Earlier this year, we saw Rockstar release the Criminal Enterprise update to GTA Online - A patch that brought some much-needed quality of life improvements to GTA Online. Whilst the release didn't add much in the way of new content to the game, seemingly almost every area of existing content was upgraded to modern standards.

We thought, why not continue this trend with a further update along these lines which would be a perfect way to send off GTA Online with the ever-looming sequel on the horizon.

gtao evolving enterprise logo

Evolving Enterprise focuses on three particular areas: Challenge, Enhancement, and Expression.

Through this concept, we propose adding a new way to play the original five Heists with an Expert Mode, reworks to the remaining businesses which weren't touched in the previous update, a few more features to enhancements brought up with the Criminal Enterprise update, and a whole suite of new customisation options, which it may be too late to see a lot of in GTA Online, but we hope make it into Rockstar's next epic Grand Theft Auto adventure.


Heists: Expert Mode

A brand new version of each of the original five heists which can optionally be triggered from the apartment. Each has reworks consisting of new preps to help with difficulty, weapon and vehicle loadouts returning from the Casino and Cayo Perico heists, a variety of new enemies, and more.

The original versions of these heists still exist in their easier format, but these offer a challenge for players with triple the payout of the regular Heists.

The Fleeca Job:

  • Scope Out: Players would now be tailed back to the Garment Factory, if they can lose the tail without killing them, it will decrease resistance in the finale.
  • Kuruma: Upon arriving at the top floor of the parking lot, some NPCs may try to steal the Kuruma to escape to the docks, where they will have stronger backup.
  • Finale: Two guards will enter the bank when the driller is doing their work. The crowd control player will have to fight them off, triggering more cops to arrive early.

The Prison Break:

  • Plane: The Velum will be pursued by Buzzards after taking off. Defending players are sent to Sandy Shores Airfield for a Mogul to defend the plane.
  • Bus: Upon attacking the Prison bus, players will be given a five star wanted level, instead of three stars.
  • Station:
    • Station crew: After collecting the schedule, players will be caught on CCTV and have to fight their way out of the police station.
    • Car crew: Sniper NPCs will be stationed on the cranes above the cargo ship.
  • Wet Work:
    • City hall crew: One player on this team will have to decrypt a drive in the briefcase whilst the other escapes from the police. Must be decrypted within eight minutes.
    • Mansion crew: Double the guard staff on duty, and Rashkovski’s associate will now fight back with strong body armour and a Mk II Shotgun.
  • Finale:
    • Pilot: Pursuing Lazer jets will now fly faster, so the pilot can’t follow them to avoid being shot. To counter this, the Velum has been upgraded to include flares and improved speed.
    • Demolition: The Prison bus will now have an armoured convoy following it after the previous bus was attacked. Everybody will need to be dealt with in order to prevent the Prison from being alerted.
    • Prison Guard: Now features new Prison Guard uniforms. Prisoners may try to shank this player during the riot.
    • Prisoner: Other prisoners may try to approach this player to shank them during the riot.

The Humane Labs Raid:

  • Key Codes:
    • Lookouts: NOOSE officers will rappel down the side of the buildings they are standing on, in order to flank the players.
    • Ground crew: NOOSE will attack with FIB. A buzzard will eventually join the ambush.
  • Insurgents: The Insurgents will be getting tested on by juggernaut attackers, and some Merryweather using weapons like a Carbine MK II. Upon collecting the vehicles, Merryweather will pursue in Nightsharks.
  • EMP: Lazers on the top of the Aircraft Carrier will be replaced by two Molotoks and two Strikeforce jets, allowing player choice. Three juggernauts will be stationed across the lower levels of the carrier.
  • Valkyrie: The Valkyrie must be hacked before it can take off, but the other weapons can still be used. The attacking buzzards will be supported by a Hunter.
  • Deliver EMP: The EMP must now be delivered to the lower garage, with new patrol routes and guards in position, with less cover available.
  • Finale:
    • Ground Team: The water tunnel is blocked off, so the ground team will need to fight their way back up to where they came in, meaning pick-up will be much hotter.
    • Air Team: As the ground team is making their way back up, two Insurgent Customs will attack the compound.

