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Concept Update 7: “On the Move”

Seasonal Changes:

  • Takes place during RDR2, Chapter 6.
  • The gang has fled to Beaver Hollow and the tension has never been higher. Dutch and the boys are back, but people are noticing he’s starting to lose his mind.
  • Saint Denis is no longer under law restrictions and will not offer double bounty payouts.
  • The Saint Denis Bank’s destroyed wall has now been completely repaired.
  • Cleet and Joe are now at the Van Der Linde gang camp.
  • Susan Grimshaw has once again doubled her payouts for Van Der Linde gang member bounty posters, due to their now-infamous level.
  • Arthur and Sadie have broken John out of Sisika, and he has returned to camp.
    • John will no longer be seen in any cutscenes in the ‘Sisika Records Assault’ Heist
  • Rains Fall will now offer Stranger Missions from Wapiti, involving peacefully recovering lost Native American relics.
  • This will be the last season to feature the Van Der Linde gang camp.
  • Live events:
    • Season-wide cutscene: Upon first opening Red Dead Online this season, players will see a cutscene taking place shortly after John’s return to camp. He approaches the player with Abigail and explains how Dutch has started to lose his mind. Abigail tells John how she saved his life with the war wagon. He is surprised, and thanks her for the bravery.
    • Weekly cutscene: Two weeks in, players will be able to witness the events of ‘Just a Social Call’ when entering Annesburg. As Cornwall’s men and the Pinkertons chase down Arthur, Dutch and Micah, the player approaches Cornwall’s body to see him lying there, limp. They loot his corpse and collect ‘Cornwall’s Pistol’ – A special variant on the Navy Revolver which players will be able to use.
      • After this event, Annesburg will be under law restrictions and offer double the bounty board payouts.
    • Weekly cutscene: One week later, players will be able to see the events of ‘The Delights of Van Horn’ from the saloon in town.
    • Weekly cutscene: Upon first opening Red Dead Online the following event week, the player will be in Valentine and purchase a train ticket towards Annesburg, and be on the train which almost crashes into John and Arthur in ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’ – They will see Arthur and John as the train passes them, looking confused before hearing an explosion in the distance.
      • After this event, the bridge next to Bacchus Station will be destroyed in Freemode.
      • There will also be a half-sunken Army Boat near Van Horn this week, representing the events of ‘A Rage Unleashed’
    • Weekly cutscene: Two weeks later, players will be on a train which has just stopped at Emerald Station, in which Captain Monroe and Sister Calderon will get on the train as seen in ‘The Fine Art of Conversation’ – Monroe will greet the player upon boarding, and vent his frustrations with the United States government. He says he’ll see the player again soon, and he hopes to work with them once again. The player shakes his hand, before leaving the train.
      Upon getting off the train, they see the Sister speaking to Arthur, and giving him the motivational speech about “doing a loving act” – The player leans against the station office, and smiles at her advice.
      • After this event, Captain Monroe will become a travelling stranger, sometimes showing up at the player’s camp to offer double-value Stranger Missions.
    • Semi-seasonal event: One week later, players who complete ‘The King of the Irish’ Legendary Bounty will see a new outro cutscene in which Sadie approaches them at the sheriff office and thanks them for catching Colm, hopefully for good this time. The cutscene will then show the player in the same crowd as Dutch and Sadie during the mission ‘Goodbye, Dear Friend’ as Colm is successfully hanged.
      • This event will be available for the rest of the season.
    • Weekly cutscene: Two weeks later, Rains Fall comes to the player in desperation. He informs them that Eagle Flies is planning an attack on Cornwall Kerosene and Tar and begs the player to intervene. The player rides there in hopes to stop the assault but is too late. The player fights through army members to the main building but sees Eagle Flies get shot as they arrive. The player rides back to Wapiti out of respect for Eagle Flies.
      • After this event, Eagle Flies Stranger Missions will no longer be available.
    • Weekly cutscene: On the last week of the season, players will be able to witness the events of ‘Our Best Selves’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption’ in one, longer cutscene. This begins with players riding along North Roanoke and Ambarino as they see the destroyed train carriage. They press on further to see John fall off the train.
      Micah and Dutch return to John, they witness Dutch say his farewells as Micah laughs before they abandon him. The player rides up to John, picking him up onto their horse and riding him quickly out to safety. The player tries to find the rest of the gang to confront them with John. They meet up with Tilly, who is on her way to Copperhead Landing with Jack. Tilly lets John know what has happened, so he makes his way back to Beaver Hollow to confront Dutch. He requests the player protects Tilly and Jack and asks them to wait on him to return.
      Abigail gets to Tilly, Jack and the player with Sadie. Tilly lets them know that John is alive and that they are to wait. A few hours pass, and John shows up wearing Arthur’s hat and satchel. He explains how Arthur sacrificed himself in order for him to escape and have a normal life. Tilly splits the bag of gold between her, Sadie, and the Marston family. The player is offered some, but refuses. Everybody splits up, going their different ways.

