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Concept Update 11: “Final Pursuits: The Secrets of the Earth”

Seasonal Changes:

  • Takes place during RDR2, Epilogue Part 2.
  • This will be the last season to take place during RDR2’s campaign. Future plans to progress the world may show side missions as time goes on.
    • Eventually moving time forward to Red Dead Redemption’s original year of 1911 is being discussed. This would coincide with a remaster of Red Dead Redemption’s story and an expansion to Mexico, all with the gameplay, audio and visuals of RDR2.
  • Although this is the final DLC of the plan, it does not necessarily mean it will be the last update the game receives.
  • Live events:
    • Weekly cutscene: Two weeks into the season, players will be able to witness the events of ‘Bare Knuckle Friendships’ and even place bets on Charles or the competitor.
    • Weekly event: One week later, players passing Beecher’s Hope will notice the shack in the middle of the Ranch has been destroyed.
    • Weekly cutscene: Two weeks later, players will be able to witness the events of ‘An Honest Day’s Labours’. Passing Pike’s Basin, they will hear a shootout in the distance. When inspecting, they can see John and Sadie fighting rival Bounty Hunters for Shane Finley.
      • After this mission, James Langdon will no longer available as a Stranger Mission giver due to being killed by John Marston.
    • Semi-seasonal interactive cutscene: Starting from two weeks later, upon first opening Red Dead Online, players will be able to witness the events of ‘A New Jerusalem’ where John, Uncle and Charles build John’s new ranch. The player will show up from time to time with food and coffee, or a wagon with roof tiles. Players will be able to press A / X / Space to help hammer tiles or panels. The Housebuilding Song will play.
    • Weekly event: Two weeks later, players will be able to bring healing herbs and tonics to Uncle at Beecher’s Hope, in order to help him heal from the events of ‘Uncle’s Bad Day’. Each herb will award the player with RDO$10.
    • Weekly event: One week later, Abigail and Jack will show up and start living at Beecher’s Hope. Jack will become a new Stranger Mission giver, asking the player to find him rare novels.
    • Weekly cutscene: Player’s will be able to witness the events of ‘A New Future Imagined’ when John proposes to Abigail. The player will be standing, leaning against the railings of the Blackwater docks as they catch the two out on the boat. The player will smile and clap.
    • Weekly cutscene: Players will be able to witness the events of ‘American Venom’ – They will stumble across Charles and Sadie on the mountain. Sadie says John has went to get Micah, and she wishes she could be there. The player helps her to the top of the mountain, where she asks them to hang back as this was between her, John and Micah. The player witnesses the confrontation, Dutch’s entrance and Micah being killed. As Dutch leaves, he walks past the player, stating he is sorry. The player spits at him, and he leaves. John calls out about the money, so the player goes to help collect it.
      Everybody rides back down to Charles at the bottom of the mountain, Sadie fills him in on what happened. John offers the player one of the bags of money and a wedding invitation, which the player accepts both of, before heading off as the rest return to Beecher’s Hope.
      • After this cutscene, the player will be awarded RDO$2500 as a celebration of RDR2’s story being completed.
    • Weekly cutscene: Two weeks later, the player will attend John’s wedding, spending a night celebrating the love between him and Abigail.
      • After this cutscene, players will be able to return to the Marston Ranch at Beecher’s Hope in order to help out the family. Do chores whilst John is out on his adventures or bring a delivery in for Abigail.
        • Doing this will offer players a 5 Gold bar discount on any ‘The Art of the Trade’ role.
      • After this cutscene, John, Sadie and Charles will sometimes be encounterable elsewhere in the world as Legendary Wanderers. Players can interact with them for Stranger Missions which will pay triple the average rate.
        • John’s missions include stealing bags of supplies, helping strangers and offering protection.
        • Charles’ missions include recovering old Native American artefacts, street brawling and killing Poachers.
        • Sadie’s missions will now send players to collect high-value Bounty and Criminal targets.
      • There will also be a rotation of other Legendary Wanderers returning to the Frontier each week, offering their classic missions for an improved price:
        • Javier Escuella, offering the mission set previously given by Anthony Foreman.
        • Rains Fall, offering his classic missions.
        • Sister Calderon, who asks the player to find lost Religious items.
        • Beau Gray, who is now working with his wife, Penelope Gray. Asks player to spread pamphlets about the women’s suffrage movement.
        • Archie Downes, who asks the player to escort supplies.
        • Magnifico, who will ask for specific herbs and plants.

