ucb2 script ch4

Update 15: “End of an Era”

Mission 12: “Family Treasures”

The players enter the main room at Torquemada to see Sadie standing at a table with a large treasure map.

Sadie: Good, you’re here, and I’m feeling much better. So, it turns out the main boss of this gang the whole time has been a matriarch, Yara Lozano. She’s been pulling the strings from her big home in Cuba the whole time, but I’ve got a plan to bring her back to Mexico.

The players look over the map, realising it’s of a tomb below Torquemada.

Sadie: The Lozano Amethyst, it’s an old gem from her family. I heard some of the guards mention it to her when she tortured me, and when you saved me from that island, I managed to steal this map on my way out. I think if we can get this crystal, and she finds out about it, ain’t no way she’s resisting comin’ here personally.

The lead player nods and pats her on the back, Sadie leads the players to a back room which has a strangely patterned floor. Sadie pulls on a torch, which raises one of the floor tiles. Sadie slides the tile to the side, and places the wall torch she previously pulled on in the gap where the tile was. This causes a corner of the room to open up, revealing a ladder. Sadie gestures to the lead player.

Sadie: You first, explorer.

Gameplay resumes and the players must navigate their way through a tomb much akin to the ones that are a part of the Treasure Hunter role. Upon getting to the end of it, they find the amethyst which they must collect before finding their way out of the tomb. Upon exiting the tomb, the mission ends.


Mission 13: “Taken”

The players meet up with Sadie around Manzanita Post, where she is sitting on the fence drinking some whisky.

Sadie: Well look who finally decided to show up, anyways that don’t matter. You’re here now, I can fill you in on the plan.

She takes a huge gulp of the whisky, and throws it to the side.

Sadie (Cont’d): Right, Yara has some of her elite followers out at the shack at Aurora Basin. She thinks she’s got some other treasures there or somethin’. What we’re gon’ do is head on out there, shoot every one of those boys bar one. We show him the amethyst, and send him back on to their matriarch. That should hopefully bring her out of her hole. Let’s move.

The cutscene ends and the players must ride with Sadie to Aurora Basin and kill all of the targeted enemies. Upon killing the crowd, more will ride in towards the camp to attack the players. After these enemies have been dispatched, another cutscene will trigger.

One final Yara elite slowly walks out of the shack with his hands in the air.

Elite: Don’t shoot! Please, don’t shoot!

Sadie fires a couple of revolver rounds at his feet. He jumps around the shots.

Sadie: Well would ya look at that? This one is proper chickenshit.

Elite: Please, just let me go!
The players all chuckle together.

Sadie: Well lucky for you, that’s the plan.

She shows the Elite the amethyst.

Sadie (Cont’d): See this purple thing right here? This is the pretty little heirloom Yara’s lookin’ for. You’re gonna head back to her and tell her we have it, and we won’t stop killin’ y’all until we have her full precious little collection. I’m sure all the fences around here would love somethin’ like this.

Elite: Y- you want me to tell her? She’ll kill me!

Sadie looks around at all of the Elite’s dead allies.

Sadie: Uhuh?

Elite: Okay, okay. But she won’t like this!

He runs off in fear, Sadie holsters her revolver.

Sadie: (To herself) Yeah, I’m countin’ on it.

Sadie walks past the players and sits on a nearby log.

Sadie: I’ll tell ya, we’ve really gotten ourselves into some shit. But there ain’t no folk I’d rather delve neck-deep into the muck with. We’ve done some good here, and I’m glad after everything, after all the people I’ve lost, I can call you fellers my friends. Yara will likely come into Saint Denis, so meet me there in a few days, alright?

The players nod, and the lead player shakes Sadie’s hand and pats her on the shoulder with a smile. The players head out as the cutscene ends.


Mission 14: “Mrs. Adler, Legend”

The cutscene opens with a thunderstorm over the docks, the players lightly jog over to Sadie who is taking shelter nearby some crates.

Sadie: Well ain’t you a sight for sore eyes, friend? Yara’s boat was delayed with the weather and all, so she’ll be here any minute now. You ready for this?

The players nod, and run to take cover along the docks as they wait for Yara. The boat pulls into the dock, and Yara’s elite begin walking off it but Yara is not to be seen. The camera cuts to Sadie, who whispers:

Sadie: Come on, where is she?

On the other side of the docks, Yara’s elite soldiers approach the players and Sadie and aim their guns. The lead player notices this, which triggers a deadeye scene where the players must shoot down as many Yara elite as possible. This leads into regular gameplay in which the players and Sadie must shoot enemies who are approaching from both the city and the docks. As the gunfight begins, Sadie remarks:

Sadie: Son of a bitch, we’re the ones being ambushed! They musta knew we’d be here!

After fighting five waves of enemies at the docks, another cutscene is triggered.

Everyone gets out of cover, and looks around the docks. Sadie is clearly frustrated.

Sadie: That squirmy little rat must’a told ‘em we’d be here. God damn it!

Sadie kicks over a crate before composing herself.

Sadie: There might be more on the boat, or somethin’ that’ll help us draw that cow out. Come on.

Sadie and the players walk onto the boat. Sadie checks around the entrance to a cabin. As the players are looking through a box, a large armoured man with a Halberd kicks open the door Sadie is next to and knocks her over. The players shoot at him, but their bullets bounce off the metal plating. Sadie quickly stands up and lunges at him with a knife, but he knocks it out her hand. She grabs his Halberd and attempts to wrestle it out of his hand. As this is happening, the host player leaps at the armoured warrior and jumps on his back allowing Sadie to pull the Halberd away. The attacker throws the player over their shoulder and draws their revolver on Sadie, shooting her three times in the stomach. Sadie falls back onto a crate, leaning down slowly. In a moment of rage, the lead player knocks over a barrel and rolls it towards the attacker, knocking him over. He hits his head off the ground, concussing him. The lead player approaches the stunned attacker and removes his helmet and looks into his eyes. The lead player lifts him by his chest piece and strikes him across the face, synchronised with a crack of lightning. He falls to the ground again, and the lead player crouches near him as the other player(s) watch in awe. The player puts their revolver in the attacker’s mouth. Close up on the lead player’s face as there is a gunshot, a flash of light and blood splattering over them. They sit there for a minute as Sadie coughs in the distance. The players rush over to her, as she’s getting paler. One puts their hand on her shoulder.

Sadie: Ah, don’t bother. I ain’t makin’ it through this. You know, you’re the oldest friend I have. The rest are either turned bastard or dead. You just make sure you get Yara. For me, and for Zoe. Thank you.

She clutches the player’s hand, giving them a locket of her and Jake.

Sadie (Cont’d): I’m gonna be with him again, my Jakey. When you next see John, give him my best, and tell him I said to stay out of trouble.

Sadie then dies on the cold, wet floor of the boat. Fade to black.

Open on the remains of the Adler homestead in the Grizzlies. The players are standing over a grave which is revealed to be Sadie’s. The lead player hangs her hat on the grave, and looks at the locket. They clutch it in their fist and mount their horse, riding off into the snowy fog.

Meanwhile, Yara is seen getting onto a luxury boat heading to Mexico. She has a vengeful look on her face. She sits down in an expensive-looking chair and is handed a glass of tequila. She takes one sip and places it on a table next to her.

Cue theme music, cut to black.

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