Taxi Work is a series of Freemode Missions in GTA Online.

This job has been added to the game as part of the update on January 19, 2023, and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

This is a Solo mode that can be played by each GTA Online player individually.

A similar Taxi Work activity is also present in Grand Theft Auto V, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City and Grand Theft Auto III.

If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with the nooks and crannies of metropolitan Los Santos and the outlying areas, there’s no better way than picking up customers and chauffeuring them to their destinations with Taxi Work. While it may not have the allure of a career as a Snapmatic influencer, the prestige of Vinewood stardom, or the infamy of being the state’s preeminent weapons trafficker, there's something to be said for those who take on this role that's vital to the city's lifeblood.

While near Downtown Cab Co., players will receive a message mentioning that the company is looking for new employees to take on taxi fares. The player may begin the mission by visiting the Downtown Cab Co. in East Vinewood while driving one of these vehicles:

Should the player begin the mission, they will spawn outside the building in a Taxi, with a custom plate C4BC0. There are 104 possible pick-up locations, and a possible 100 drop-off locations.

Taxi Work: Rewards

Every fare the player completes will award them a base payout, depending on the length of the fare. This base pay ranges from $100 for a fare shorter than 2km, up to $250 for a fare longer than 6km. Additionally, the client may tip the player between $1,000 and $2,000, based on the performance of the ride and the number of consecutive fares they have completed.

Additional rewards are unlocked for completing a number of fares:

  • 10 Consecutive Fares will award the player the Taxi's trade price on Warstock Cache & Carry, and the 5 star ride award
  • 50 Total Fares will award the player the Downtown Cab Co. livery for the Classique Broadway and the Taxi Driver award. 
  • 10 Stunt Jumps during taxi work will award the player the Downtown Cab Co. livery  for the Eudora

Taxi Work: Pick-Up Locations

The following is a list of the possible pick-up locations:

  1. LSIA Terminal 4, outside the upper level on New Empire Way.
  2. Outside a blue site building along Abattoir Avenue, Los Santos Naval Port, Port of Los Santos.
  3. Near a container cabin in Murrieta Oil Field and several pump jacks, Murrieta Heights, East Los Santos.
  4. Beside a telephone pole along Popular Street, just north of the Hanger Way intersection, Cypress Flats.
  5. Outside a small warehouse east of Signal Street, north of Chum Street, Port of Los Santos.
  6. Outside Opium Nights's south entrance on Greenwich Parkway, LSIA.
  7. Near the north-west gate entrance to the Xero warehouses along Greenwich Parkway, LSIA.
  8. North side of the Dutch London Street Bridge in Banning.
  9. Outside the Vitreous building on the north-east corner of Orchardville Avenue and El Rancho Boulevard, Cypress Flats.
  10. At the Murrieta Oil Refinery in Murrieta Heights, East Los Santos.
  11. Outside a house along Amarillo Vista in El Burro Heights.
  12. Outside Bilingsgate Motel along Innocence Boulevard, Rancho.
  13. Next to the sign outside Bishop's Chicken along Davis Avenue, Davis.
  14. On the east side of Alta Street, directly opposite the eastern end of South Arsenal Street and the east entrance to Rogers Salvage & Scrap in La Puerta.
  15. In front of the Mr. Spoke Bike Rental shop along Vespucci Beach Sidewalk, Vespucci Beach.
  16. Outside the Pizza Coven store, close to Cortes Street and along the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk, Vespucci Beach.
  17. At the bottom of an aqua-colored beach-style house on the north-east side of Invention Court in the Vespucci Canals.
  18. Stood in front of the 24/7 store within the Korean Plaza complex along Calais Avenue, Little Seoul.
  19. Outside the Pegasus building at the Vespucci Helipad, Shank Street, La Puerta.
  20. Outside Longpig Mini Market on Alta Street, Strawberry.
  21. Outside Beer & Wine liquor store on Strawberry Avenue, directly opposite the western-face of the Los Santos County Coroner Office, Strawberry.
  22. South side of the Capital Boulevard Bridge, close to the corner of Popular Street and opposite the south side of the La Mesa Police Station, La Mesa.
  23. Stood outside the RON gas station kiosk building on the corner of El Rancho Boulevard and Capital Boulevard, Murrieta Heights.
  24. Stood near the chainlink gate northern-most entrance to Murrieta Oil Field along Sustancia Road, El Burro Heights.
  25. Outside the Maibatsu Factory near the corner of Vespucci Boulevard and Supply Street, Murrieta Heights.
  26. East side of the parking garage on the corner of Little Bighorn Avenue and Adam's Apple Boulevard, Mission Row.
  27. In front of a yellow beach house along the roadside of the Del Perro Freeway, leading onto the Magellan Avenue exit, Del Perro Beach.
  28. Near benches outside The Fish Net along the Prosperity Street Promenade, corner of Red Desert Avenue, Del Perro.
  29. Roadside, outside Bean Machine at the base of the Kayton Towers building on Movie Star Way, Little Seoul.
  30. Under a bus shelter along San Andreas Avenue, directly outside Snr. Buns, Little Seoul.
  31. South-west corner of the Lombank Tower on the corner of Vespucci Boulevard and Low Power Street, Pillbox Hill.
  32. Stood outside the loading entrance of Chico's Hypermarket on West Mirror Drive, Mirror Park.
  33. Roadside of Popular Street, just south of Popular Street Bridge, La Mesa.
  34. Outside Pipeline Inn off the Great Ocean Highway, facing the parking lot, Pacific Bluffs.
  35. Within the apartment complex on the corner of Cougar Avenue and Prosperity Street, Morningwood.
  36. Stood near a palm tree outside Luxury Autos on Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, Rockford Hills.
  37. Outside Tophes within the Rockford Plaza on Las Lagunas Boulevard, Burton.
  38. Near a palm tree outside the Los Santos City Hall on the corner of Occupation Avenue and Power Street, Alta.
  39. Near a wall between the 24/7 store and the Auto Exotic garage on Elgin Avenue in Hawick.
  40. Outside Gabriela's Market on Mirror Park Boulevard, Mirror Park.
  41. Near the Land Act Dam maintenance building labelled "127", Land Act Reservoir, Tataviam Mountains.
  42. Stood at the corner of the Ammu-Nation store at the Tataviam Truckstop along Palomino Freeway, Tataviam Mountains.
  43. Outside the CNT Building on the corner of Clinton Avenue and Elgin Avenue, Downtown Vinewood.
  44. Stood near a streetlight outside a Caesars Auto Parking parking lot along Spanish Avenue, Hawick.
  45. Near the steps outside Floor Skin on Hawick Avenue, Burton.
  46. Outside the main entrance to the Los Santos Golf Club building at GWC and Golfing Society, Rockford Hills.
  47. Stood outside 1003 North Rockford Drive along North Rockford Drive, Richman.
  48. Outside the 24/7 store on Ineseno Road in Chumash.
  49. Stood near a power box on Dunstable Lane, directly opposite Cottage Park on Dunstable Drive, Rockford Hills.
  50. Outside the driveway/south entrance to The Gentry Manor Hotel on Gentry Lane, West Vinewood.
  51. Outside 2045 North Conker Avenue, North Conker Avenue, Vinewood Hills.
  52. Outside the base of the Land Act Reservoir Hydroplant near the Land Act Reservoir, off the Los Santos Freeway.
