Security Contract: Liquidize Assets are a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online, given by Franklin Clinton and associated to the Celebrity Solutions Agency property.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on December 15, 2021, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a Solo or Co-Op mode that can be played by 1 to 4 PLAYERS_N.

Tail a target to a location and destroy rival goods, then plant explosives to completely destroy their assets.

After buying an Agency, the player may access different small jobs in their office, offered by Franklin Clinton. These Contracts refresh every time the player logs into the computer and have different difficulties, so also different rewards:

  • Professional - $31,000 to $42,000
  • Specialist - $44,000 to $56,000
  • Specialist+ - $60,000 to $70,000

This article refers to the Liquidize Assets Security Contract missions.

Liquidize Assets: Arms Dealer Tail

So, another day, and the arms dealers of Los Santos want another favor. I swear gettin' invited over to their country club has got me more work than any other evenin' of my fuckin' life.This time, they want us to take out some small timers who tried to go pro selling some cheap fuckin' ammo. From what I hear, sounds like a mob operation to me.We got no idea where the fuck they at, but Imani's just pinned one of they fuckin' goons that might be able to lead us to 'em. Tail they ass and find out where they at.

In this mission, Franklin's arms dealer clients require the player to shut down a smaller operation believed to be run by the mob. The first step is to discreetly tail a target, starting at Vinewood Plaza in Downtown Vinewood. The target drives a Schafter V12 to a warehouse, and the player must follow without being detected. A detection meter on the screen indicates the target's awareness level. If detected, the forces at the destination will be immediately hostile; otherwise, the player can maintain the element of surprise.

Upon reaching the warehouse, the player's task is to confront the Armenian Mob forces inside. The objective includes destroying five ammo crates and placing three Satchel Charges on the walls. Caution is necessary, as the crates can only be destroyed with explosives, which pose a risk to the player and nearby vehicles. After setting the charges, the player has a 30-second window to escape the warehouse before detonation. As soon as they exit, a 3 or 4-star wanted level is triggered, and the player must evade the authorities to successfully complete the job.

Liquidize Assets: Counterfeit Tail

Ey, listen up: you know the Del Perro Plaza? Yeah, that fine dining place over on Bay City Avenue? Well, the owner's a client of ours... and I just got off the phone with him. Turns out his restaurant is one of the biggest money laundering fronts in the city.But he got a problem: yeah, some Kkangpae fools running a new counterfeiting ring. And that's bad for business... you know, who needs money laundering if you can print the shit for free?He needs us to figure out where the fuck they at, and burn they shit down. I say tail one of their helicopters, and see where the fuck they hidin'.

In this mission, the player is tasked with disrupting a Kkangpae counterfeiting operation that threatens a money laundering front at Del Perro Plaza. The initial step involves heading to LSIA and discreetly tailing a SuperVolito helicopter to a high-rise hideout. During the tail, a detection meter on the screen indicates if the target becomes aware of the player's presence. If detected, the player will face immediate hostility upon arriving at the destination. Otherwise, they retain the element of surprise. Should the player be unable to access the hideout directly, a Maverick helicopter is available for use.

The hideout, located on the 21st floor of the building, is equipped with Armored Kurumas, Wiwang dryers, and counterfeiting gear. The player's objective is to take out the Kkangpae members inside, destroy five boxes of counterfeit bills, and plant three satchel charges on the support beams. After setting the charges, there's a critical 30-second window to escape before detonation. The mission concludes with the player needing to evade the authorities and lose any resulting wanted level.

Liquidize Assets: Merryweather Tail

A'ight, look, suit up. We got some Merryweather mess to clean up. Seems like those fools got some new surveillance project running... cameras snooping all over everywhere.And if there's one thing that the A-Listers I know don't want in this town, it's a shit ton of video evidence. 'Ey, every client I got? They want this fuckin' thing burned down. My phone been ringing off the fuckin' hook.Look, Imani's got the name of the guy running the project, so tail his ass back to the base. Get in there, wipe out the whole surveillance equipment, and torch that motherfuckin' place.

