The Criminal Enterprises update marks the return of Agent ULP in Operation Paper Trail, a series of 6 new missions in GTA Online!

"Civilians on Highway 1 aren’t the only ones who are noticing the rising gas prices — Agent ULP of the IAA is hot on the case.

He’s caught a whiff of a far-reaching criminal conspiracy, and a hefty dose of gasoline fumes, and now he’s convinced that the Duggans and the FIB are colluding to rig the price of oil. The implications are dire, and the details are scant, but he’ll be in touch soon."

Here's an overview and a complete walkthrough of each mission in Operation Paper Trail, as you sign up with the IAA and uncover the truth behind rising gas prices.

Agent ULP will get in touch to start Operation Paper Trail, which can be accessed by 1-4 players outside the IAA Headquarters.

Operation Paper Trail Mission 1 - Intelligence:

First things first you need to be sworn into the IAA! After your phone call with Agent ULP you'll be able to get started and don the IAA badge.

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 1

Agent ULP and the IAA suspect there's a criminal conspiracy to fix gas prices - their leading suspect? The Duggan Family

You'll first head to the residence of Mason Duggan, Thornton Duggan's younger brother, and hack his computer to see if there's any evidence of their involvement with price fixing. 

It'll become quickly apparent that the FIB is making a deal with the Duggans in exchange for four pieces of hardware - you'll need to recover them.

Two are located at the FIB HQ (A) and the other two are located at the FIB depot (B).

A: To access the FIB HQ without raising suspicion, wear maintenance uniforms (found on a work site) and ensure you are not holding a weapon.  If you leave the construction area you will alert any FIB officers that see you!

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 2

Check our gameplay for the exact locations!

B: The FIB depot is much simpler. Enter the depot (be aware this will trigger an alarm) and search for the hardware - again, check our gameplay for the exact locations.  When you leave the depot you will need to escape the FIB and the cops!

Finally, deliver the hardware to the drop-off!

Mission #1 Gameplay - Video Walkthrough:

Operation Paper Trail Mission 2: Counterintelligence

The FIB has launched surveillance drones across the city as a result of you infiltrating their HQ - you'll be tasked with hacking the drones using the SecuroSev app to locate the base of operations

Drive to a drone and start hacking - make sure you stay in the range of the drone whilst the hacking is in progress.  Once you've hacked both drones, the operation location will be found - the Bilinsgate Motel.

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 4

Gain access to the computer controlling the drones so that Agent ULP can investigate.

You'll want to make a speedy exit once gas starts pouring into the room... unfortunately the FIB's trap is successful and you'll find yourself having to defuse a bomb in a van they've left you in.  Follow our gameplay to easily defuse it safely!

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 3

Once defused, take the van to the drop-off whilst losing the cops and the FIB - you'll have to ensure the van makes it in good health.

Mission #2 Gameplay - Video Walkthrough:

Operation Paper Trail Mission 3: Asset Seizure

Next up, it's time to make a move on the Duggans who are moving their hardware to a safer location - not so safe when we've got a tracker placed on their van...

The Duggans and the FIB also have a few tricks up their sleeves - the GPS is being jammed. Blow up the antennas marked on the map whilst dealing with the guards. 

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 5

As you destroy jammers, the search area becomes increasingly narrow until the van's signal is exposed. Steal it and drive it to the drop-off, whilst you fend off the Duggans.

Mission #3 Gameplay - Video Walkthrough:

Operation Paper Trail Mission 4: Extraction

Agent Johnson is the principal undercover agent in the ongoing investigation, but she's disappeared. Go to her garage and search it for clues...

If you break into her car you'll be able to mark the map with her previous GPS locations - all three of which are in/near the Senora Desert

In our gameplay, we found Agent Johnson at the Thomson Scrapyard, by the junction of the Senora freeway and Route 68.

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 6

Rescue Agent Johnson and try to escape - you'll be under attack from Duggan personnel and cartel soldiers, who she believes are possibly linked to Marabunta Grande.  

Take her to the Pillbox Medical Center to complete the mission.

Mission #4 Gameplay - Video Walkthrough:

Operation Paper Trail Mission 5: Operation Paper Trail

It's time for the penultimate mission in Operation Paper Trail... go to the Mile High Club construction site. 

It seems Mason Duggan is striking a deal with the FIB to obtain their remaining Clifford tech and they've chosen the construction site as a meeting place. Use the hacked drones to search for Mason Duggan (he's at the top of the site).

Take out the guards to find the lift keycard - this can be done stealthily or, in our case, going in all guns blazing!

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 7

Work your way through the enemies as you find the second elevator and take it up to the roof.  Once you've cleared out another wave of enemies you'll be able to seize a briefcase full of Clifford tech by taking out Mason Duggan.  If you don't do so quickly enough he'll fly off and you'll have to force his helicopter into making an emergency landing by damaging it.

Deliver the briefcase to the drop-off and you're done!

Mission #5 Gameplay - Video Walkthrough:

Operation Paper Trail Mission 6 (Finale): Cleanup

Your work with the IAA is about to come to a close, but first, you've got to tie up Operation Paper Trail! Go to Avon Hertz's personal silo at Mount Chiliad - there's an IAA helicopter you can take if you want a faster journey.

Once in the silo, find the manual override in the control room in order to restore power. The power breaker has four blown fuses you'll need to find replacements for - check our gameplay for their locations!

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 8

Once you insert the replacement fuses and get the power running, you'll be asked to get to the server room and then connect to the servers.

Things are all going smoothly right... well at least until an alarm sounds and juggernauts start closing in on you. Keep hacking the servers (stay in range whilst doing so) and defend yourself... you might want to take cover and make use of the new and improved snack eating and armor equipment system!

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 9

Make your way to the silo exit, pushing through waves of juggernauts - we'd recommend matching their firepower by using a minigun to quickly dispose of them!

Once back out of the silo, you'll be greeted by some of Havertz's soldiers in helicopters - fend them off before escaping Mount Chiliad and making your way to the IAA facility.

GTA Online: Operation Paper Trail 10

Good work agent!

Mission #6 (Finale) Gameplay - Video Walkthrough:

Back on the road

And there it is, your work in the IAA ends successfully!  It should be just a matter of time until gas prices fall back to a far more reasonable level and the residents of Los Santos can afford to get moving again. 

Did you enjoy playing through Operation Paper Trail? What are your thoughts on The Criminal Enterprises as a whole?

Check out our detailed update page here, and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with everything GTA Online!

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