  53. Outside Vinewood Bowl along Vinewood Park Drive, Vinewood Hills.
  54. Outside one of the surveyor towers within Lake Vinewood, along Lake Vinewood Drive, Vinewood Hills.
  55. Outside the upper driveway of 2850 Milton Road, Milton Road, opposite Kimble Hill Drive, Vinewood Hills.
  56. Stood near some recycling cans opposite 2106 Hangman Avenue along North Sheldon Avenue, Vinewood Hills.
  57. North side of the LTD Gasoline station kiosk building on North Rockford Drive, Richman Glen.
  58. Outside the 24/7 store on Barbareno Road, Chumash.
  59. Stood near benches at a dirt-road lookout point along Marlowe Drive, Vinewood Hills.
  60. Near the Topanga walkers map sign along Tongva Drive, close-by to a fruit stand, Tongva Valley.
  61. Stood by a trash can near the restrooms opposite the Galileo Observatory along Galileo Park, Vinewood Hills.
  62. Stood outside the Sisyphus Theater along Baytree Canyon Road, Vinewood Hills.
  63. Directly behind the Vinewood Sign on the Mount Haan Drive dirt trail, Vinewood Hills.
  64. Within the RON Alternates Wind Farm substation along Senora Way, opposite the Palmer-Taylor Power Station.
  65. Stood near a fence leading to a barn and farmhouse, along the dirt tracks between the Los Santos Freeway and Senora Road, east of the Stoner Cement Works.
  66. Stood near a shed within the Stoner Cement Works entrance road, just off Senora Road, Grand Senora Desert.
  67. Stood under a tree near a Redwood Cigarettes pipe tower along Buen Vino Road, south of the Marlowe Vineyards, Great Chaparral.
  68. Outside 24/7 at the RON gas station off Route 68, Lago Zancudo.
  69. Stood at the bottom of the dirt trail leading to Two Hoots Falls, roadside of Zancudo Road, Great Chaparral.
  70. Outside a house along the dirt trail leading off from Baytree Canyon Road and down to Route 68, Grand Senora Desert.
  71. Stood in front of an empty sign, near a barn along one of the dirt trails south of a Meth Lab location, Grand Senora Desert.
  72. Stood outside a house with an American flagpole, wooden windmill and communications tower south west of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
  73. Stood outside the main entrance to Bolingbroke Penitentiary, facing the south side of the parking lot.
  74. Stood near the gas pump of an abandoned gas station marked "CAFE" along Route 68, west of the The Motor Motel, Grand Senora Desert.
  75. Stood outside the Eastern Motel office, Harmony.
  76. Along a dirt trail south of the Hill Valley Church in Great Chaparral.
  77. Outside the Discount Store along Route 68, near the Zancudo River.
  78. Stood along a dirt trail near Ortega's Trailer, Zancudo River.
  79. Outside a trailer within the Grand Senora Desert, south of the train tracks and east off Joshua Road.
  80. Outside a shack near an old radio tower, on the hill just north of Route 68, and west of Panorama Drive, Grand Senora Desert.
  81. Driveway of a house along the Senora Freeway, just south of Earl's Mini-Mart, Grand Senora Desert.
  82. Near a Senora National Park sign within the park, south of the train tracks and East Joshua Road, Grand Senora Desert.
  83. Stood near a telephone pole next to the train tracks, at the side of a dirt road in the Grand Senora Desert.
  84. Near the fruit-stand north of Fort Zancudo along the Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash.
  85. Near a wooden street light outside an autoshop along Marina Drive, facing out onto the Alamo Sea.
  86. Outside a house/trailer conversion along Marina Drive, within Sandy Shores.
  87. Outside Sandy Shores Medical Center, on Zancudo Avenue, Sandy Shores.
  88. Near a telephone pole on a dirt trail just west of the Senora Freeway, where the train tracks pass underneath.
  89. North-most house of Cape Catfish, off Catfish View, San Chianski Mountain Range.
  90. Outside a Tractor Parts autoshop building along East Joshua Road, Grapeseed.
  91. Near a trailer house within the Galilee community, off Calafia Road, Mount Chiliad.
  92. Near several trailers within a logging area at the western end of North Calafia Way, Mount Chiliad.
  93. In front of the Raton Canyon sign off the Great Ocean Highway, opposite Hookies, North Chumash.
  94. Stood near a water pump machine on Union Road, close-by to a train shed.
  95. Outside Shady Tree Farm warehouses along Grapeseed Avenue, Grapeseed.
  96. Outside Alamo Fruit Market on Seaview Road, Grapeseed.
  97. Near a Raton Canyon Trails sign, on a dirt track off the Great Ocean Highway, Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.
  98. Outside a Union Grain Supply Inc. building within the farming land in Grapeseed.
  99. Near a road-sign on the corner of Union Road and the Senora Freeway, north a sub-station, Grapeseed.
  100. Near the steps to the Pala Springs Aerial Tramway building off Procopio Promenade, Paleto Forest.
  101. Stood near a street light east of the 24/7 supermarket store on the Senora Freeway, within the Procopio Truck Stop.
  102. Stood near a wooden shack at the Procopio Truck Stop turn-around dirt road.
  103. Road-side near the Donkey Punch Family Farm along the Great Ocean Highway, Paleto Bay.
  104. Outside Blaine County Savings Bank on Cascabel Avenue, Paleto Bay.

