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Mission Information
Mission Number 28
Story Chapter Chapter 3
Mission Type Optional (Missable)
Protagonist Arthur Morgan
Mission Giver Leopold Strauss
Location Strawberry; Rhodes
Notes Optional Honor Mission, required for the "Lending a Hand" Trophy/Achievement.
Reward $83.00
Mission Unlocks White Cougar
Featured Characters Gwyn HughesWinton Holmes


Leopold Strauss sends Arthur to collect money from more debtors.

Gwyn Hughes

Gwyn Hughes is found in Rhodes, outside the house neighboring the gunsmith. After you confront him, follow him to the churchyard, clear out the townsfolk in the area, then return to him.

While he exhumes a body, stand guard at the entrance and stop anyone from entering. When two men try to go through regardless, you can either beat them up or scare them off by pointing your gun at them. Take the diamond brooch from Gwyn to complete the assignment.

Winton Holmes

Winton Holmes has set up camp an the heights just north of Strawberry. He has no cash to repay his debt to the Van Der Linde gang, and so decides to hunt a rare White Cougar in the hopes of slaying it and selling its pelt.

Follow him to the cougar's den, but make sure you are well prepared before you enter. This is probably the most difficult of all loansharking missions. The predator you're about to face is agile and extremely dangerous, with the lack of light in the cave further complicating matters.

After you split up at the fork, you will soon hear that Winton is under attack. When you find his body, stay there as his lantern offers a precious source of light. Equip a powerful, fast-firing weapon and look out for a red dot on your radar: as soon as it appears, face the corresponding direction and immediately trigger Dead Eye to eliminate the cougar. Once it's dead, skin it and sell the pelt to Strawberry's butcher.

Mission Objectives

This mission does not feature Gold Medal objectives and is not replayable.

Gold Medal Video Walkthrough

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