at least my shithole. I’ve noticed most of these things have been coming from the graveyard just up the hill, so how ‘bout you help me get my home back?

A player nods, and everyone heads to the area to clear the graveyard.

After clearing:

Bernice: Well I’ll be damned, that was some mighty fine shootin’ right there. I don’t know what brought these bastards on, but I hope someone puts an end to this. Thanks for the help there, friend.


The players ride into Annesburg. They see lights glowing from the mining facility above.

Survivor: Hey, you! Down there!

The players look up at the survivor

Survivor: You one of them folks going round clearing graveyards? Well, all our dead are in the mines. We lured them in there with a couple of dogs, but as soon as we leave they start to head out. Think you can sort them?

The players look down, one nods. Instead of the typical graveyard clearance, the players must enter the mines and plant explosives to block them off. Most of the Undead here are Miners, meaning their helmets must be shot off to kill.

After clearing:

Survivor: Damn, you done already? I was for sure you were a goner. Great work partner, we can finally get ourselves some food. We got women and children starvin’ up here, so we really appreciate it.

The players wave goodbye to the survivor.


The players ride into town, the survivors are held out on the roof of the bank which is surrounded by undead. Players must clear the undead before talking to survivors.

After clearing:

The players climb the ladder to the roof of the bank where they see a few Valentine citizens sitting around.

Sheriff Malloy: Well I’ll be damned, it’s good to see you again.

A player nods and another shakes his hand. A faint rumbling is heard.

Sheriff: Oh, ignore that, been happening all week.

The players look concerned.

Sheriff: Either way, I’ve been doing my best to keep these people safe. After those corpses surrounded the building, I didn’t know what to do. We’ve already got so many bullets, and they keep coming from the graves around here. It’s been crazy. You think you can help? Watch the cemetery while I get some supplies from the jail and gun store?

A player nods, and another clearing begins. After burning all of the coffins and clearing a few waves of undead, a larger rumble occurs. Three Bruiser undead burst out of the ground and start charging the players, and must be killed. One of them is Tommy from the singleplayer.

After clearing all towns:

The players return to Shady Belle. Jessica is waiting for them.

Jessica: I hear you’ve been busy, five different graveyards cleared. We’ve established trade routes and scouting operations with Saint Denis, Annesburg, Van Horn, Valentine and Rhodes. You have no idea how many people this will help. The settlements will still be attacked from time to time, but I’m sure you can stop them from being overrun.

Guido approaches the players too.

Guido: Yes, and plenty of people need your assistance too. You can help them, or not, it’s up to you. An old associate of mine, worked on the railroad – He has a plan to lead more of the undead away from the city. Says he could kill thousands of them. He’s held out at the stronghold that used to be Cornwall’s old train yard, whenever you like, speak to him there.

Jessica: And don’t forget, there’s more towns needing help too. Maggie Fike managed to get word out to me, she and Marcel are camped out at Fort Wallace with some other survivors. Head to them and they will help you find other towns to liberate.


Objective: Liberate Strawberry, Blackwater, MacFarlane’s Ranch, Armadillo and Tumbleweed.

Can be completed in any order. Each location will have a mini-story. If being played with multiple people, players can go to different locations at the same time to complete faster.

Started from Fort Wallace.

Maggie: Well, would ya look at who just arrived. It’s good to see you. I thought you’d be out there, but I just wasn’t sure.

Marcel: Yes, some of our patrons decided our drink was not up to their standards I suppose, eh?

Maggie: You could say that, they just started eatin’ eachother. Me and Marcel got out on the drink wagon, but Lem didn’t make it.

Marcel: Oui, it was how you say, a bloodbath.

Maggie: And from what I’ve heard, so are the local towns. So what do ya say, how about we save some of our old customers?

A player nods.

Maggie: That’s what I like to hear. Strawberry is the closest, but you can help whichever town you want first. Ride through one at a time, split up, whatever suits you best. Just try not to die.


The players ride into Strawberry from the south. “Survivors in Mount Shann cave” is written on the sign. As a player inspects some paint on the ground, they hear gunshots in the distance. Gameplay resumes, players must ride up to Mount Shann and protect the survivors from the approaching Undead.

After saving the survivors:

Strawberry Mayor: So it seems there are others still alive, thank the Lord. We were losing hope.

