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Molly O'Shea

A Dublin girl and the object of Dutch's affection, for now at least, Molly O'Shea is too high-strung for a life on the run and it's all starting to take a toll on her.

She claims to be from a well-to-do Irish family who came over to America on a romantic whim in search of adventure and excitement. Molly certainly found that in Dutch van der Linde but wants more than he can, or is prepared to, give her.

She considers herself a few cuts above the other gang members, which hasn't won her many supporters in camp.

Character Information
Role Companion
Gender Female
Nationality Irish
Affiliation Van der Linde Gang
Performer / Actor Penny O'Brien
Mission Appearances
As Mission Giver
As Featured Character

"You're playing a dangerous game."



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