Taxi Work: Drop-Off Locations

The following is a list of possible drop-off locations

  1. LSIA Terminal 4, outside the lower level.
  2. Von Crastenburg Hotel, Los Santos International Airport, underneath the Autopia Parkway entrance.
  3. Jetsam Terminal, Terminal, in the western parking lot.
  4. Gas station and dispatch building at Pier 400, Elysian Island, Port of Los Santos.
  5. Walker & Sons Warehouse, Banning, South Los Santos, outside the northern loading bays.
  6. Maze Bank Arena, La Puerta, Los Santos, in the south parking lot directly outside the south/main entrance.
  7. Outside Wholesale Office Furniture on South Shambles Street in Cypress Flats, East Los Santos.
  8. Outside Covington Engineering Services near the Murrieta Oil Field on El Rancho Boulevard, Murrieta Heights, East Los Santos.
  9. Outside the south-east entrance of LS Car Meet on Popular Street, Cypress Flats, East Los Santos
  10. Near Beer & Wine on Jamestown Street, Strawberry, South Los Santos.
  11. Outside Auto Fix Factory on the corner of Grove Street and Davis Avenue in Chamberlain Hills, South Los Santos.
  12. North side Fridgit Storage Factory along South Arsenal Street in La Puerta, Los Santos.
  13. Outside Los Santos Tattoos on Innocence Boulevard in El Burro Heights, East Los Santos.
  14. Outside the entrance to the Beacon Theatre on Davis Avenue in Rancho, South Los Santos.
  15. Outside the Clinton Residence on Forum Drive in Strawberry, South Los Santos.
  16. At the end of Aguja Street in Vespucci Beach, Los Santos, near the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk Market.
  17. Outside the garage entrance to Soyler Textile on Popular Street in La Mesa, East Los Santos.
  18. Outside the main entrance to The Viceroy near Vespucci Canals, Little Seoul, Los Santos.
  19. Outside the main entrance to the Banner Hotel & Spa on Alta Street in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos.
  20. Near While-U-Wait Express Dry Cleaning on El Rancho Boulevard, Murrieta Heights, East Los Santos.
  21. On the east side of Legion Square along Strawberry Avenue and directly opposite Atlee Street in Mission Row, Downtown Los Santos.
  22. On the Del Perro Pier, nearby to the steps leading down onto the Del Perro Beach sidewalk, Del Perro, Los Santos.
  23. Outside Didier Sachs and the nearby Sub Urban store on Prosperity Street Promenade, Del Perro, Los Santos.
  24. Outside the main entrance of Valdez Theater on the corner of San Andreas Avenue and Ginger Street, Little Seoul, Los Santos.
  25. Outside the east main entrance of the Arcadius Business Center on Alta Street, Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos.
  26. Outside the entrance to the Dashound Bus Center within the customer parking lot in Textile City, Downtown Los Santos.
  27. Outside Casey's Diner on Popular Street in La Mesa, East Los Santos.
  28. At the end of a dirt track off Sustancia Road in the Palomino Highlands, Los Santos County.
  29. Within the Mirror Park Plaza parking lot on the corner of Mirror Park Boulevard and Nikola Avenue in Mirror Park, East Vinewood, Los Santos.
  30. Near the public restrooms at Broker Park along Glory Way in East Vinewood, Los Santos.
  31. Outside Sub Urban on Hawick Avenue, Hawick, Vinewood, Los Santos.
  32. Outside the Rockford Hills City Hall plaza on Carcer Way, Rockford Hills, Los Santos.
  33. In the main driveway of The Archipelago along South Boulevard Del Perro, Rockford Hills, Los Santos.
  34. Near the roundabout parking area at Hill Valley Church along West Eclipse Boulevard, Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos.
  35. In the western-most parking lot at the Del Perro Beach, just off the Del Perro Freeway, Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos.
  36. Outside the 24/7 store at the Tataviam Truckstop gas station, Palomino Freeway, Los Santos County.
  37. Outside the main entrance to The Diamond Casino & Resort along Vinewood Park Drive, East Vinewood, Los Santos.
  38. Opposite an alleyway near Vinewood Video, along Vinewood Boulevard and opposite the Oriental Theater, Downtown Vinewood.
  39. Outside the Pegasus Concierge Hotel on Eclipse Boulevard, West Vinewood.
  40. Outside 2849 Milton Road, West Vinewood, Los Santos.
  41. South side of Cottage Park along West Eclipse Boulevard, Rockford Hills, Los Santos.
  42. In the drop-off turnaround point at ULSA on Picture Perfect Drive, Richman.
  43. In the driveway of 1011 North Rockford Drive, North Rockford Drive, Richman Glen.
  44. Outside the entrance to the Kortz Center, on the edge of the Kortz Drive roundabout, Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos County.
  45. Outside the entrance to Pacific Bluffs Country Club off the Great Ocean Highway, Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos County.
  46. Outside Vinewood Bowl theater off Vinewood Park Drive, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos.
  47. Outside the Beaver Bush Ranger Station off Marlowe Drive, Vinewood Hills.
  48. At the look-out point parking area along Lake Vinewood Estate.