A player gestures in a way to say “I am talented”

Strawberry Mayor: My town, my beautiful town. How am I meant to bring people here now? First, a massacre a few months ago, and now I have lunatics eating eachother.

The Mayor looks at the players, and the surrounding Undead corpses.

Strawberry Mayor: Do you think you could clear out my town? Living in this damp cave is becoming unbearable. I need my home again.

A player nods, another tips their hat and they walk down the hill to the town. They walk past the Sheriff’s office as a Howler jumps out onto the balcony of the Visitor’s Centre. It screams, bringing in small hordes from each direction. Gameplay resumes and the players must fight off all the Undead.

After clearing:

The survivors come down the hill with the Mayor.

Strawberry Mayor: Marvellous, marvellous, aside from the bodies, my town is beautiful again. Come with me for a drink?

The players shake their heads and walk out of the town to carry on. The Mayor heads into the Visitor’s Centre himself, humming excitedly.


The players ride into Blackwater, hearing the Undead moaning from the coast of the town. They see a Ferry docked near the town, detached from the pier. The Undead are crowding the pier. A man walks up to the front of the boat, it’s Cripps.

Cripps: Well I’ll be damned, you’re alive Partner! Mind giving us a hand, here?

Gameplay resumes, the players must kill the horde of Undead surrounding the pier. More climb out from the water, including a selection of Retchers.

After killing the Undead:

Cripps: We appreciate the help, we’ve been stuck on that damned boat for days. We ran out of food and ammo two days ago, and those things kept eating all the fish so we couldn’t catch any. If you could do us the favour of clearing the graveyard so we could move back into town, that would be great.

The players agree, and head out to the Church. Gameplay resumes as the players must complete the typical Liberation objectives.

After clearing:

The players look at the Church, a nun leaves the building. A player aims their gun at it, but Cripps arrives and grabs the gun, making them lower it.

Cripps: You might’ve noticed some of these things are a little different. From what I can tell, the Nuns will leave you alone unless you piss them off. Trust me, these things are lethal, so that’s something you don’t want to do. I saw one rip three men in half before it went down, just ate bullets like they were breakfast. Or, I suppose an appetiser for those men I mentioned.

The players stare at it, before walking away for gameplay to resume. Players can continue the mission or choose to fight the Nun if they wish.

MacFarlane’s Ranch:

The players ride into town to see all of the Undead herded into one of the animal pens. Bonnie and Drew MacFarlane are arguing next to it.

Drew: Darn Bonnie, I told you. They’re people, we can’t kill them.

Bonnie: Daddy they ate William, they ate our livestock, if this were coyotes or foxes – You’d be all over shooting them. But just because they have human faces?

Drew: Look over there. That’s Matthew. When I was building our barn, he’d look after you. And that one, it’s Roger. He’s helped me fix our wagons countless times.

Bonnie: I know, but that ain’t them anymore, Pa. Something sick has taken over them. You may say that’s Roger but I saw him eat Clarissa’s arm off yesterday. That ain’t Roger Pa, it just ain’t him.

Bonnie sees the players.

Bonnie: Hey friend, please talk some sense into my father. He thinks these things are still people.

A player puts their hand on Drew’s shoulder, and they are about to speak as they look back to another player. They throw in one of the Undead bait jars, which lands on a crowd of the Undead in the pen. They all start ripping into one another and attacking eachother. Drew looks in horror.

Drew: Oh my Lord. What has happened to our country? These were good people.

Bonnie: Do you see now? Some of these folks have been dead for years. This ain’t sunstroke, it’s something else.

Drew approaches the players.

Drew: I’m sorry. There’s more but I, I don’t have the stomach for this. Would you please help clear the area? I can’t have this happening to my daughter, or any more of my people.

The players agree to help, gameplay resumes and players must travel between the animal pens eliminating Undead, before heading into the barn to clear out the last of them.

After clearing:

Bonnie: My father’s upstairs in the house, he isn’t taking this all too well. While you were putting those things down, another came into the house. It, well, it was his sister. She’s been gone fourteen years and he didn’t just have to see her rotting corpse waddle into our kitchen, but he had to put a bullet in it too. Thanks for the help anyway, it was mighty good of you.


The players ride into Armadillo, which was already boarded up from the Cholera outbreak. A citizen standing on the roof of the Sheriff’s office calls out.