Series A Funding:

  • Coke:
    • Ground team: Air defences on the yacht are enabled, so players will have to disable them before the air team arrives.
    • Air team: Now supplied with a Buzzard instead of a Frogger. Can be used to remove arriving boats and helicopters, especially before the ground team disables air defences.
  • Trash Truck: Gang members will now pursue the truck between stops in lowriders.
  • Bikers: When escaping, two Lost members will chase the vans in Apocalypse Deathbikes. Once these have been dealt with, another two will spawn.
  • Weed: The Technical has been replaced by a more upgraded Technical Custom. The timer has been removed. Pursuers will now be in Gallivanter Baller LWBs and Enus Paragons.
  • Meth: Due to misfired bullets, the O’Niell farm will catch fire and players will have to escape with the meth tanker before the building explodes and destroys everything. O’Niells will also now be equipped with sawed-off shotguns.
  • Finale: The warehouse will now have double the attackers, with everyone coming at once rather than in waves split between entrances. While in the convoy to the meetup point, players will be pursued by a News helicopter that they must shoot down to avoid being seen.

The Pacific Standard Job:

  • Vans: Instead of photographing the vans, players will have to use the Securoserve Hack app to get information on the vans. They will have to stay within their proximity for around 25 seconds.
  • Signal: Instead of Police, Avi will be hunted down by Merryweather Agents which players must eliminate and escape. The Police boat will be replaced by a Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat, and the new escape point will be the docks in Chumash.
  • Hack: The rival Heist crew will be smaller, but much better equipped in terms of armour and weapons.
  • Convoy: Players will be supplied with EMP launchers to disabled the vehicles in the convoy. The delivery truck will also be replaced by a Terrorbyte which must be stolen.
  • Bikes: The Lectro bikes are replaced with Future Shock Deathbikes. Instead of the Lost compound, they’re being held in an Arena War workshop which is heavily guarded.
  • Finale: 10% chance of Gold spawning as special loot, adding 75% to the take but greatly slowing down players. Everyone can fill their bags as there are more trays of loot, with people taking turns as crowd control. NOOSE will always show up outside the bank after loading the loot into the bags, but with special Merryweather units as backup if hostages are killed. The getaway bikes are now in a different location, in the café area of The Gentry Manor.



Numerous businesses and properties which were left out of the previous expansion would receive new upgrades and tweaks.

Smugglers Run Upgrades:

  • Add cargo technicians available to source Air Freight
  • Increase sales payout by 50%
  • New source and sell missions, featuring new vehicles including the Avenger

Import/Export Upgrades:

  • More vehicle variations to be sourced
  • Assign cars to selectable CEO associates, rather than in join order.
  • Double payouts

Doomsday Heist Facility Upgrades:

  • Security office contracts. Each pay $80k:
    • Attack Cliffford clones
    • Attack Russian agents
    • Recover lost Nuclear codes
  • Ability to sell the Jet Pack added

Retro Arcade Upgrades:

  • Restock bar option to increase daily revenue
  • The more arcade games held, the higher the base daily revenue

Yacht Upgrades:

  • Select liveries for boats, jet skis and helicopter separate from yacht colours
  • Several new yacht colour schemes could be added, including:
    • Red/Gold
    • Full Gold
    • White/Pink
    • Purple/Green
    • Blackout
  • More flag options:
    • RDR2 States
    • GTA series States
    • More country flags
    • Pride flags
    • Nautical flags
    • Pirate flags
  • New fittings:
    • Blacked out
    • Rose gold

Personal Apartment Upgrades:

  • More decorations should be added for Casino penthouse, allowing each shelf to be full. Some of these could also be tied to rewards from previous DLCs, and unlocked on completion. Some examples include:
    • Armoured Kuruma model: Complete Fleecea Job
    • Prison Handcuffs: Complete the Prison Break
    • Toxic vial: Complete the Humane Labs Raid
    • Weed Stash: Complete Series A Funding
    • Gold Bar: Complete the Pacific Standard Job
    • IAA Eagle: Complete the Doomsday Heist, Act I
    • Android Mask: Complete the Doomsday Heist, Act II
    • Presidential Pardon: Complete the Doomsday Heist, Act III
    • Diamonds Case: Complete the Casino Heist with diamonds for loot
    • Exotic Plant: Complete the Cayo Perico Heist
    • Signed Record: Complete the Contract storyline
  • The ability to purchase a cat, dog or monkey which would roam around the apartment freely. One pet per apartment, two in Casino Penthouse. The pet can be named, and will be one of the many breeds seen in Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Two new apartment property types could also be added:
    • Beachside House ($1,250,000 - $2,110,000)
    • Rockford Hills Mansion ($3,000,000 - $4,500,000)

New Passive Income: Laundering Fronts

Purchase up to ten of twenty-five new businesses around Los Santos and Blaine County from one of the billboards outside to begin earning passive income. Each would provide the player with GTAO$25,000 after each weekly refresh.

These include the likes of restaurant and cafe chains, game design studios, laundromats, strip clubs and more.


The game's customisation selection would nearly overhauled with a whole suite of new features, styles and quality of life improvements.

