Parachuting is an Activity in GTA Online.

This is a PVP mode that can be played by 1 to 8 Players.

A similar Parachuting activity is also present in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto IV.

If throwing yourself from stupidly high heights with nothing but a piece of material attached to your back with string for protection is your idea of fun, San Andreas has no shortage of spots to do it.

Parachuting: List of Jumps

Parachuting: Adrift

Get spiritual, face your fears, soil yourself... this one has it all. A jump from 7870ft that combines a rapid descent with some challenging turns.
Adrift GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Air Current

The question isn't why you would want to freefall into Los Santos from 4000ft, it's why not? A descent with fast, sweeping turns to ensure that you arrive in style.
Air Current GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Air Power

Make your own decision about the impact of global warming with this steep, winding jump over the Palmer-Taylor power station from 4120ft.
Air Power GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Airstrip

If a recruit shacks it on exercise, they don't need the added humiliation of hitching back to the landing strip. Practice landing where you took off with this flowing descent from 4300ft to McKenzie Airfield. on the way down you can admire the view, or ruminate on failure.
Airstrip GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Airwaves

Any student of style will know: what comes up must go down. drop from 4370ft tune in to Radio Mirror Park, and pretend you're over all the bands as you twist and turn sharply down to the pond below.
Airwaves GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Americana

You've been illegally downloading albums for years, so why not finish off the music industry for good. Skip the ticket line, and parachute into the Vinewood Bowl from 6000ft.
Americana GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Beach

There are so many posers in Del Perro, you need to up your game to stand out. This descent onto the beach from 4970ft with wide sweeping turns should get you noticed.
Beach GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: City Glide

Cash in on your bailout with this jump over the financial center of Los Santos. A leisurely descent from 1385ft, with shallow turns.
City Glide GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Cleared for Landing

Any crosseyed civilian idiot can jump from 6200ft, pull their chute, and land on the blacktop at Los Santos International. But only a rag tag bastard will be able to navigate the tight, twisting turns on this course, leading down to Devin Weston's hangar. For best views of the skyline, play on a clear morning.
Cleared for Landing GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: ​Cliffs

Take a steep dive from 4155ft down the craggy North side of Mount Chiliad, glide in over a homeless camp to remind you why you live each minute like it's your last, then land on a spectacular beach to remind you why you live on the West Coast.
​Cliffs GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Construction Bail

When you are standing on top of a skyscraper in mid-construction with no elevator, there's really only one way down. A technical descent from 880ft with several tight turns.
Construction Bail GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Cranes

Drop in over Pillbox Hill from 1650ft and navigate sharp turns through all the unfinished construction projects from the good old days before the economy tanked.
Cranes GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Delta

The lights on the runway in the distance at Fort Zancudo will serve as a grim reminder of the importance of landing during this jump from 2570ft. A steady descent with mostly shallow turns and a couple of dives.
Delta GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Desert

Lonely at the top, lonely at the bottom... this jump starts above the clouds and ends in the desert, so lots of time for existential questions as you freefall from 7870ft, then navigate a series of tight, twisting turns.
Desert GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Falling Fast

Parachute from 4210ft and try to land on the roof of the Burger Shot in Vespucci for 4th of July burgers
Falling Fast GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: From Sky to Sand

Nothing helps sooth the body and calm the nerves after air travel like a dip in the ocean, unless you hit it at 124MPH. Descent from a helicopter at 4410ft above LS International featuring tight turns and a landing on Vespucci Beach.
From Sky to Sand GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: From The Top

Don't worry about missing anything from the famous Mount Chiliad on this jump - you'll be hurtling close enough to touch it for most of the descent. Jump from 2850ft into a steep dive before leveling out over Paleto Bay.
From The Top GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Gauntlet

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper for those sweet dopamine, and this jump delivers. A rapid descent from 5970ft, leading through tight turns and treetops.
Gauntlet GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Gorge

Become one with nature as you plummet through Mount Chiliad Gorge from 3100ft, and pray that a gust of wind doesn't make you become one with the rock face.
Gorge GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Guns and Gasoline

Parachute jump for beginners. Starts at 4130ft, takes in views of the Land Act Dam and lands between a gun shot and gas station. Kind of perfect.
Guns and Gasoline GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: HALO

Give air traffic control a wake-up call with this rapid descent into Los Santos International Airport. Freefall from 3950ft and try to avoid a crash landing.
HALO GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Harbor

What better way to take in the sights of Los Santos than by hurling yourself out of a helicopter? A 2355ft jump with wide, shallow turns, landing at La Puerta Harbor.
Harbor GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Holding Pattern

Every jumper's got to learn to use their back-up chute. Either they learn or they go splat with the secondary still packed. Jump from 7874ft, drift down towards the Maze bank Tower, release your primary chute, free-fall, pull the back-up, and land on top of Ammu-nation in Strawberry
Holding Pattern GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Hydro