Citizen: Stay back! The plague has gotten real bad, people are going crazy!

The players hold their hands up and look at eachother.

Citizen: The town has been put under a curse, first it was a sickness, but now when people die, they get back up. And when I shoot them, they won’t get down again.

One of the Undead begins to approach the players, the citizen shoots it a few times but it continues walking to the players.

Citizen: See?! It’s something else. Now get away before you get sick!

One player walks towards the Undead.

Citizen: What are you doing? Watch out, they’ve been eating people alive!

The player shoots it straight in the head.

Citizen: Damn, you took it down? How’d you do that partner? Silver bullets? Holy water?

Another player points to their head with their gun.

Citizen: You gotta put one in their head? Darn, that’s starting to make a lot of sense. Well, we got a real infestation here thanks to the cholera, and they’ve been climbing out of the mass graves almost non-stop. You think you can help?

The players agree, gameplay resumes. Players must torch the coffins at the mass graves and fight off a larger amount of Undead.

Citizen: I don’t know what caused this, but I’m real grateful you helped put an end to it. The shopkeeper, Mr Moon, has been going on blaming all sorts of different folk for it, wish he could pick one damned story and stick to it. Either way, thank ya.


The players stand on the hill above Tumbleweed. They see the Sheriff and the citizens standing in the middle of the town fighting off a horde of Undead coming from all sides. The citizens retreat to the manor, gameplay resumes and the players must attack the Undead from behind to save the survivors.

After saving the survivors:

Sheriff Freeman exits the manor.

Sheriff Freeman: I never thought I’d be so glad to see a bunch of gunmen ride into my town and kill hundreds of people, but I never thought my town would be attacked by a mob of psychotic man-eating demons.

The players make open gestures.

Sheriff Freeman: The first was a man by the name of Desmond. He burst out of his coffin the middle of his funeral. His grieving wife thought there was a mistake and ran over to him. Just as she went to kiss the bastard, he ate her face off. Five minutes later she and him were feasting on half the town, then the gunshots brought more.

The players look at eachother.

Sheriff Freeman: I don’t know what this is, but it seems like you’ve dealt with these before. Whatever you gotta do to make my town safe, you do it. Maybe when all this is over, I can find a proper way to thank you.

Gameplay resumes, players must complete the normal graveyard clearance.

After clearing:

Sheriff Freeman: I trust all that grave burning is what you needed to do to make this town safe again?

A player nods.

Sheriff Freeman: Good, as much as I don’t like disturbing the dead, as long as it keeps the living alive and the dearly departed in the ground – I’m willing to look past it. Y’all stay safe out there now, there’s no telling what other creatures may be out there.

After clearing all the towns:

The players return to Fort Wallace, and head into the main cabin with Maggie Fike. They walk in confidently, as if they’re celebrating.

Maggie: You’re back. Good. You help those people?

A player nods, whilst leaning on the fireplace.

Maggie: Good, because you need to make your way out to Fort Brennand yesterday.

The players walk in closer to Maggie, concerned.

Maggie: Boy by the name of Moses, some treasure hunter. Apparently he took some mask from an ancient tomb beneath the Elysian Pool, which is right next to Butcher Creek.

The players look at eachother, a flashback to the Paper Boy who was talking about the plague starting at Butcher Creek and Annesburg.

Maggie: Seems like that’s the epicentre of all of this. So Moses has been taking camp at Brennand, which as you know isn’t in the best of condition these days. You need to get there, and find out what he’s done with that mask so you can return it, before he becomes someone’s dinner.

The players head outside and sit down to process this information, where they’re greeted by Sadie Adler.

Sadie: Oh my God, you’re alive! I’m so glad to see you, after Arthur, Dutch, everything. It’s a real relief.

She sees the look of worry on the players’ faces.

Sadie: Oh, I can see something important is botherin’ you. Look, when you have the time, I’d like your help with something, if that’s okay?

A player nods, Maggie comes outside.

Maggie: Mrs Adler, we have maybe found what’s turning everybody into a bunch of crazies. I’m sure it can wait. Our friends here have to make a trip out to Fort Brennand so this whole thing can be sorted.

