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Kieran Duffy

Whipping boy and general dogsbody for the rival gang O'Driscoll Boys, Kieran was captured on a raid by the Van der Linde Gang, and coerced into turning on is own people.

He later became part of Dutch's gang in his own right but remains somewhat trapped between a rock and a hard place; the O'Driscolls want him dead and his new associates will never fully trust him.

A scraggly, toady individual of dubious personal hygiene, Kieran has much more of a connection to horses than he does to people.

Character Information
Role Companion
Gender Male
Nationality American
Affiliation Van der Linde Gang
Horse Flaxen Roan Tennessee Walker
Nicknames O'Driscoll
Performer / Actor Pico Alexander
Mission Appearances

"So I'm one of you now."


Coming soon.


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