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Concept Update 10: “Final Pursuits: A Life of Law”

Seasonal Changes:

  • Takes place during RDR2, Epilogue Part One.
  • The game world has been updated to match that of Epilogue One.
    • This includes changes to structures, forests, railways, the state of Armadillo, and more.
  • To accommodate players with the change in time, all players have been offered the choice to have their characters automatically aged up or receive one free character customisation token in order to do so manually.
    • Ultimately, players can choose whether to have their characters age over time or remain frozen in time.
  • Pearson now runs the General Store in Rhodes and will reminisce with the player about the old Van Der Linde days.
  • Wapiti has been abandoned, and Rains Fall has left the Frontier, no longer offering Stranger Missions.
  • Players can now encounter a mysterious, sitting metal man on top of a mountain.
  • Veteran players will hear unique voice lines from established Red Dead Online characters, some examples being:
    • Cripps: “You know we’ve been at this for a few years now. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
    • Madam Nazar: “We have come a long way, yes? The spirits will reward you for this as they have me. In time.”
    • Foody Dave: “Ahh old pal, I must say, these years at camp have been the greatest in my life.”
    • Maggie Fike: “You know, I didn’t expect to make it this long. I’m glad I did, and I’m glad you’ve been around for them.”
    • Marcel: “Ahh bon, you are back. I was just thinking about how you rescued me all those years ago eh?”
    • Harriet: “Without our work, I believe many of these species would have gone extinct years ago. I’m glad we could make a difference.”
    • Gus: “You’ve been bringing me some mighty fine pelts for some good time now. We must have made a hundred thousand dollars together.”
    • Jessica LeClerk: “I am eternally grateful for you avenging my husband. It’s been so long; I think perhaps it may be time for me to return to the living and move on.”
    • Jeeves the Butler: “Hello master, fine evening. I would like to thank you for keeping me on as your butler all these years.”
    • Camp Guards: “You know, the people at this camp – They’ve become sort of a family to me.”
    • Vault Guards: “The treasures we’ve uncovered over the years, working here has been incredible.”
    • Ranchhands: “I never knew I could spend the better part of a decade working on a farm and be as happy as I could be.”
    • Bartenders: “We’ve had some interesting customers since we worked here, but none of them were as unique as you, boss.”
  • Certain established Red Dead Online characters have had an appearance overhaul.
    • Cripps: Beard has been trimmed into a somewhat neater goatee.
    • Madam Nazar: Has cut an undercut into her hair. Luminescent purple veins can be seen up her neck. Her clothes are darker and more witch-like.
    • Horley: Now has a larger beard.
    • Marcel: Has lost some weight, and now has a shaved head.
    • Harriet: More tattered clothes, hair is now long and drawn-out.
  • Live events:
    • Season-wide cutscene: Upon first opening Red Dead Online this season, players will see a series of shots of different locations around the Frontier, showing the changes to the world. The player is in the Strawberry Doctor’s office as Abigail enters to apply for the job. She fills the player in on what has been going on for them over the past eight years but has to quickly leave as John has come to collect her and Jack to take them to their new home in Pronghorn Ranch.
      • After this event, the Marston family can be seen working around Pronghorn Ranch.
    • Weekly cutscene: One month later, players can see the events of ‘Old Habits’ as the gang attack the ranch. The player rushes Duncan Geddes to safety.
      • Players who take part in this cutscene will receive five free Ranch livestock coupons from Geddes, as a thank you for saving his son.
    • Weekly event: One week later, Abigail and Jack will no longer be seen around Pronghorn Ranch.
    • Weekly cutscene: Two weeks later, players can see the events of ‘Gainful Employment’ and John reuniting with Sadie after the fall of the Van Der Linde gang. Players are drinking in the Smithfield Saloon as Sadie is confronted by the other men.
    • Weekly mission: On the final month of the season, players will be offered a mission to help Uncle get away from the Cholera plague in Armadillo and ride into Blackwater. Uncle will tell stories of the gang and his younger Outlaw days. Upon arriving at Blackwater, they head into the bar for drinks. A short while later, they leave. This is when uncle meets up with John as seen in ‘The Landowning Classes / Home of the Gentry?’