Sadie: Oh, well, I’d like to help with that too. Hey friend, either come to me at Hanging Dog Ranch whenever you’re ready, there’s a bunch of survivors there that I’ve been helping – or head out for Brennand and I’ll eventually get you there. We can do this in either order you want.

End of mission


Started at Fort Brennand.

The players arrive at Fort Brennand, where they see Sadie sharpening her knife.

Sadie: Good, you’re here. Maggie filled me in on Moses, from what I can tell, he’s still here. He’s just asleep in the tower. Let’s go see him.

The players and Sadie walk round into the Fort and into the base of a tower, there’s one Undead standing there trying to reach up a ladder but Sadie stabs it in the back of the head.

Sadie: No need to make a noise and draw more out.

Everyone climbs up the ladder where they see Moses asleep and cuddling a bag of money. Sadie gestures to a player, who pulls out their pistol and cocks it against Moses’ head. He wakes up and screams, Sadie punches him in the face.

Sadie: Be quiet you damn fool, where’s the mask?

Moses: The mask? What about it?

Sadie: I just asked, where is it?

Moses: Why?

Sadie: Have you not realised since you took it, the whole damn country went crazy?

Moses: I, I, I didn’t think about it?

Two players look at eachother, a third facepalms.

Sadie: Yeah, that doesn’t seem to be something you’re very good at.

Moses: Hey!

Sadie: Now ain’t the time to get worked up! Where is the mask?

Moses: The Murfree Brood took it! Said if I gave them the mask, they’d spare my life. Please, I don’t want to die!

He begins to cry, and wets himself.

Sadie: Holy shit, did you just piss your damn self?

Moses: Please, just let me live!

Sadie: I swear if we die trying to get this thing back, I’ll make sure we come back to eat you first.

Moses faints from the fear.

Sadie: Let’s go.

Gameplay resumes, the players and Sadie ride to Beaver Hollow where there’s a gang of Murfree Brood hiding out which must be killed. Everyone has to fight their way to the other side of the cave, and reclaim the mask.

After getting to the mask, a Cutscene triggers:

Sadie: I’m guessing this is it? Who would want to steal this ugly green thing?

A player shrugs, and everyone is distracted by some rocks falling. The Murfree Brood everyone killed have begun to resurrect as Undead.

Sadie: Damn! I miss the days when you should shoot a bastard and he’d stay dead. We gotta get out of here, up this lad-

Sadie tries to guide the players out the ladder at the back end of the cave, but she is interrupted by Undead falling in and splatting on the ground.

Sadie: Looks like we’re fighting our way out.

Gameplay resumes, the players and Sadie must fight their way out and ride back to safety at Fort Brennand.

After arriving back at Brennand, another Cutscene starts:

Sadie and the players return to Moses, Sadie drops the mask in front of him.

Sadie: My friends will be back to return this thing when they’re ready. Don’t lose it this time, or I swear to God, you’ll wish one of them things were eating you alive.

Moses takes the mask and nods nervously.

Cutscene ends.


Started at Fort Brennand.

Jessica LeClerk, Maggie and Sadie are standing around a table in the lower shack with Moses. The fort is surrounded by guards.

The players enter.

Jessica: It’s good to see you again. Moses said the cave is behind the waterfall at the Elysian Pool, from there, you scale down an inside cliff to find the hidden door.

Sadie: From there, it’s a straight run to the end of the tomb. Place the mask back, and hopefully that should be the end of all this.

Maggie: After some persuadin’ from Sadie here, Moses is giving you a loan of the gear he used to get you down the hole. We’ll protect you from behind as you deliver the mask. Sound good?

The players nod.

Sadie: Well I guess it’s time we save the world.

Maggie: We’re about to right a lot of wrongs here.

Jessica: This isn’t a story for redemption. It’s for survival. Of ourselves, and those we care about. Now, let’s go.

Cut to behind the waterfall. A player arm bursts through holding out a revolver, the player walks through keeping an eye out for any Undead. The rest of the players follow, with Sadie, Jessica, Moses and Maggie behind.

Moses: Right, it’s down there.

Sadie and Jessica put down the box of equipment and drop the rope ladder. The players climb down. Above, moaning is heard.

Maggie: Our rottin’ friends are here, pull the ladder up so we don’t drop it down there by mistake and help us fight them off.

Sadie: Got it!