The player's mission is to disrupt Merryweather's new surveillance project, which has been causing concern among high-profile clients in the city. The first step involves tailing a target starting at Little Teapot in Rockford Hills. The target drives a Mesa Grande to an underground base. Throughout the tail, a detection meter on screen indicates if the target becomes aware of the player's presence. If detected, the player will confront immediate hostility at the base; otherwise, they can maintain the element of surprise.

Once inside the underground base, the player's objective is to eliminate Merryweather forces and destroy five pieces of surveillance equipment. This is followed by the critical task of placing three Satchel Charges on the walls. The player has a 30-second window to escape the base before the charges detonate. Upon exiting the underground base, a 4-star wanted level is triggered, and the player must successfully evade the authorities to complete the mission. This operation is key to ensuring the privacy and security of the client's interests against Merryweather's extensive surveillance.

Liquidize Assets: Moonshiners Tail

Ey, y'know what? If there's one thing I've learned about hanging around these MBA-type motherfuckers, it's that once they start going legit and start paying taxes, they get real pissy with anyone that don't.So check this out: our client today runs Cherenkov Vodka. Their sales been takin' a fuckin' hit, and it's because their consumer base moved to some blackmarket moonshine the Lost MC's have been pumpin' out.They want us to make that shit go away. Blow up the equipment and all that shit. I just sent over the coordinates.

The player's objective in this mission is to dismantle a moonshine operation run by the Lost MC, which is affecting the market share of Cherenkov Vodka. The mission starts with tailing a target from The Lust Drop on Milton Road in West Vinewood. The target, traveling on a Hexer, leads the player directly to the distillery. A detection meter on the screen helps the player gauge if they've been noticed; being detected will result in immediate hostility at the distillery, while remaining undetected allows for an element of surprise.

At the distillery, the player must confront The Lost MC forces and destroy five moonshine crates. The next crucial task is to place three Satchel Charges on the distillery walls. After setting the charges, the player has 30 seconds to leave the area before the detonation. Exiting the distillery triggers a 4-star wanted level, and the player must evade the authorities to successfully complete the mission. This action is aimed at eliminating competition for the client, Cherenkov Vodka, and reestablishing their position in the market.

Liquidize Assets: Pararazzo Tail

A'ight, look, you goin' like this one, trust me. It's always fun fuckin' with the pararazzi...So, you heard of Kerry McIntosh? She needs us to tail this pap who's finally got their hands on a real money shot. Seems like she wanted to leak something, but she ended up leaking everything, ya feel me?You job is to follow the pap back to the lockup and plant some motherfuckin' bombs in there. Might be over the top, but... shit, we wanna make sure the camera equipment is gone, gone, you feel me?

In this mission, the player is assigned to disrupt a paparazzo who has compromising photographic evidence against celebrity Kerry McIntosh. The mission begins with the player following the paparazzo, who starts at Mom's Famous Tacos in Rancho and travels on a PCJ 600 to a lockup. A detection meter displayed on screen helps monitor the paparazzo's awareness. If the player is detected, they will encounter immediate hostility at the lockup; otherwise, they can maintain the element of surprise.

The task inside the lockup is to confront Merryweather Security Guards and paparazzi, and then destroy camera equipment stored in five cases. While the recommended method is to use explosives or fire, using a gun is also effective. After destroying the equipment, the player needs to place three Satchel Charges on the walls of the lockup. A 30-second countdown starts after setting the last charge, during which the player must escape the premises. Upon exiting the lockup, a 3 or 4-star wanted level is triggered, and the player must evade the authorities to successfully complete the mission, ensuring that the incriminating photographic evidence against Kerry McIntosh is permanently erased.

Security Contract: Liquidize Assets: Job Info

Security Contract: Liquidize Assets: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date December 15, 2021
  • Platforms PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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