Enjoy panoramic views that start off stunning and steadily deteriorate until you land at a power plant on the side of a freeway. A 2740ft jump that dives steeply over the hydro-electric power station.
Hydro GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Jump Wings

It takes a certain level of self-belief to jump out of a helicopter from 7870ft. This extremely challenging descent, with a series of tight dives, is guaranteed to satisfy your desperate need for exhibitionism.
Jump Wings GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Lake

At first you'll think it's the altitude making your eyes and nose water, but you'll soon realize that it is whatever you're breathing in from the Alamo Sea below. A literally mind-blowing descent from 3950ft with banking turns.
Lake GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Leap of Faith

When you're standing on the peak of Mount Chiliad, there are two ways down -- a leisurely descent in a cable car or a freefall through the initial section of this 2600ft jump at breakneck speed. Time to decide which side of the midlife crisis you are on.
Leap of Faith GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Ocean Flyby

Enjoy breathtaking views as you glide in over the El Gordo Lighthouse and land on an island off the coast of the San Chianski Mountain Range... then wish you'd come up with a better plan for getting home. A 3595ft jump with shallow to medium turns.
Ocean Flyby GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Over the Globe

Either jump at night, or bring your factor 500 tanning lotion, because the sun shines a lot brighter at 7870ft. A technical jump with numerous tight turns and fast dives.
Over the Globe GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Reservoir

Get a whiff of what your drinking water smells like before it hits the treatment plant as you glide in over the Land Act Reservoir. A leisurely jump from 1655ft with very shallow turns.
Reservoir GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: River Valley

This 4420ft jump into Raton Canyon is full of dives, sharp turns, and moments of questioning what it really is that you are over-compensating for with this extreme sports obsession.
River Valley GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Rocky Road

Marvel at the untouched beauty of the trees and rock faces of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness at worryingly close range. A technical jump from 1630ft, with a slow descent and tight turns.
Rocky Road GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Skyscraper

At 7870ft, far above the clouds, this jump will tap right into your God complex. A descent with wide sweeping turns and multiple dives, landing on top of the Maze Bank Building.
Skyscraper GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Spiral

A jump that begins with stunning views of the city and ends with yelling abuse at bankers... does it get any better? A descent from 3900ft with tight spiraling turns around the Maze Bank Building.
Spiral GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Take the Plunge

The best training exercises are the ones that kill the most recruits. Get to grips with your backup chute, or find out if water really is as hard as concrete when you hit it at terminal velocity. Two chute jump from 6120ft over the Alamo Sea
Take the Plunge GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: The Cove

Enjoy the stunning vistas as you rapidly descend towards Paleto Cove by Mount Chiliad... but not so much that you forget to open your chute. A long free fall from 7500ft followed by weaving and diving between checkpoints and the drop zone.
The Cove GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: The Shed

It's you and a flimsy piece of material against Nature as you weave down the side of Mount Chiliad from 3425ft.
The Shed GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Timber

A jump like this is a true test of focus and mental strength. Don't allow any ideas to creep in about the slapdash packing of your chute or the odds on a faulty ripcord. No, don't, really. This 7870ft descent dives sharply, then twists through the Paleto Forest.
Timber GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Under the Bridge

Gravity does most of the hard work when you jump out a chopper from 4000ft. We're going to make it a bit more interesting by staging the drop in the flight path, and making recruits go under a bridge. Best played at night, so you can see the warning lights on obstacles.
Under the Bridge GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Under the Radar

Time for night raid training. You're jumping from 4470ft, gliding through a valley on Mount Josiah, and landing inside the military base. Don't forget to pull your legs up going over the fence, or to take your suicide pill if they catch you. Best played at night with a widowmaker chute.
Under the Radar GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Up In the Clouds

A mid-paced jump from 4100ft into central Los Santos with sweeping, shallow turns so, even if you're screaming like a baby in the air, you'll still look cool and graceful from the ground.
Up In the Clouds GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: View From Above

Arrive in Los Santos in style with a sweeping descent into the city center from 5419ft, and wave at all the drones in their office cubicles on the way down
View From Above GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: View of Vespucci

Show some Vespucci beach bums the true meaning of 'spaced out' with this steep parachute descent from 2980ft. See how many checkpoints you can hit before opening your chute.
View of Vespucci GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Wind Turbine

You don't need reminding of the importance of harnessing the power of the wind when you're crouched by the door of a helicopter at 3280ft, but this jump hammers the point home.
Wind Turbine GTA Online Parachuting

Parachuting: Job Info

  • Job Type Activity
  • Multiplayer Type PVP
  • N. of Players 1 - 8 Players

Parachuting: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date October 1, 2013
  • Platforms PCPlayStation 5Xbox Series X|SPlayStation 4Xbox OnePlayStation 3Xbox 360

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