The Secrets of the Earth:

  • The 100-level Rolepath spanning from ‘Collector’ and ‘Treasure Hunter’ has been completed, with two more roles.
  • Players must complete the ‘Treasure Hunter’ role to span into the new twenty-level ‘Cartographer’ role and must complete this to move on to the twenty-level ‘Mystic’ role.

New Role – Cartographers:

  • Upon completing the ‘Treasure Hunter’ role, players can purchase ‘The Ancient Maps’ for 30 Gold from Madam Nazar.
  • Upon purchasing ‘The Ancient Maps’ the players will begin their journey through a twenty-level ‘Cartographer’ role.
  • Cartographers explore special locations around the Frontier, charting down their wonder. This includes already seen locations, and a variety of new special hidden grottos, uncovered caves and such.
  • Players can find nearby locations by opening up their ‘Ancient Map’ – Doing so will highlight the area or entrance on their map.
  • Once collected images, notes and rock, dirt and wood samples from the area, players can turn in their ‘Charted Document’ to Madam Nazar.
    • Depending on how much information the player has collected, they will earn RDO$500 - $950.
  • Unlocks (In order):
    • ‘Firefly Jar’ interior decoration
    • ‘Luminescent Globe Bar’ interior decoration.
    • Freemode Event: “Treasure Panning” – Players sit by the side of the river together to partake in the new ‘Panning’ minigame.
      • Players can find gold, trinket and totem pieces, collectibles and artefacts depending on their luck.
    • Gun Spinning Trick: “Telekinesis” – Players hold out their palm and their weapons slowly spin in the air above them with an aura depending on their honour.
      • High: White and gold
      • Medium: Grey and cyan
      • Low: Black and purple
    • ‘The Mystical Wagon’ – Allows players to progress to “The Mystic”.

New Role – Mystics:

  • Players who have completed the ‘Cartographer’ role can purchase a ‘Mystical Wagon’ for 35 Gold from Madam Nazar.
  • The Mystical Wagon can be summoned at any time, like other vehicles.
  • Upon purchasing the ‘Mystical Wagon’ the player will begin their journey through a twenty-level ‘Mystic’ role.
  • The Mystical Wagon can be customised with the following:
    • Wood types:
      • Natural: Ebony, Grey Birch, Mahogany, Myrtle
      • Painted: Red and Yellow, Purple and Cyan, Green and White, Grey and Orange
    • Tarp: Black, White, Brown, Red, Purple, Navy
    • Seating:
      • Material: Gator Skin, Panther Skin, Bison Skin, Wool, Leather
      • Colour: Black, White, Brown, Red, Green, Navy
    • Embellishments: Skulls, Flowers, Ornate Decals
  • The Mystic explores the paranormal and magical sides of The Frontier, finding parts of trinkets and totems, and combining them together to create powerful items which offer magical buffs for one in-game day.
  • The following trinkets and totems can be crafted for these buffs:
    • The Demonic Tome – Fire resistance
    • The Rooted Warrior Totem – Explosion resistance
    • Enchanted Spurs – Unlimited stamina
    • The Golden Steed Totem – Unlimited horse stamina
    • A Tribute to Hermes – Speed boost
    • The Legendary Rabbit’s Foot – Jump boost
    • The Ancient Pipe – Unlimited deadeye
    • The Pink Diamond Locket – Double health
    • Extra-Terrestrial Eye – Uncover all collectible locations on the map
    • The Totem of the Hunt – Predatory animal immunity
    • The Drowned Crucifix – Players can walk on water
    • The Infinite Candelabra – Thermal vision deadeye and eagle eye
    • The Strange Man’s Pocket Watch – Every third bullet will return to the player’s ammo satchel
    • The Emerald Necklace of Protection – Regenerative field for posse members
    • The Ruby Necklace of Hatred – Damage boost field for posse members
    • The Extra-Terrestrial Ring – Speed boost for posse members
    • The Tainted Horseshoe – Luck boost, allowing players to find better loot on corpses
  • Totems and trinkets can also be sold for 3 Gold per piece, making the player decide whether they want powerful perks or a large pay-out.
  • Each totem or trinket requires five different, hard to find pieces to craft, with some only available in areas explored as a Cartographer.
  • Players combine these pieces at their Mystical Wagon, where they will enter a meditation state and fight off waves of spirits in order to bless the totem with magic.
    • The spirits function similarly to the Undead in Plague Freeroam, charging at the player in hordes in order to overwhelm.
  • Unlocks (In order):
    • The ability to purchase collectables from Madam Nazar for Gold.
      • This allows the player can convert gold to cash by selling them back to Nazar, to complete a struggling collection, or use them in Moonshine or Gus’ trinkets.
    • New Legendary Animal Hunts – Detailed further down.
    • The Hot Air Balloon – Players must first complete a mission called ‘Flight School’ before they can pilot it in Freeroam lobbies.
  • Players who have completed the ‘Mystic’ role will hear special acknowledgement voice lines around the Frontier. Examples:
    • NPC townsfolk: “I’ve heard a lot of strange things about you, like you walk between worlds. I’ve got my eye on you.”
    • NPC townsfolk: “I hear you find things. Can you work out where my wife went?”
    • Cripps: “Heard about some wild beasts roaming around Tall Trees. Bring me one, and I’ll make it worth your while.”
    • Madam Nazar: “It is rare I come across someone as in tune with the spirits as I. Perhaps I underestimated you?”
    • Harriet: “Strange, whenever you’re around, the animals go quiet. I’m not sure if it’s out of fear, or respect.”
    • Fike: “Wow. When you walked in, I got the strangest burning sensation in my scars.”
  • Players who have completed the ‘Mystic’ role will also earn a special overhead title, which can be selected in the Player Menu: “Mystic”
  • Upon completing the ‘Mystic’ role, players will earn the achievement / trophy “The Secrets of the Earth”

New Legendary Animal and Horse Hunts:

  • A variety of new Legendary Animal Sighting Missions have been added to Red Dead Online, only available for level 20 Mystics. These include:
    • The Albino Sasquatch: Harriet contacts the player about a strange creature seen skulking around Tall Trees during October times, but a much larger and paler one has been seen as of late. She requests the player for a sample, but they have the choice to kill it.
      • The pelt can be taken to Gus, to craft a Sasquatch Cloak, to Cripps to max out Trader supplies, or back to the Mystical Wagon in order to craft a trinket – ‘The Sasquatch Heart’ which will grant a permanent buff to the player’s core regeneration when eating berries and fruits, and allow them to become more naturally resistant against the struggles of cold weather.
    • The Rose Chupacabra: Harriet tells the player of a strange creature, which seems almost paranormal. She says she wouldn’t normally recommend this, but with the harm it’s causing to the ecosystem of New Austin, she asks the player to kill it. A sample is possible too, which would impress Harriet.
      • The pelt can be taken to Gus, to craft a Chupacabra Cloak, to Cripps to max out Trader supplies, or back to the Mystical Wagon in order to craft a trinket – ‘The Chupacabra Fang Necklace’ which will grant the player a permanent buff allowing them to kill more animals without causing Harriet to become upset.
    • The Verdant Jackalope: Harriet mentions a peculiar form of Jackrabbit, with antelope horns. It has a strange green tinge to its coat. She requests the player for a sample, but they have the choice to kill it.
      • The pelt can be taken to Gus, to craft a Sasquatch Cloak, to Cripps to max out Trader supplies, or back to the Mystical Wagon in order to craft a trinket – ‘The Lucky Horns’ which grant a permanent buff to the player’s luck, allowing them to find more collectibles on corpses and grants a chance to harvest double plant materials.
    • The War Paint Yeti: Harriet mentions a large, seven-foot ape-like creature near Lake Isabella. It’s a snow-white creature with blood red, almost tribal patterns over it. She requests the player for a sample, but they have the choice to kill it.
      • The pelt can be taken to Gus, to craft a Sasquatch Cloak, to Cripps to max out Trader supplies, or back to the Mystical Wagon in order to craft a trinket – ‘The Yeti Claw Gauntlet’ which grants a permanent buff to player’s melee damage, allows them to draw bows faster, break out of lassos quicker and climb over ledges at double the speed.
  • Upon completing all the Legendary Animal Hunts, Harriet will tell the player of three Legendary Horses:
    • The first seems to be constantly dripping wet and has been dragging fishermen into the sea. Harriet suggests the player investigates. In this sighting mission, the player can tame ‘The Legendary Kelpie’. This horse has unlimited stamina in the water and is immune to fire damage.
    • The second is a pure white horse with a strange horn on its head. It has been impaling poacher across the Frontier. In this sighting mission, players can tame ‘The Unicorn’. This horse is able to jump off a cliff and slowly fall to the ground without taking any fall damage. Landing creates a glittery rainbow effect.
    • The third and final horse is a strange one. Looking like a Breton with eight legs, this horse is seen dragging thunder and lightning with it. It is known to be faster, braver, and much better at jumping than the average horse. In this sighting mission, players can tame ‘The Oden’s Steed, Sleipnir’. This eight-legged beast can run faster and jump higher than any other horse and will not buck the player if frightened.

Miscellaneous Changes and Additions:

  • Players can now use Theatre Mode to re-watch all previous Red Dead Online cutscenes they have seen, allowing them to view role introductions, the tutorial, and more.
    • Players can watch all seasonal cutscenes in the theatre, including ones they may have missed. Gameplay-unlock cutscenes (Missions, Stranger introductions, etc) must be unlocked first.
    • Cutscenes will show their currently active customisation.
  • One new player camp slot has been added: Braithwaite Manor remains.
  • One player camp slot has been removed: Beecher’s Hope.
  • Players can now store up to five more horses at their stable.
  • New player customisation options have been added in the character creation menu:
    • Curses:
      • Mystical Veins – Purple veins up the neck
      • Cursewalker – Mystical Veins with glowing, smoking purple eyes.
      • Plaguebearer – Rotting, undead skin
      • Beast – Sasquatch-like hair growing from all over the player
      • Dried and Dusted – Cracked, flaky skin
      • Possessed – Demonic red or black eyes, with black veins surrounding them. Light smoke and embers emitting from the player
      • Undying – Skin is tight to the player’s skull, making them look almost skeletal
      • Cyst Ridden - Covered in cysts and boils
      • Slime Timer - Sticky, slimy looking skin
      • Mark of the Behemoth - Shepard's cult logo branded on the player's forehead. Glows red with fire
      • Rooted - Skin hard and bark-like
      • Thunderstruck - Lightning can be seen coursing under the skin
      • Eternal Drowning - Skin and clothes constantly wet
      • Eternal Bleeding - Blood and bruises constantly covering skin and clothes
      • Eternal Freezing - Snow constantly covering skin and clothes
      • Grime and Punishment - Dirt constantly covering skin and clothes
      • Snakelike - Sideways blinking, forked tongue, lizard-like skin
    • Facial structure:
      • Sliders can now extend to double the length
    • Scarring:
      • Missing Right Eye
      • Missing Left Eye
      • Missing Eyes
      • False Left Leg
      • False Right Leg
      • Missing Finger
      • Intense Burns
      • Full Body Fighter Scars
      • Cultist carvings
      • Grafted skin
      • 'Branded'
      • Gator bite
      • Stitched up
      • Lightning scarring
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Heterochromia
      • Vitiligo
      • Cleaned Teeth
      • More skin tone variations, available across all pre-set faces
      • More pre-set faces
      • "Greying" hair option, adding a small set of greys to each hair colour
      • "Main Hand" - Left, Right, Ambidextrous
        • Left handed characters will have any weapon models flipped to support mirrored animations.
  • Players who prefer strictly realistic visuals can disable 'Curses' in the settings menu.
  • Outlaw Pass will be themed around Mythology, with outfits inspired by Zeus, Hermes, Thor, Achilles, Osiris and other characters across ancient cultural mythology.
  • Added a variety of new voice lines to ‘Blind Man Cassidy’, including:
    • "There is something different about you now. I warned you to stay away from that woman.”
    • "The future is clouded; I do not know what will come from here.”
    • “I see distant lands to the South. I see a new world for travellers.”
    • “I did say love would prevail. I just worry it might be too late.”
    • “Years from now, I see a boy, lusting to avenge his father."