Camp and Posse Overhaul:

  • Changes have been made to the player camp and posse systems:
    • The posse leader can now assign ranks to the top three of their posse members:
      • Second in command
      • Camp manager
      • Advisor
      • Each posse rank will have custom permissions which can be set bey the leader.
    • Players can now upgrade their camp to a “Posse Hub”
      • A posse hub allows the camp owner’s posse to remain open, across different sessions and even when the posse leader is offline.
      • The posse hub location will be in the last set region by the leader.
      • Posse hubs allow the owner’s persistent posse to host up to fifty permanent members, with up to 10 active per session.
      • Players can make donations to Cripps and Foody Dave at the posse hub, regardless of the lobby they are in.
        • The leader can decide if their higher-ups are allowed to begin sell missions.
      • Everyone in the posse will benefit from camp-based exports, with better pay-out benefits:
        • Posse leader: 100% pay-out
        • Higher ups: 80 – 95% pay-out, assignable per rank
        • Online posse members: 75% pay-out
        • Offline posse members: 25% pay-out delivered to camp lockbox
      • The camp ledger now has more use, seeing who has been donating whilst others are away, who fast travels using the post, who initiates sales, and who takes what cut.
    • Players can now select a specific camp slot within regions using a map with marked locations.

Personal Train Carriages:

  • Players can now purchase the “Train Carriage” at any train station for 20 Gold.
    • This is a mobile home, which is constantly on the move due to being attached to the trains travelling across the various states of the Frontier.
    • Each player will have their own individual carriage attached to a randomly selected train on the map.
  • Players can customise their Train Carriage with the following:
    • Exterior:
      • Paint stripe – Twelve colour options.
      • Text – Active posse name, character name, or gamertag.
    • Interior:
      • Wood type – Four options.
      • Wallpapers – Floral, pinstripe, ornate. Four colour options.
      • Furniture styles – Floral, refined, gold-trimmed.
  • The carriage is an instanced interior, which can be accessed from a small platform towards the back of the carriage.
  • The train carriage consists of a small personal bar and bartender, a gun locker, seating area, bed, mailbox, and fireplace.


  • Players can now purchase the “Houseboat” at any dock for 25 Gold.
    • This is a summonable boat, which can be manually controlled.
  • Players can customise their Houseboat with the following:
    • Exterior:
      • Light fixtures – Torches or electrical, glass tints.
      • Wood paints – Nine colour options.
      • Flags – Country flags and camp flags available.
      • Custom boat name – Will be painted on the side of the boat
    • Interior:
      • Wallpapers – Floral, pinstripe, ornate. Four colour options.
      • Furniture styles – Naturalist, scavenged, refined.
      • Phonograph can be purchased.
  • This boat has an instanced interior, which players can enter at any time. Inside this interior, players can access a bed, gun locker, stew stove and a small seating area.
  • Players can sit on benches on the outside of the boat,
  • The captain’s wheel is placed upstairs, on top of the roof of the cabin. This is where players can drive the Houseboat.
    • The owner can set who is able to access the wheel.
  • Inside the cabin, owners can access the ‘Piracy Map’
    • This will unlock a new, ten-level role known as “The Pirate”
      • Pirates can look for other boats carrying special cargo or find hidden treasure on the shores around the Frontier.
        • Players can store up to twenty treasures in their Houseboat.
        • These exports will be stored below deck, and can be sold at various docks around the Frontier, netting players RDO$350

Piracy Role:

  • The “Pirate” role has been added to the game.
    • This consists of ten levels, with the following unlocks:
      • Rank 1: Pirate hat
      • Rank 2: Victorian coat
      • Rank 3: Skull and crossbones flag
      • Rank 4: Improved fishing rod – Fish are less likely to break the line and will tire out quickly.
      • Rank 5: ‘Cargo Boat’ random encounter – Players can steal loot from this and return it to their Houseboat.
      • Rank 6: Cutlass
      • Rank 7: “Scurvy” dentures
      • Rank 8: “Arr!” emote
      • Rank 9: Flintlock
      • Rank 10: Improved engine – Increases the speed of the player’s Houseboat.