Sadie and Jessica pull the ladder up and start fighting undead. The players look around and begin pushing rocks to activate the secret door. One player eventually finds it and it opens, hundreds of bats fly out, followed by Undead Bolters. Each one charges a player, and each player is bitten before managing to stab the attackers. They all stand up, dizzy.

Sadie looks down, and sees what has happened.

Sadie: Oh my God, you all bit?

All the players nod.

Sadie: I’m coming down!

The players shake their head and gesture as if to say “No” as Jessica grabs Sadie’s shoulder.

Jessica: Get to the end of the tunnel and return the mask. If you get there in time, you won’t turn!

The players nod, gameplay resumes as they run in. Players must fight off tougher Undead, some of which have been reduced to pure skeletons with thick black bones. Others have embers pouring from their bodies and glowing red eyes.

As the players fight through the tunnels of the undead, they hear voices and see the bodies of people they have killed or failed to save in the past. – Reid Hixon, Austin Smith, Legendary Bounties. Hosea Matthews, Teddy Brown, etc. Half way into the tomb, their brain begins to pulse and a screen filter is applied making most things appear red and slightly distorted.

As they get to the end of the cave, another Cutscene triggers.

One player falls over and eventually turns, another one jumps on top of them holding them down as they keep trying to bite them. Any other players fall over and start turning as one grabs the mask and crawls forwards towards the podium. They arrive at the podium and pass out. The player holding down the other turned player sees this, and runs forward to grab the mask, quickly picks it up and places it on the podium before passing out too.

Cut to black.

A few shots from around the Frontier: Horley wakes up on the stage in the Saint Denis theatre, Undead are seen collapsing and either returning to people, or in some cases – Dust if they were previously dead. Amalgamations wandering explode into a pile of guts. Families are reunited, people return to Strawberry, Nigel West Dickens is seen advertising his cure a bit more, etc.

Cut to black.

On screen: Twenty minutes after it ended.

The players begin to wake up, Sadie and Jessica are in the mine with them.

Sadie: Jessica! They’re waking up!

Jessica: Oh my! Careful!

A player near Jessica clutches their head as she helps them sit up. One next to Sadie grabs her hand as she helps them get on their feet. They look to her puzzled.

Sadie: You did it. You all did it. You put an end to this damned curse.

Jessica: Moses and Maggie are waiting on us back in the cave, we should get out of here.

Cut back to Fort Brennand, everyone rides back in. The guards are cheering and clapping. A few more people have shown up: Sheriff Freeman, Henri Lemeiux, the Mayor of Strawberry, Guido Martelli, etc.

Everyone begins shaking the posse’s hands and thanking them for beating the curse and putting their lives on the line.

Fade to the posse standing on a Cliffside, watching the sun rise. They pat eachother on the back, before walking off screen.

Cut to credits.

Post credits:

Camera pans through the tomb, cutting to a close-up of the mask. A large hand swipes it from the podium, followed by a high-pitched giggle.

Cut to black, player returned to plague freeroam.



(Must have completed Mission 1. Started from Saint Denis Train Yard stronghold)

The players walk to the middle of the Bridge in the train yard, where they meet up with the Railroad Baron, Danny.

Danny: I don’t suppose you’re Martelli’s friend I was hearing about.

A player nods, they all lean on the fence around Danny as he talks.

Danny: So with these creatures, I’ve noticed they’re real into two things: Noise, and meat. So I was thinkin’, what if we got a lot of meat and a lot of noise, and lead a whole bunch of them into a trap?

The players look around confused as to how they’re going to do that.

Danny: So, I had a plan. Before all this started, I was meant to take a train of cargo from Saint Denis up North to Annesburg. This cargo is a whole lot of salted meats. Now I’m thinkin’, you secure the train, get me on it – I can drive it all the way a little past Annesburg to Bacchus Bridge which thankfully got fixed after some idiots blew it up. We lead the train over the bridge and those corpses will mindlessly walk off the cliff. Hundreds of them killed, plenty of lives saved. What do you say?

The players look around and nod in agreement.

Gameplay resumes. Players must head to the train at the station in Saint Denis, kill any surrounding Undead and blow the whistle to signal Danny.

As Danny arrives, a Howler will attack the players. The players will be prompted to hogtie it and place it on the train to help attract more Undead.

Danny will then climb onto the train and start driving.

