Frontier Pursuits: Pursuit Harder

Red Dead Online's role system works really well for the game, and the first four roles we've gotten consist of enough fun, creative content for each type of player to enjoy. The only issue is, most of us have already maxed out each of these roles and are therefore getting bored of the content tied to them.

Now, of course we all want new roles and ideas brought to the game - You've seen how many fully-fledged ideas I have. But new roles may lead us to abandoning these ones, which would be quite sad. That's why I think Rockstar should add another 20 or so levels, featuring new content and unlocks for each of the roles in the Frontier Pursuits - To keep us going that little while longer!

In this article, I mention my first properties concept article quite a bit (Along with a few others, you'll see linked). Here's a link to that, so be sure to check it out after this to get the full idea of how these could work. I've done this in order to tie a lot of my concepts together, as having the features link up with one another would really make the world feel more alive and dynamic, and make players feel more rewarded for exploring more than one path in the game.

I've came up with a list of unlocks for each of these role levels, but not included any outfit, emote or weapon skin ideas for the sake of keeping the lists readable.

I've also released a part two to this article, consisting of three new roles to follow up after these ranks!


The Trader, Levels 21 - 50

  • Foody Dave has joined the cause, allowing us to now also trade in meats and fish, which we can give him at the new camp butcher table.
    • Skin animals you hunt down, and give each parts to the different tables for maximum efficiency
  • Butcher table is unlocked from Trader rank 20
    • Costs $500
  • Add seasoning and herbs to increase delivery price of food
  • Unlocks:
    • Chicken coup, increasing quality of meats and the base stew in an owned stew pot
      • Rank 22
      • $300
      • Sometimes the dogs can be seen trying to play with the chickens
    • Medium ice box / large ice box upgrades, allowing more meats to be stored
      • Rank 25 and 30, respectively
      • $500 and $700, with previous version required
      • Larger deliveries = more money
    • Banquet table, with seven seats around it for the full posse. It’s under a shelter, keeping rain off it
      • Rank 27
      • $250
      • This will fit with the camp theme
    • Sleep darts, which are shot via a new blowpipe into animals to knock them out without decreasing their quality
      • Rank 30
      • Pipe is $280, darts are $10 for 15
      • The player can go up to the unconscious animal to kill it in a more humane way. Using these will grant the player an honour increase
      • They can be crafted using small game arrows and some plants
      • When shot at other players, the player will enter a rag-doll state for about 5 seconds, before coming to. It will apply a drunk effect for another 30 seconds.
        • This won't work when on defensive mode
      • These work like sedative darts from 'The Naturalist' but work much faster, and can pacify smaller creatures
    • Deluxe Campfire 2, featuring surrounding sofas and comfier chairs for faster core regeneration and a communal coffee pot over the fire, in which more than one player can take a coffee from
      • Rank 34
      • $600
      • Throws / blankets will depend on the camp theme
    • Animal traps can now be unlocked and placed around camp, with bait being placed in them. Cripps and Dave will collect these animals and split the resources themselves
      • Rank 40
      • $890
      • These must be replaced after use, up to 5 traps at $5 per piece
    • Improved leather working tools, increasing the speed pelts are made
      • Rank 42
      • $200
    • A dog house, for a second dog
      • Rank 44
      • $290
    • A plant garden patch, increasing food quality again
      • Rank 46
      • $600
  • A new version of Trade Route is available, featuring boats travelling from Saint Denis to Van Horn, and a wagon train from Tumbleweed to McFarlane’s Ranch
    • These are unlocked at Rank 26
  • At rank 50, the player can purchase the 'Ranch' from the first properties article
    • This unlocks the rancher role, seen here, which gives the player a new set of levels and challenges to work through, and a greater sense of progression

