RDR2 Title Update 1.07 Patch Notes - More Game Modes & Content
Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date March 19, 2019

The Red Dead Online Beta grows with more content from the first big update - with new competitive gameplay, daily objectives, rewards, and player customization.

New Game Modes

New Showdown Modes and Race Modes have been added to Red Dead Online:


Plunder (4-16 players)

Up In Smoke

Up In Smoke (8-16 players)

Target Races

Target Races (2-16 players)

Open Target Races

Open Target Races (2-16 players)

New Content

  • A new Competitive Challenge Free Roam Event for 2-28 players has been added to the Red Dead Online Beta, available from Rank 1:
    • Fishing Challenge: Players compete to catch the most weight in fish, with variations across three different body of water types: Lakes, Rivers and Swamps

  • New time-limited items have been added to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue:
    • Owanjila Hat
    • Concho Pants
    • Porter Jacket
    • Winter Shotgun Coat
    • Darned Stockings
    • Benbow Jacket
    • Manteca Hat
    • Morning Tail Coat
    • Strickland Boots
    • Bowyer Boots (Female Only)
    • Furred Gloves
    • Gator Hat
    • Woodland Gloves
    • Ortega Vest
    • Pelt Half Chaps

  • Special Series Icon: This icon will appear on the game map whenever there is a PS4 early access mode available

  • Improved matchmaking in Showdown Modes




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