Whilst driving:

Danny: Alright, so each of those boxes are filled with different meats. Just burst them open and let all the meat fly out. Pick off any Undead who could climb onto the train. That’ll mostly be the fast or the strong ones.

Players will repeatedly have to kill Bolters, Bruisers and Retchers as the train drives to the bridge. Every now and again, they will be prompted to break a box of meat in order to attract more Undead. Walking near the Howler will also bring more.

Upon arriving at the bridge, a Cutscene triggers:

Camera pans out to the train on the bridge slowing down and eventually stopping. Seemingly thousands of undead walk off the cliffs and fall to their doom. Danny runs back and is seen by the Howler, which begins to wriggle and howl more.

Danny: So we might have a problem. Remember I told you I was to take my cargo to Annesburg? Turns out, we only had enough coal for fuel to take us there, and we’ve ran out.

The players all look stressed and frustrated. One points out to an approaching horde of more Undead behind the train. Suddenly, the Howler breaks loose and jumps on Danny. The players all unload many shots into it, but it’s too late – Danny has been bitten.

Danny: Damn, well it looks like this is the end of the rail for me. Y’all gon get yourselves out of here. This new bridge ain’t as strong as the last one, they took wood from round Annesburg so it’s weak. I doubt it could handle all these fools. I’ll lead them on here and the entire thing will collapse, but y’all gotta go now.

The players look at Danny in respect, before jumping off and heading towards the Cotorra Springs side of the bridge. Danny limps to the back of the train, and begins shouting.

Danny: Hey you ugly fellers! Come on here! Got you a real juicy meal ready for the taking!

The Undead start piling towards the train on top of one another to climb on. Danny limps back as the horde either falls off the bridge or follows him down the carriages.

Cut to the bridge supports creaking, but still managing to hold onto the weight. Cut back to Danny, still backing up.

Danny: Damn thing shoulda gave way by now.

Danny looks to his right to see a box. The contents are not yet revealed to the camera.

Danny: Well, son of a bitch.

Danny pulls a crate of dynamite from one of the storage containers on the train, and kicks it off the train and onto the side of the bridge next to him.

Danny: I hope you like your meat minced.

Danny pulls his revolver from his holster and points it at the dynamite crate. Cut to the players on the other side of the bridge. They look back to see a huge explosion, followed by the bridge collapsing and the train falling into the canyon below. Hundreds of Undead spill off the side, almost like a waterfall.

The players fall back onto the ground, sitting down and watching the Undead walk off the side.


(Must have completed Mission 2. Started from Fort Mercer stronghold)

The player will only see their own character during this cutscene, and not other player characters.

The player hears some commotion from the guards at the wall, they go over to investigate.

Upon looking over the wall, they see a man in a suit and top hat, walking with his arms behind his back among the Undead. They are completely ignoring him.

The player heads out to speak to him.

Strange Man: I knew I’d find you here, friend. You’re much like me, surrounded by death.

The player looks at him, confused.

Strange Man: Don’t worry, no need to use your words with me. I already know what you think. I know you inside and out. I know everything about you, yet it puzzles me. Sometimes you do good, I know you’ve done a lot of good since the dead walked the Earth. But also I know sometimes you go out to serve yourself. A sinner to saints and a saint to sinners. You walk a fine line between good and evil. Much like the line these creatures walk between alive and dead. Like my soulless friends here, you’re very much an outcast. So I thought I may bring something to aid you.

He turns around and looks at the player with an uncomfortable smile, he holds out his hand and with a snap of his fingers, the player’s holster has a new revolver in it. It is white with golden accents, with a barrel that seems to emit light.

Strange Man: I hear they’re going to have trouble near Manzanita Post. Perhaps you should use that tool to help them.

The strange man walks into a herd of Undead, and seems to disappear. The player fires the Divine Revolver into the herd. It fires a flare-like projectile, setting all of the Undead in a white and cyan fire which spreads between them quickly.

Gameplay resumes, players must ride out to Manzanita Post in order to use the Divine Revolver to lead the Undead away from the building to be killed.

End of mission


(Must have completed Mission 2. Started from Hanging Dog Ranch stronghold)

The players enter the barn to meet up with Sadie, she is brushing down a horse.

Sadie: Glad you can finally make it.

The player nods, Sadie takes them over to a stool in the barn and sits down.