The Collector, Levels 21 - 40

  • Madame Nazar tells you of new collections around the frontier, including:
    • Antique weapons
      • Vintage flintlock
      • Pirate cutlass
      • Viking axe
      • Landon Ricketts' first pistol
      • The Blunderbuss
      • Golden katana
      • Ornate bow
    • New exotic fruits
      • Bananas
      • Dragonfruit
      • Mangoes
      • Passionfruit
      • Coconuts
      • Lychee
    • Special paintings
      • Landon Ricketts portrait
      • Early Saint Denis
      • The Blackwater Belle
      • Penelope Braithwaite portrait
      • Armadillo's Golden Age
      • The Strange Man
      • IKZ portrait
    • Cigarette cards
      • All from single player
    • Celebrity journals
      • Landon Ricketts
      • Black Belle
      • Emmet Granger
      • Billy Midnight
      • Frank Heck
      • Arthur Morgan, the first journal
      • Laurence Dunn
      • JD McKnight
      • President Fisher
      • Geraldine Emerson
      • Princess IKZ
  • Unlocks:
    • Musical instruments, which function as mentioned in this article, consisting of small features Red Dead Online could benefit from
      • Rank 23
      • $120 each
    • The "wispy" lantern, which emits a brighter, blue-purple light and has a more mystical appearance. Makes nearby collectables glow
      • Rank 25
      • $500
    • Visible satchels, with many different styles and swatches
      • Rank 27
      • $120 - $600
    • Camp phonograph, which can play music when turned on
      • Rank 30
      • $800
      • If it could play versions of the music from the storymode, that would be incredible
    • Camp telescope, allowing players to stargaze
      • Rank 32
      • $600
      • Will recharge dead eye bar during the night
    • "Fence" items can be sold to Madam Nazar, for added convenience
      • Rank 35
    • The "lasso drop" skill, in which players can rappel down cliff faces using a reinforced lasso
      • Rank 38
      • This is a nice crossover with the Bounty Hunter role, allowing players to feel rewarded for following more than one path
    • The Treasure Vault from the properties article, with the new Treasure Hunter role
      • This is unlocked at Rank 40, and has the same properties as the rancher role from the new Trader levels
  • A new version of the Salvage freemode event is available, taking place in Guarma
    • This is unlocked at Rank 25
    • I finally done it. I finally found a way to get us to Guarma in online with no real need for an explanation

The Bounty Hunter, Levels 21 - 40

  • The bounty hunter we met from Rhodes comes across us at our camp, and tells us we've really been making a name for ourselves. They tell us that there's more that could be done, however.
  • Rockstar have added 10 levels to Red Dead Online with The Bounty Hunter Update, so most of these would have to be reshuffled. I still have plenty of unadded ideas, after all!.
  • Unlocks:
    • The five new legendary bounty concepts I mentioned in the last section of this storylines concept article
      • Ranks 21 - 25, one bounty per level
    • Camp lighting, which adds more torches and lanterns around the camp, increasing vision at night
      • Rank 26
      • $350
      • If we can have lanterns hanging from nearby trees in wooded areas, that would be really cool
    • The baton, which is a non-lethal melee weapon
      • Rank 28
      • $200
    • Camp bounty board
      • Rank 30
      • $900
      • This will only have one three-star bounty on it for balancing purposes, with the option to also start legendary bounties
    • "Oiled" and red gun metal tints
      • Rank 32
      • 2 Gold
      • "Oiled" would look like an oily puddle, whereas red is just nice to have
      • Red metal inlays were added in The Naturalist, among other colours, but having full gun metals with these shades would be nice.
    • The skill “intimidate” where bounty targets have a 20% chance of straight up surrendering
      • Rank 34
    • Reinforced bolas, which take longer to break
      • Rank 38
      • $60 for one
      • Perhaps, we could also carry more than three
      • Rockstar added different Bolas styles in the Bounty Hunter Update, but they don't have any different gameplay elements
    • Unlocks the dungeon from the properties article
      • Rank 40
      • This unlocks the "Vigilante" role, carrying the same form of properties as the new Rancher and Treasure Hunter roles
  • A new freemode event is available, "Stronghold Siege" where players must team up and storm a heavily-fortified NPC base and kill all the enemies. This could take place at locations like Fort Mercer or Fort Wallace
    • Unlocks at Rank 26
    • 20 players
    • Players get two respawns each due to it's difficulty
  • Another new freemode event is available, "Prison Riot" where players are at Sisika Penitentiary and must incapacitate and hogtie escaping prisoners. Players don't have access to any lethal weapons, and can only hogtie
    • Unlocks at Rank 32
    • 20 players
    • Players get one respawn each due to the difficulty
    • Most NPC enemies would be using their fists or shivs, but rare ones may spawn with a repeater or pistol which would be stolen from a guard

