Security Contract: Gang Termination is a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online, given by Franklin Clinton and associated to the Celebrity Solutions Agency property.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on December 15, 2021, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a Solo or Co-Op mode that can be played by 1 to 4 Players.

Fight your way through the guards to locate 4 high-ranking members and eliminate them, then leave the area to finish the contract.

After buying an Agency, the player may access different small jobs in their office, offered by Franklin Clinton. These Contracts refresh every time the player logs into the computer and have different difficulties, so also different rewards:

  • Professional - $31,000 to $42,000
  • Specialist - $44,000 to $56,000
  • Specialist+ - $60,000 to $70,000

This article refers to the Gang Termination Security Contract missions.

Gang Termination: Triad Lieutenants

Hey, look, be careful fuckin' with this next one. Man, we about to get involved in a trade war. So, Tanisha was at some party last week, and she met the wife of some major importer.Turns out, he's losin' his fuckin mind, because the Triads been undercutting him at every opportunity. Anyway, she asked Tanisha to ask me and now I'm askin' you: lets's get down to Elysian Island, find out whichever dudes the Triads got running the show down there, and take they ass out.

In this mission, the player is tasked with disrupting the operations of the Los Santos Triads, who have been causing trouble for an importer client. The action takes place at Elysian Island, specifically around the docked Octopus, where the Triads are running their operation. Upon arrival, the player encounters multiple gang members patrolling the area. The situation quickly escalates to hostility once the player is spotted, with the Triads turning aggressive and additional reinforcements arriving in Fugitives as the player engages the gang.

The player's objective is to navigate through the hostile environment, identifying and eliminating the four Triad Lieutenants. These leaders are distinguished by being older gang members, marked with a red arrow on the screen and a red target icon on the radar. Successfully taking out these key figures is crucial. Once the Lieutenants are eliminated, the player must then leave the area to complete the contract, marking an end to this high-stakes mission to weaken the Triads' influence in the area.

Gang Termination: O'Neils' Enforcers

Hey, so you know the O'Neil Brothers? Man, those mangy motherfuckers foamin' out the mouth.Well, check this... it's your lucky day: our client runs the sawmill up in Paleto Bay, and he say those clowns are sniffing around the business. Look, he don't wanna wait and find out what the fuck they plannin', ya feel me?Now the cops, they ain't gon' hit'm first... but we will. So, take out whatever ugly fucks look like they runnin' the show.

In this mission, the player faces the challenge of dealing with the O'Neil Brothers, who are causing trouble at the Paleto Forest Sawmill. The objective is to head to the sawmill, where multiple gang members are patrolling. The atmosphere quickly becomes hostile as the player is detected, leading to confrontations with the gang. Additionally, the situation escalates with several waves of reinforcements arriving on Sanchezes and Blazers.

The player's task is to navigate through the hostile gang, focusing on locating and eliminating the four Enforcers of the O'Neil Brothers. These key figures are identifiable by red arrows on the screen and red target icons on the radar. Successfully targeting and taking out these Enforcers is crucial to the mission. Once these leaders are eliminated, the player's final step is to leave the area to complete the contract, marking the end of the mission and the disruption of the O'Neil Brothers' activities in the area.

Gang Termination: Vagos Captains

Ey, look. I got some straightforward shit here, just the way I like it. The CEO of the Go Loco Railroad got a problem, and it's called the Vagos. Those motherfuckers always using the railyard over in Cypress Flats to smuggle all sorts of shit out the city. Now they got a serious crew, so the railyard can't find no guards willin' to put they life on the line every other night. But the CEO knows me... shit, our kids go to the same school. And I know you. He reckon we take out whoever's running the show, and we pull the plug on their whole op. Now, let's get crackin.

The mission involves disrupting the Los Santos Vagos' smuggling operations at the Go Loco railyard in El Burro Heights, near the foundry. The Vagos have been using this location as a base for their activities, making it a high-priority target. Upon arrival, the player finds the area heavily guarded by gang members who quickly become hostile once the player is spotted. The situation escalates with the arrival of additional Vagos reinforcements in Virgo Classic Customs and Tornado Customs.

The player's main objective is to infiltrate the gang-infested area and locate the four Captains of the Los Santos Vagos. These key targets are identifiable by red arrows on the screen and red target icons on the radar. Engaging and eliminating these Captains is essential to weaken the gang's stronghold and disrupt their smuggling operations. After successfully taking down these leaders, the player must then exit the area to complete the contract, thereby striking a significant blow to the Vagos' activities at the railyard.

Gang Termination: Lost MC Sergeants (Weed Farm)

Hey, partner. You know the big advantage of legal weed in San Andreas? Now, we get paid to do the same fuckin' dirty work, but we pickin' up a fat-ass corporate check, baby.Look, ain't no more runnin' around doin' hits for Gerald's ass... this shit goin' towards your retirement fund, homie. So, this time, our executive overlords lookin' to reinforce monopoly on production up in Grapeseed. Seems like the Lost MC's been branchin' out, literally, and started to grow weed up in Braddock Farm.So take out their top dogs, and we can get some of that rainy-day money.

The mission sets the player against the Lost MC, who have set up operations at Braddock Farm. The farm is being used by the gang to grow weed, challenging the monopoly on production in Grapeseed. The player's task is to infiltrate the farm, which is heavily patrolled by multiple gang members who become hostile upon detecting the player.

The primary objective is to locate and eliminate the four Sergeants of the Lost MC. These key figures are distinguished by wearing helmets and are marked both on the screen with red arrows and on the radar with red target icons. Engaging with these Sergeants is crucial for disrupting the gang's activities at the farm. After successfully targeting and neutralizing these leaders, the player must then exit the area to complete the contract, effectively hindering the Lost MC's expansion into the weed market in the region.

Gang Termination: Lost MC Captains (Abandoned Motel)

Hey. So, you know whose monopoly you don't wanna be fucking with? The biggest fuckin' arm dealer in the state. So look, guess who they got doin' a little off-the-books enforcement? Yeah, that's right, you and me, baby. Look, I met the CEO at some charity gala last week. He told me the Lost MC's been running guns out of some raggedy-ass motel up in Sandy Shores the last few weeks. Make sure you take out the motherfuckers they got guarding the guns... and our client wants to nip this shit in the bud. Shit, it'll be a nice payout for us, too.

The mission targets the Lost MC's operations at an abandoned motel in Sandy Shores, where they have been running a gun smuggling operation. The player's job is to disrupt this operation by taking out the key figures in charge. Upon arrival at the motel, the player encounters numerous gang members patrolling the area. The situation quickly escalates to hostility as the player is noticed, with the gang members becoming aggressive and additional reinforcements arriving in Gang Burritos and Daemons.

The main objective for the player is to fight through the gang members and locate the four Captains of the Lost MC. These important targets are identifiable by red arrows displayed on the screen and red target icons on the radar. Successfully eliminating these Captains is vital to disrupt the gang's gun-running activities. After taking down these key leaders, the player must exit the area to complete the contract, thereby dealing a significant blow to the Lost MC's illegal operations at the motel.

Security Contract: Gang Termination: Job Info

Security Contract: Gang Termination: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date December 15, 2021
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

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