First of all, to address the final pay-out to celebrate the seasonal event of the completion of RDR2, I wanted to award this as a one-time gift from Rockstar – A common event in Grand Theft Auto Online. Giving it to RDO as a special one-off gift to anybody who logs on that week will really tie up the story from the past five years in a nice little bow with a special reward.

Eleven updates down the line, to prevent the game from getting stale, it needs something unique. GTA eventually got flying bikes and explosive submarine cars, and whilst that may detract from Red Dead online, I feel as if embracing RDR2’s already established mystical side may work for the game so long as it isn’t taken overboard. Before we get into that part of the end of the “Secrets of the Earth” rolepath, I’d like to first talk about the Cartographer:

Evolving the tomb system to a more natural feeling role that embraces the world and its elements, I feel like this could really express Rockstar’s beautiful world building style. Originally, collection rocks and dirt may not seem too exciting, but the views and pay-out will totally make the role worth it.

Gun spinning tricks were only available from the Bounty Hunter roles, so I like the idea of one being made available from nearing the end of the Cartographer, almost as if the mystical world has impacted the player. Whilst telekinesis may seem overpowered, it is only a small side animation with no real gameplay benefits. It also serves as a good way of players being able to show off their honour.

The Mystic is the last of my proposed roles, with years before it and eighty levels building up to it. Whilst I didn’t want to make any abilities overpowered, I did want a special feel to each of them. Each of my proposed buffs only work for a limited period of time just in order to make them balanced due to their strong nature. To offer money-making potential to the role, and an alternative to becoming super strong, I wanted to make sure they sold for a higher pay-out too. This is also the reason I made them take a lot of time to craft.

The four legendary cryptid animals I came up with were to really flesh out the world of Red Dead Online’s mystical side. There has been many Easter eggs and random counters through the RDR games that embraced the weird and wonderful magic of the West, so I wanted to really expand that for this update.

The horses, however, are a new level of wild and wonderful. I wanted the first time a player saw someone else riding one of these to be special and filled with wonder, although of course I didn’t want to make them too out of place or overpowered (After all, we don’t want another case of the Oppressor MKII) so I made sure their abilities didn’t make them too powerful, fast, or fly through the sky at Mach-IV.

Theatre mode is the last way to mark the end of the seasons that took the player through RDR2’s story, as well as all of the previous cutscenes that were only a one-off. I think this is a fun way to show the player how far they’ve came since being rescued from Sisika.

The curse customisation options tie into the content of the update nicely, but I understand some players won’t like the idea of people having magical effects in the game which is why I had the ability to turn them off, inspired by Halo MCC’s “New customisation” toggle.

I still wanted to add the other customisation options, including the scarring and facial features in order to make everyone’s characters feel even more personal.

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