Sadie: You remember my husband, my Jakey? Well, Colm O’Driscoll and his bastards had him killed when they shacked up in our house, that’s how I met Dutch in the boys. Now, I already got my revenge, but with the dead rising again. I just, look, I need to go back, okay? I need to see if he’s there, and if he is, put him out of his misery. After Arthur passed, you’re pretty much all I got, so will you ride with me?


Sadie: Back before I met Dutch in the boys, I had a husband. Jake. I loved him, we split the work, we laughed, we had a cabin up in the snowy mountains. It weren’t much, but it was home. Then Colm O’Driscoll and his boys killed my husband, and thanks to that piece of shit Micah Bell, my home was burned down to ash. Now, I already got my revenge, but with the dead rising again. I just, look, I need to go back, okay? I need to see if he’s there, and if he is, put him out of his misery. After Arthur passed, you’re pretty much all I got, so will you ride with me?


A player puts their hand on Sadie’s shoulder and nods, another holds out their hand to help her stand.

Gameplay resumes and everyone must ride up to Sadie’s old house in Ambarino. On the way up, players can see Undead frozen in the snow, struggling to move.

Upon arriving at Sadie’s, another Cutscene triggers:

Everyone dismounts their horse, walking towards the door. There is one man, frozen and Undead. It’s Jake.

Sadie: It’s you. My God, what happened to you?

Jake snarls and growls, leaning forward in an attempt to eat Sadie.

The players look at Jake, shocked. Sadie begins to tear up.

Sadie: You know, for the past few months, I’ve been wishing I could see you again. Every night at camp I cried myself to sleep, begging every God I could think of to let me see you again. And now that I am, I really wish I didn’t. You didn’t deserve this.

She cocks her gun, and points it at his frosted, blue head.

Sadie: Reverend Doyle did say until death done us apart, but what the hell is this?

The players look away for a second, over the hill. They spot a group of Undead, blue from the cold and covered in ice making them tougher. One player whistles for Sadie’s attention, she looks over, then back at Jake.

Sadie: I really wish we had more time. To grow old, have some kids. Huh, I wish I could tell you the stories from the past few months, it’s been crazy. I’ve been kinda crazy too. So much anger. But I’m sorry, I love you Jake. Goodbye.

She points the gun at his head again, looks away, and pulls the trigger. Jake falls onto his back as smoke bellows from the barrel.

Sadie: See you again someday, Jakey.

A player puts their hand on Sadie’s shoulder, and gestures to the Frost Demons.

Sadie: (Through tears) Right, let’s kill these bastards and get the hell out of here.

Gameplay resumes, the players must run back to their horses and shoot Frost Demons along the way before riding back to Hanging Dog Ranch.

Upon arriving back at the ranch, a Cutscene triggers:

Sadie gets off her horse and walks straight into the house, where she pours herself a drink. The players sit next to her with their own glasses.

Sadie: I’ll be fine, seeing my Jakey like that. It was hard, but I’m glad I got to see him again, y’know, for one final goodbye. Nobody really ever gets that. Makes me wonder if the others are out there, too. Arthur, Lenny, Hosea. I might go see if I can find them, I don’t know. So long as Micah’s face gets bitten off and they eat his insides before he dies I’ll be happy.

The players laugh. Fade to black.



Found around Roanoke Ridge. This random encounter happens entirely in gameplay as a part of Plague Freeroam.

Man at a campsite cooking food. As he speaks, he dots around the camp fire sprinkling herbs and such over the pot.

Man: Howdy [Mister/Ma’am] – Why don’t you take a seat with me? I’ve prepared a feast, and oh a fine feast it is. A grand feast, like you’d get back in Saint Denis. Some rich meat from the centre of the town I believe. Rich, and rude meat. Meat that said nasty things about fellers like me. Real nasty things. You see, the world got mean, but there ain’t no reason for us to be mean too. What we have to do is evolve. All them geniuses talkin’ ‘bout us coming from monkeys and such – This is the next step, so we gotta stick with the times. People eatin’ people, gotta stay ready for the modern world. The twentieth century is upon us and God needs us to be ready. Ain’t it beautiful? So have some meat with me?

He stops cooking and looks at the player. He begins pointing at them angrily.