A Life of Law:

  • The 100-level Rolepath spanning from ‘Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Vigilante’ has been completed, with two more roles.
  • Players must complete the ‘Vigilante’ role to span into the new twenty-level ‘Lawman’ role and must complete this to move on to the ten-level ‘US Marshal’ role.

New Role – Lawmen:

  • Upon completing the ‘Vigilante’ role, players can purchase a ‘Safehouse’ for 30 Gold nearby any medium to large settlement on the Frontier.
  • Upon purchasing the ‘Safehouse’ the player will begin their journey through a twenty-level ‘Lawman’ role.
  • Within the region of the Lawman’s safehouse, the player will be tasked with solving local crime issues. As players rank up, they will earn higher-level crimes. The crimes players can solve consist of:
    • Rank 1:
      • Local disputes
      • Horse and wagon thefts
      • Shopliftings
    • Rank 2:
      • Bar fights
      • Attacks on livestock
      • Trespassing
    • Rank 3:
      • Vandalism
      • Vice
      • Arson
    • Rank 5:
      • Murder
      • Store and coach robberies
  • Crimes are solved by approaching a victim or target for information, searching for clues and taking witness testimonies before comparing all of the information with a police line-up to determine the correct suspect.
    • When players have determined who committed the crime, they can either:
      • Put up a wanted poster, which will be displayed on nearby bounty boards. – Gives the player an honour boost and RDO$150.
      • Give them a warning – Gives the player an honour boost if it was a low-tier crime, but a decrease if it was a high-tier crime, and RDO$160.
      • Accept a bribe – Gives the player an honour penalty, and RDO$450.
      • Arrest the criminal – Gives the player an honour boost and RDO$400.
      • Kill the criminal – Gives the player an honour penalty and RDO$350.
    • Arrested criminals will be taken to a new holding cell in the ‘Vigilante Dungeon’
      • Two new criminal export systems are available for this, too: Prison Train and Boat.
        • Players will drive and defend either a boat or a train filled with their prison members from oncoming attackers.
        • Players can select which export method they would like to use.
        • Boats will focus on taking criminals from either Annesburg or Blackwater to Sisika Penitentiary.
  • Each Safehouse has a customisable ‘Desk’ for each posse member to sit at and help with crimes. Player’s desk customisation will carry from posse to posse, and Safehouse to Safehouse.
  • Lawmen won’t be targeted by Bounty Hunters in their own jurisdiction, until their bounty reaches RDO$50.
  • A short new storyline has been added for ‘Lawmen’ – “By the Book”
    • Mission 1: ‘Gold Rush’ – Help the Tumbleweed Sheriff empty the nearby mine of Del Lobos who have been tormenting and robbing miners. The Del Lobos offer the player a cut of the profits to turn a blind eye at the end. The player has the option to:
      • Accept 2 Gold Bars for an honour penalty.
      • Decline the offer and fight their way out against stronger enemies.
    • Mission 2: ‘Cure for the Heart’ – The Armadillo Sheriff requests the player’s help to collect medical supplies from Blackwater, as they have heard word of an attack. The player discovers the supplies have been stolen from a Native American camp. They have the option to:
      • Return the supplies to the camp and receive an honour boost and three random collectibles.
      • Take the supplies to Armadillo for RDO$50 and an honour penalty.
    • Mission 3: ‘Still Avoiding Public Transport’ – The player is to defend a Ferry travelling from Blackwater to Saint Denis. The boat begins to sink, and the player must choose to either:
      • Secure valuable loot for five random Treasures to be sent to their Treasure Vault.
      • Make sure people safely get to the life rafts, for a Role XP boost.
    • Mission 4: ‘A Feud Still Undying’ – The player must break up a bar fight between Grays and Braithwaites in the Rhodes saloon. The Grays ask the player to turn a blind eye to their crimes. The player can either:
      • Accept the deal in order for cheaper bounty payoffs and better pay-outs in Rhodes.
      • Refuse the offer and fill their ‘Dungeon Holding Cell’ with drunken Grays.
    • Mission 5: ‘Artless Robberies’ – The player follows a gang planning to rob the Saint Denis bank back to their camp. They can:
      • Kill the entire gang, orphaning the children for an honour penalty but a reward of RDO$1000 and 3000 Role XP.
      • Warn the rest of the gang to flee after only arresting or killing the leader for an honour boost and a reward of RDO$750 and 1000 Role XP.
  • Players who have the ‘Lawman’ role can now access ‘Mythical Bounties’, seen detailed further down.
  • Unlocks (In order):
    • Desk woods customisation option.
    • ‘Blood Spotting’ eagle eye skill – Blood will flash a golden colour in eagle eye.
    • Chair customisation options (Wood and fabrics)
    • Clear wanted level – Players can dead into any Sheriff’s Office or flash a badge to a lawman to clear their wanted level for a price.
    • Magnifying Glass – Allows players to inspect smaller details on clues.
    • Cane Gun – A one-shot powder rifle, much like Maggie Fike’s cane gun. Players will walk with this as if it’s a walking stick.
    • High-Tier Gang Hideouts – Gang hideouts will spawn with better loot in the chests and on the enemies. There is also a chance for Bounty Targets to spawn here.
    • ‘Police Combat’ melee fighting style – Players can use official police hand-to-hand combat moves.
    • Player Bounty Gold boost.
    • Chain Lasso – Shorter distance and a slower throw, but targets cannot escape this. The chain can be customised to be different metals.
    • ‘Commend’ skill – Players can now choose to flash their badge in order to commend horses and wagons from NPCs.
    • ‘Buyable’ skill – Players can now accept bribes from any criminals they arrest or bounties they capture for an honour penalty. The bribe value will depend on the level of the crime.
    • ‘Maxim Gun Wagon’ – Players can now purchase a small-ish wagon with an exposed Maxim Gun on the back for posse members to use.
    • ‘Marshal’s Office’ – Allows player to progress to “The US Marshal”.