Once again, a lot of these features would not be plausible to add to Grand Theft Auto V - Especially this late in the game's lifecycle, so they're something we'd love to see in the next iteration of GTA Online!


  • Ear: Industrial, Helix, Stretcher, Plug
  • Nose: Rings, Studs. Nostril and Septum
  • Eyebrow: Rings, Studs
  • Lips: Rings, studs, snakebites. Central and corners.
  • Belly button: Studs, gems


strut your stuff concept piercings



  • Remove gender restrictions on styles, so players can equip any style regardless of their character's sex
  • Add numerous new haircut styles:
    • “Fuckboy”
    • “Curtains”
    • “SK8R”
    • “Bowl cut”
    • “Fade”
    • “Scruffy Cut”


strut your stuff concept haircuts

Facial Hair:

  • Add Longer and bushier beards and moustaches with brand new 3D models
  • Separate stubble from beards, allowing them to function similarly to Red Dead Online
  • Allow beards for female characters



A huge amount of clothing options could be added to the game, including:

  • Slimmer biker jackets, open and closed options with various colours.
  • Open/slightly unbuttoned tucked shirts, in both plain and patterned designs
  • Leather dusters / trench coats
  • Ripped fitted jeans, low waist and high waist
  • More tie / bowtie styles, including new knots and shapes
  • New smaller necklaces and pendants
  • Rings and other hand jewellery
  • Backpacks, duffel bags and satchels
    • Backpacks can also be used to deploy parachutes
  •  Kilts
  • Hijabs, headdresses, turbans, bindis and other religious clothing to allow more players to create accurate versions of themselves
  • Hanging belt chains and accessories
  • Leg holsters, displaying set pistol
  • Hats and body armour with attached flashlights
  • Stylish jumpsuits and one-pieces
  • Masculine crop tops
  • Leather fingerless gloves
  • Bandage-themed clothing, including tops, gloves and masks
  • “Decades” inspired outfits at counters ranging from the 1920s to the 2020s
    • There could be ten outfits within each style
  •  “Influencer” inspired outfits at counters: Styles created by notable GTA content creators
  • Dirty/grungey skate shoes
  • Socks category. Will be seen under some sock-less shoes

Character Creator:

These are the majority of features which may not be able to be added to GTA Online, but we'd love to see anyway!

  • Weight class options
  • Muscle definition
  • Overhaul of face customisation: Replace parents system with sliders
  • More scar options, including some for the body



A variety of new features and styles can been added to the vehicle customisation suite. Including:

New paints:

  • “Patterned” paints:
    • Crackled
    • Etched
    • Wavy
    • Half-tone
    • Carbon fibre
  • “Glittery” paints: Full colour scheme
  • “Weathered” paints: Full colour scheme
  • New colours:
    • Cyan
    • Vibrant gold
    • Rose gold
    • Coral pink
    • Pale yellow
    • Mustard yellow
    • Deepest black
  • Matte/Metallic/Chrome/Pearlescent options for wheels.

Arena War Workshop features such as vehicle naming and colourful headlights should also be able to be applied to all vehicles across all workshops.

Misc / QoL Customisation:

  • Remove a variety of clothes-based restrictions (Accessories cancelling eachother out, certain leg clothes and shoes not working, jackets and tops, glasses and masks, etc)
  • Body armour in the clothing section could be able to be applied over all closed jackets and under any open jackets
  • Tattoos could be layered on top of eachother, rather than replacing one another
  • Gloves could be placed on individual hands
  • Each makeup selection would now have new colour options, and eyeliner and eyeshadow have had their categories separated
  • Players would now be able to select their phone “Model” options to match the make / models of Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s phones
  • More phone ringtone and background options, with the ability to set Snapmatic images as the background and new phone colours such as black, deep purple, silver, gold and rose gold
  • A new website allowing players to browse all of these options, with certain radio songs being available as ringtones
  • Ten more outfit slots to be added to the player inventory
  • Players would now have the option to “Save hairstyle with outfit” when saving outfits
  • Players should be able to "Favourite" up to ten vehicles across all of their garages for quicker access when calling the mechanic. These can also be accessed via the 'Vehicles' tab in the interaction menu.
  • Letters and numbers should be added to the crew logo creator, and crew logos will now display at higher resolutions ingame.

Other Miscellaneous Upgrades:

  • Players could enable "Auto Source" options for their Warehouse staff, which will continuously loop staff into sourcing cargo. Players will instead be charged $10,000 per staff member in their daily fees.
  • Various new interaction menu colour options could be implemented for some personal flare, as well as colour-blind accessibility.



What do you think of these upgrades? Be sure to let us know on our Twitter @GTABase!

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