The Moonshiner, Levels 21 - 40

  • Maggie Fike thanks you for everything you've done for her, and tells you that she'll be forever in your debt
  • Unlocks:
    • Three new band songs
      • Rank 21
      • Covers of the RDR2 soundtrack would be incredible and help give the bar a different atmosphere
    • Sturdy jugs, decreasing the chance bottles will be smashed on delivery
      • Rank 23
      • $400
    • "Branding" increasing the amount of buyers available at a time, and the price they're willing to pay
      • Rank 24
      • $280
      • Players can choose a logo to be placed on their wagon, next to their posse name
    • Bartenders, selling Moonshine to customers and players for a set price
      • Rank 25
      • $700
      • Prices can be set individually for friends, posse members and strangers
      • They can be upgraded to also sell food
        • $200
    • Wagon tarp/disguise, decreasing the chance revenue agents will stop you on sales
      • Rank 27
      • $450
    • Six new flavours of moonshine, can be flavoured with collectable plants making a sale value of $500
      • Rank 30
      • This is a nice crossover with the collector role
    • Speakeasy safe, allowing us to collect revenue for our bar
      • Rank 32
      • $800
      • Finally
    • The greenhouse from the properties article
      • Rank 35
    • More seating areas and bathrooms for the Speakeasy, meaning more customers come to the bar
      • Rank 37
      • $1000
      • This will also increase the revenue stream, as people would be spending more time here.
        • `Perhaps players could throw up in the toilets if they got too drunk on the Moonshine
    • Lem as an assistant Moonshiner for Marcel, increasing the speed Moonshine is produced
      • Rank 40
      • Where did he even go after the main story?
    • Moonshine can now be sold at your Lodge from the second Properties article
      • Rank 40
      • This increases revenue, but also the time it takes to produce Moonshine as some is being sent away
      • The flavour matches the currently active batch

The Naturalist, Levels 21 - 40

  • Harriet thanks you for helping her find out new information about the wildlife on the frontier, Gus asks to set up shop at your camp for new exclusive items
  • Gus' trapper workshop will cost the player $900 as a camp upgrade
  • Unlocks:
    • Predator Defence, allowing players to quickly pull a knife on bears or alligators which have pinned them, and would otherwise kill them.
      • Rank 21
    • Forgiveness, meaning it takes up to 20 more animal kills before Harriet becomes frustrated with the player. The cooldown is also reduced ot three minutes
      • Rank 23
    • New legendary animals: The Ivory Bear, the Cyan-Shelled Turtle and the Bloodbunny
      • Ranks 25 - 27, one unlocking at each level
      • The Ivory Bear takes players to the geysers in Ambarino, and it's legendary garment is a pure white fur cloak
      • The Cyan-Shelled turtle is seen around Shady Belle, and it's shell can be turned into an armoured holster and gun belt for the player
      • The Bloodbunny is seen around Beecher's Hope, and will try to attack the player (And perhaps poison them?) It can be turned into a scarf.
    • Pacify, allowing players a 15% chance to pacify an animal with a new interaction. The animal will not run away from the player or attack them.
      • Rank 29
    • Tame, building on pacify, this allows players to interact with their pacified animal for another 30% chance to tame them. A tamed animal will return to camp and act as a guard. Any animal can be tamed, but the percentage decreases based on the power of the animal. (So a bear would be harder than a deer) - When killed, the animal can be revived for $50
      • Rank 32
      • It can not be skinned or sampled, in order to avoid pelt farming
    • The Tacked Saddle, a saddle which appears to just be random materials which have been scavenged, allowing players to continue having the rugged feel.
      • Rank 33
      • $310
    • Naturalist camp theme, featuring tents made almost entirely out of leaves and branches. The fast travel post also looks more nature-themed
      • Rank 35
      • $800
    • Legendary Tame, giving players a 2% chance to tame a pacified legendary animal. If sent to camp and killed, it will cost $100 to revive
      • Rank 40
      • This can also not be skinned or sampled

What do you think of these ideas? Which role would you continue to progress first? Let us know!

If you like these ideas, and would love to see them implemented into Red Dead Online, please share this article to increase the chances of Rockstar seeing it! That's the best way to show them what we are interested in!

Now, my young Clowns, before we go. It's always nice to leave everyone with a little bit of a teaser. (Hint hint, Rockstar) The next concept article I'm gonna post is a big one, tying everything together. Coming July 24th, we have...

heists concept

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