New Role – US Marshal:

  • Players who have completed the ‘Lawman’ role can purchase a ‘Marshal’s Office’ for 35 Gold at either Saint Denis or Blackwater.
  • Upon purchasing the ‘Marshal’s Office’ the player will begin their journey through a ten-level ‘US Marshal’ role.
  • The Marshal’s Office can be customised with different things such as:
    • Wallpaper:
      • Style: Pinstripe, Refined, Floral
      • Colour: Red, Purple, Blue, Grey, Cream
    • Wood Panelling:
      • Style: Simple, Ornate
      • Wood type: Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Birch, Peak, Ebony
    • Interior Decorations:
      • Style: Naturalist, Refined, Alcohol Enthusiast, Award-Winner, Legendary Taxidermy (if available)
      • Personal Bar: Globe, Drinks Cart, Secret Bookcase Compartment.
    • Flooring:
      • Tile: Marble, Granite, Slate
      • Brick: Black, Red, Brown
      • Wood: Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Birch, Peak, Ebony
    • Lighting:
      • Electrical: Dim, Bright
      • Flame: Dim Candles, Bright Oil Lanterns
      • Glass tints: Plain, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
  • US Marshals continue the work of the Lawman but is able to cross State boundaries for better pay.
  • Each level of the ‘US Marshal’ role will increase ‘A Life of Law’ payouts by 10% until they are doubled by level 10.
  • Unlocks:
    • The War Wagon – Only unlocks at Rank 10
  • Players who have completed the ‘US Marshal’ role will hear special acknowledgement voice lines around the Frontier. Examples:
    • NPC townsfolk: “Hello Marshal, will you be staying long?”
    • NPC townsfolk: “Thanks for dealing with all those bandits and bastards you’ve been putting away. This place is much safer now, thanks to you.”
    • Cripps: “I hear you’ve got the law on your side. Probably a good idea to get their attention focused elsewhere.”
    • Madam Nazar: “I see you like control, now how will that fare when you don’t have any, hmm?”
    • Harriet: “Whilst you’re at it, you should arrest that savage murderer, Gus MacMillan.”
    • Maggie Fike: “You’re a Marshal now, for crying out loud. Can’t you make the shine legal or somethin’?”
  • Players who have completed the ‘US Marshal’ role will also earn a special overhead title, which can be selected in the Player Menu: “US Marshal”
  • Upon completing the ‘US Marshal’ role, players will earn the achievement / trophy “A Life of Law”