What? You think I’m crazy? You think this ain’t how it’s supposed to be? What’s the difference between this snob and a rabbit, or a deer, or a pig? A big, disgusting, rude, fat pig! Well, maybe like this fool, you’re rude too. Oh so very rude. Maybe, maybe, maybe you’re not ready either. Maybe in the end, you should just be meat!

From here, the man will attack the player with a knife, and must be killed.


Found at Emerald Ranch. This random encounter happens entirely in gameplay as a part of Plague Freeroam.

Gunners are shooting at the barn at Emerald Ranch, attacking Undead.

Leader: Come on out, we just want your food and your ammo!

Gunner: And maybe some of the women! Woohoo!

They continue shooting up at the building, and will attack the player on sight. If the player hangs back, Undead will break through the fence gates and attack the gang.


Found at Thieves Landing. This random encounter happens entirely in gameplay as a part of Plague Freeroam.

Inside the compound at Thieves Landing, bandits can be seen nailing a living victim to board. The victim is screaming and squirming in an attempt to flee.

Bandit 1 (Bob): Hold him still, Randy!

Bandit 2 (Randy): I’m trying, Bob!

Bob: Well, try harder dammit!

Victim: Please, let me go!

Randy: You best shut the hell up mister! You’re gon bring them eaters right to us. Whole reason we got you here is to lead ‘em away.

Bob: Don’t you ever feel bad about this, man? It’s real cold stuff.

Randy: Us or them, Bob. Us or them.

If either of the raiders see the player, they will attack on sight.


Found at the cult shack near the Heartland Overflow. This random encounter happens entirely in gameplay as a part of Plague Freeroam. The outcome will be determined by player actions.

Outside the shack:

Mysterious Whisper: Inside. Come.


Glowing lights pulsate through the building. A whirring can be seen through the cracks in the roof.

Mysterious Whisper: Pain. Suffering. Greed. Death. They all shroud you. The inhabitants of this world embrace them. They have for thousands of years, and they will for thousands to come. But you have taken more lives than any of your plagued.

The player will then see their screen distorted, before passing out and waking up on a roof in Saint Denis surrounded by many Undead corpses.


A player can see a spinning UFO hovering a decent height above the shack.

Mysterious Whisper: You refuse authority, you refuse control. In a world where anarchy and order are constantly at war with one another, you toe a line between them. You trail death in the pursuit of greed, but do you claim to be a hero? We planned to study you, but we fear we know enough.

The UFO jets off into the distance, and the building catches fire.


Found around Cochinay. This random encounter happens entirely in gameplay as a part of Plague Freeroam.

The player can see a ring leader preaching to his followers, who are kneeling before him.

Leader: Beelzebub has brought his army to cleanse this world. People speak of his soldiers as if they are a plague, ignorant to the fact it was us poisoning the land. He cares for the Earth, so he brings the dead to reclaim it. We gather to help him, and with this blade I shall commit each and every one of you to Lucifer’s cause. Step forth, my children, for I shall ferry you over to fight in this war.

One by one, the cultists step up as the Leader slits their throats, followed by his own. Eventually they will turn into Undead.

If the player is seen by the cultists, they will try to attack the player with knives and bows.


Found in the Smithfield Saloon in Valentine. This random encounter happens entirely in gameplay as a part of Plague Freeroam.

Upon entering the bar, the player can see a man sitting at a table surrounded by empty bottles. He will sit and monologue:

Man: My wife, my sons. Those things -(hiccup)- They ate them. Tore ‘em limb from limb. I couldn’t do anything but run. I ran, and I ran, all the way from Rhodes. What kind of man am I?

He takes another drink

No man. Not anymore. I was a father, a husband, a farmer. But now I ain’t worth shit. I’ve been sittin’ here drinkin’ for the past two days and those things haven’t even came for me yet? Why? Is this my punishment – Having to live?

He downs the rest of his bottle and throws it at the wall in a fit of rage, before stumbling onto his feet.

Well, fuck you God! You’ve done your worst ya big bastard! Now strike me down dammit!

He begins to cry as he stumbles to the bar.

Smite me! Let me be with my family. Let me…

He begins to slur and exasperate his words.

Be with- My- Family.

He passes out on the floor unconscious.

What did you think of these scripts? Did you have a favourite? Feel free to share them on Twitter and tag us @GTABase to let us know!

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