New Character Slot:

  • Players can now create and save a secondary Red Dead Online character.
  • This secondary character will be seen wandering around the player’s camp when inactive.
  • Players can switch to their secondary character by approaching them, holding left trigger / L2 / right mouse button and pressing X / SQUARE / R and vice versa.
    • The camera will slide from one character to the other.
  • Each character will have their own RDO$ balance and tent, but gold and other camp upgrades will be shared between the two.
  • The player’s secondary character will accompany them on any camp delivery missions and earn 50% of the pay.
    • They will also defend the camp from raids and attackers.

Miscellaneous Changes and Additions:

  • Players can now purchase the ‘Weapon Locker’ upgrade for their personal wagons, allowing them to access their full arsenal of weapons.
  • Players can now “round up” the posse at camp before starting camp content, this will teleport everybody to camp.
  • A new random encounter has been added: The Ghost Train.
  • If a train driver is killed, and no player drives the train for five minutes, the driver will respawn.
  • Player’s can now have dynamic events spawn at their Wilderness Camp.
    • These include attackers and thieves, travellers wanting to get warm, or monologuing strangers, freaks and crazies.
  • Players can now encounter random campsites across the world, with different inhabitants in them.
    • Some are friendly, some aren’t. Some might ask for supplies or offer a trade.
  • Players can now name their wagons in a Stable.
  • Players will no longer have to pay twice for the same wagon livery.
  • One new random encounter has been added: The Gold Panner.
    • These will spawn near water and get very territorial about their area.
    • They can be killed and looted for 0.5 Gold.
  • Added a variety of weapon charms to the Gunsmith.
    • These are under the “Styles” selection of the weapon customisation menu. Charms are visual items which will be seen hanging from the stock of the weapon.
  • Outlaw Pass will be themed around classic Van Der Linde characters such as Hosea, Susan, Micah and Sean. There is also a train driver outfit and a pirate outfit to keep in theme with the update.
  • Added a variety of new voice lines to ‘Blind Man Cassidy’, including:
    • “The dead speak, and they do not mask their anger.”
    • “Serpents die from the rage of those they poison.”
    • “There is still a family that can be saved.”
    • “You can still become a master in the art of the trade.”
    • “All must eventually come to an end. Be sure you fight for the honourable one.”


After the monumental “Art of Robberies” update, I felt as if we would need a smaller update with plenty of items to spend our rewards on in order to let Rockstar prepare larger content for the future. The original GTA Online ‘Heists’ update had two “Ill-Gotten-Gains” patches, so I felt something akin to that would work here.

First, the season takes place during RDR2’s chapter 6. This calls for more, bigger cutscenes for live events to match the monumental part of the story.

I wanted to keep a theme with the update, so I wanted to have all the content be based on living whilst on the move, hence its name.

First, I wanted to overhaul camps and posses just so they felt like a more dynamic and personal gang, to mark the break of the Van Der Lindes. Having a cross-session posse hub camp really allows players to work together and towards a common goal, even when apart. Focusing on a family dynamic for a posse brings in a new sense of collaboration which Red Dead Online could really benefit from.

The personal train carriage was my answer to allowing players to own a train, or a railway. Giving each player their own carriage on a longer train is a reasonable compromise for this, and gives trains more purpose. Players can relax in their carriage whilst crossing the Frontier.

The waters of Red Dead Online, notably Flat Iron Lake, are incredibly underutilised – Especially in terms of transport. Adding the Houseboat would definitely allow players to travel across the water and spend their time away from the lawless lands. Although, we will be making the waters lawless too, with the small piracy role, with only ten roles as it isn’t to be a focus of the update. It purely exists to give players another reason to purchase the Houseboat.

Finally, Red Dead Online gets a new character slot. However, I wanted to have the secondary character feel more canonical, and allow a smoother transition between characters rather than stick it behind multiple menus. I also felt as if they could serve as a helpful AI sidekick whilst not playing as them, joining our players on deliveries and helping defend the camp. This will also help push gold sales as players purchase clothes, businesses and loadouts for the character, with only currencies and the camp being shared.

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