Mythical Bounties:

  • Mythical Bounties are a new challenge added to the game, rotating weekly.
  • Each week, a random Legendary Bounty will be selected to become a ‘Mythical Bounty’.
  • Players will only have one attempt to complete the bounty during the week. No checkpoints, no deaths.
  • The bounty can be taken in dead or alive, regardless of the original Legendary Bounty’s poster requirements.
    • RDO$500 for dead
    • RDO$1000 for alive
  • Upon completing each of the Mythical Bounties at least once, the player will unlock one more Legendary Bounty: Landon Ricketts.
    • Landon must be taken in alive.
    • After completing this bounty, he will be seen in a cutscene breaking out of jail.
    • Landon’s “Mythical” difficulty also requires him to be taken in alive and will pay RDO$5000 and 5 Gold per player upon completion.

Miscellaneous Changes and Additions:

  • Player bounties will now be permanently available on Bounty Boards upon reaching RDO$30 and will remain as an option until collected or absolved.
  • Players can now purchase cheap to medium range apartments in Saint Denis.
    • These offer all the typical house amenities.
  • Charles Châtenay is now a stranger available in Saint Denis, sending the player on missions to collect special paints and canvas materials.
  • The interaction system has returned from singleplayer, allowing players to threaten and bribe witnesses, calm down lawmen, rob civilians, and greet and antagonise people.
    • Due to the mute nature of the character, this will be done mostly via animations and emotes, with the odd grunt and noise here and there.
    • Favoured emotes will play when greeting, taunting and such.
    • Players can still emote to one-another, but dialogue will take the place of the classic ‘Emotes’ menu when focusing on NPCs.
  • Outlaw Pass will be themed around other Rockstar titles, with Western takes on classic Rockstar characters such as Trevor Phillips, Niko Bellic, Tommy Vercetti, CJ, Claude Speed, Jimmy Hopkins and Cole Phelps.
  • Added a variety of new voice lines to ‘Blind Man Cassidy’, including:
    • “It is good to see you once again, old friend.”
    • “I feel for the first time in seven years, you really see the world for how different it has become.”
    • “I feel the return of old friends, and soon, old enemies.”
    • “And in the end, love will prevail.”
    • “You are mastering your crafts. Soon, you will master the secrets of the Earth.”


This is the first update after the time jump between Chapter 6 and Epilogue 1. This is an eight-year gap, so naturally each character model has been updated. I wanted to offer choice to the player, however, rather than forcing them into aging their character. To balance this, every player will be given one free customisation token they can use to change up their character as they please – This means each player has the choice to change their characters as they wish, in order to not remove player agency. Although, giving players the option to auto-age means they can have a feeling of the world changing and them losing control over themselves to time – A major theme of RDR2’s main story.

The time jump also provides plenty reward for veteran players, with unique voice lines from each character. These won’t be available for players who have started after this update.

Finally, after years of waiting, the Lawman role is available marking the first part of the last two roles of A Life of Law. Twenty ranks allows the role to be jam-packed with content, and having it be the first role available after the time gap means that canonically, the player has been working a long time to come to this point.

For the Crime system, I wanted to really tie in money and honour to the player choice allowing Lawmen to roleplay being either an honourable officer or a dirty cop. Bringing criminals back to the dungeon helps ensure it doesn’t become obsolete too.

I wanted to really make sure the Lawman had its own perks, so giving them their own legal immunity within their own town jurisdiction means players can really go wild within the state and still have a safe space to avoid Bounty Hunters.

The ‘By the Book’ storyline was a faster way to allow players to quickly adjust their honour level and decide which type of lawman they are going to be. It also helps further the narrative and cinematic element of Red Dead Online, enhancing it as a game.

Mythical Bounties were inspired by Hitman’s “Elusive Targets” which always get people returning to that game. Adding them to Red Dead Online will really help with the returning player count.

The US Marshal is the final step of the Life of Law. I decided this would be a fitting end to the rolepath because of the power it comes with, considering it requires the passing of ninety ranks before the player can access it.

The work required to reach the rank of US Marshal justifies the extra power and pay.

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