  49. Outside the driveway leading to 1117 North Sheldon Avenue, North Sheldon Avenue, Vinewood Hills.
  50. In the driveway of Parsons Rehabilitation Center off Marlowe Drive, Richman Glen, Los Santos County.
  51. Outside the parking area between the 24/7 supermarket and Mom's Pie Diner along Ineseno Road, Chumash, Los Santos County.
  52. On the driveway roundabout of La Fuente Blanca off Senora Road, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos County.
  53. Outside the Mount Haan Radio Tower along Mount Haan Drive, behind the Vinewood Sign in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos County.
  54. Outside the Sisyphus Theater along Baytree Canyon Road, Vinewood Hills.
  55. Galileo Observatory along East Galileo Avenue, Vinewood Hills.
  56. Outside With a Paddle White Water Activity Center along Tongva Drive, Tongva Valley, Los Santos County.
  57. At the end of the driveway of a hill-side mansion along Banham Canyon Drive, Banham Canyon, Los Santos County.
  58. Outside the Hardware store in Chumash Plaza along the Great Ocean Highway, Chumash, Los Santos County.
  59. Parking lot on the west side of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station off Senora Way, San Chianski Mountain Range, Los Santos County.
  60. Driveway of a farmhouse off Baytree Canyon Road, Great Chaparral, Los Santos County.
  61. At the Big O Fruit Juice along Arthur's Pass Trails, Great Chaparral.
  62. Driveway of Devin Weston's Mansion along Buen Vino Road, Tongva Hills.
  63. Outside Marlowe Vineyards along Buen Vino Road, Tongva Hills.
  64. Outside a shack east of the Redwood Lights Track, south of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary and west of the Senora Freeway.
  65. Outside a farmhouse and barn along Baytree Canyon Road, just across the road from the Redwood Lights Track.
  66. Outside an barn-turned auto-repair garage/Meth Lab near Senora Road, Grand Senora Desert.
  67. At the RON gas station along Route 68, Lago Zancudo, Blaine County.
  68. Outside The Paint Shop along Route 68, Zancudo River, Blaine County.
  69. Outside the abandoned Xero gas station along Route 68, Harmony, Blaine County.
  70. Parking lot outside Dollar Pills in the Harmony Plaza, Harmony, Blaine County.
  71. Parking lot outside the Rebel Radio Building in Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County.
  72. Parking lot between Fleeca Bank and Discount Clothing Store along Route 68, Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County.
  73. Outside Rex's Diner along Senora Way, Grand Senora Desert.
  74. Directly outside the Yellow Jack Inn along Panorama Drive, Grand Senora Desert.
  75. Outside a small home along Joshua Road, Grand Senora Desert.
  76. Outside Flywheels Garage along Panorama Drive, near the Sandy Shores Airfield, Grand Senora Desert.
  77. Outside several trailers along a dirt trail off Smoke Tree Road, Grand Senora Desert.
  78. Outside the You Tool store along Senora Freeway, Grand Senora Desert.
  79. Outside the main entrance to Humane Labs and Research within the parking lot, along Chianski Passage, San Chianski Mountain Range.
  80. Parking lot of a liquor store on the corner of Marina Drive and Algonquin Boulevard, Sandy Shores, Blaine County.
  81. Outside Ace Liquor along Algonquin Boulevard, Sandy Shores.
  82. Outside Liquor Market along Marina Drive, Grand Senora Desert.
  83. Just outside Stab City, off Calafia Road, Blaine County.
  84. On the road just outside Hookies on the Great Ocean Highway, North Chumash, Blaine County.
  85. Along the Cassidy Trail on the edge of Cassidy Creek.
  86. Outside a series of homes and a board walk on the north coast of the Alamo Sea, off the North Calafia Way trail.
  87. Outside Millar's Fishery Co off the Calafia Road trail in Galilee, Mount Chiliad.
  88. Outside Park View Diner along East Joshua Road, Sandy Shores.
  89. At the end of Catfish View in Cape Catfish, San Chianski Mountain Range.
  90. East-end of the McKenzie Field runway off Seaview Road, Grapeseed, Blaine County.
  91. Outside Wonderama, formerly Grapeseed Supermarket along Grapeseed Avenue, Grapeseed.
  92. Outside the LTD gas station along Grapeseed Avenue.
  93. At the end of the trail leading to the Sonar Collections Dock, off Great Ocean Highway, Blaine County.
  94. Outside the Paleto Forest Sawmill, Paleto Forest, Blaine County.
  95. Outside Ursula's house along El Gordo Drive, looking out to the El Gordo Lighthouse, Blaine County.
  96. In the south parking lot of Bayview Lodge along Procopio Promenade, Paleto Forest.
  97. Outside Pixel Pete's Arcade, formerly Helmut's European Autos, along Duluoz Avenue in Paleto Bay.
  98. Near the boardwalk along Procopio Promenade in Paleto Bay.
  99. Outside Beeker's Garage, part of the RON gas station complex, off the Great Ocean Highway.
  100. Outside the Up-n-Atom Diner on the Senora Freeway, Procopio Beach, Blaine County.

Taxi Work: Job Info

Taxi Work: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date January 19, 2023
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox One

Taxi Work Video

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