You all loved this first article, featuring the property concepts I brought to the table for Red Dead Online, and I further developed them with a storyline tie-in. Now, I'm back with five more properties which could help Red Dead Online become a much better experience. I've taken feedback from the hungry, hungry community and some friends, and discussed how to keep these balanced. I've brought focus to properties which keep users on the move in the frontier, and keep us entertained with re-playable content.

For this article, I will be doing my best to take the way Rockstar's online games work into consideration. Requesting features such as building our own houses on a plot of land and customising the exterior of buildings is unrealistic, as it can cause clashes with other players who have also settled down in that location.

Of course, they could take inspiration from something like Fallout 76's CAMP system, but due to the nature of Red Dead's properties, that would be more inconvenient than not. Everything would either need to take place in an interior, or function somewhat like the yachts in GTA Online. I'm sorry guys, but they're just not plausible. Best not get our hopes up for something like that.


Houses That Move

Houseboat (25 Gold)

houseboat rdr2

This is a houseboat seen in the game, but perhaps ours could be a little bigger and in a better condition

  • Summonable, drive-able boat
    • Around the size of the tugboat in GTA Online
  • Has an instanced interior
    • Like the MOC type vehicles in GTA Online
  • Has a brig, in which bounties can be kept
  • Has a bed, gun locker, stew stove and a small seating area inside
  • More seats outside, along with a steering area
    • Which players can sit on, and shoot or even fish from!
  • Has a piracy map, where players can look for other boats carrying cargo, or find hidden treasure which can be stolen and stored below deck to be sold
    • One of these needed a business, so here's Trader Level 3 - The Pirate!
      • Pirate clothes and a flintlock would be nice, after all
  • Interior can be customised with wood types, furniture styles and colours and decorations
    • Perhaps even a phonograph
  • Exterior can be customised with light fixtures, wood paints, flags and a custom boat name
    • The boat name can be entered like the GTA Online yachts
    • Flags have the preset camp designs and countries

Man has conquered land, and now it's time to expand to the sea. With all the amenities of your Saint Denis home on the water, with some space for business too, the houseboat is the perfect purchase for any sea lover. Wake up in the middle of Flat Iron lake, away from the cattle rustling, murdering and robbing noise you get on the land.

Train Carriage (20 Gold)

ornate train carriage example

This is an example from Assassin's Creed Syndicate, but looks well fitted for Red Dead Online

  • Mobile home, constantly on the move
  • Another instanced interior
  • A train will be travelling around the rail lines with multiple of these attached, depending on how many players in the session have one.
    • Can spawn on either New Austin or New Hanover lines like the yacht locations on GTA
      • Whether the player purchases a carriage on that line or can move it whenever is down to Rockstar. 32 carriages on one train may be a little too much however
  • Consists of a small personal bar, a gun locker, chairs, bed, mail box and fireplace
  • If the train driver is killed and nobody else is driving the train, they will respawn after 5 minutes of inactivity
    • This means the vehicle can remain active regardless of griefers, but people can still get their kicks out of train driving
  • Interior can be customised with primary, secondary and tertiary colours, decals, furniture styles and light fixtures
  • Exterior can be customised with a painted stripe of any colour the player chooses and either their current posse name, their character name or their gamertag
    • We're getting into branding territory, the next step in Rockstar's plan for our character's gradual growth

The locomotive steam engine really is the future, so plan your home of tomorrow today! Complete with all your luxury needs and a constant changing view from your window, owning your very own train carriage is the very thing you need.

Quick Camp ($140 camp upgrade)


personal camp

The fact the camp item is in our inventory, but just takes us to our normal camp menu. That's just teasing

  • Accessed through the camp item in the inventory
  • A campfire and a small tent matching your camp style for convenience
  • Other players in the posse can set up at your quick camp if they choose, or set their own up wherever
  • Perfect for if your camp is in another state
    • Or for a possible Mexico expansion
  • Can be upgraded to have a set of stools around the fire, and for the fire to have a small base-quality stew pot

Do you find yourself lost out in the wilderness a lot? Need a quick place to rest and cook up some minty big game whilst hunting down a bounty? Sometimes the best solution is the most obvious. Pitch up a small tent and make a small campfire! Perfect for all your basic, instant needs.

Focus on the Public

Lodge (15, 25 or 30 Gold)

rdo lodges locations

Considering this is the only purchasable stationary property in this article, it's the only one with a map.

  • Like a hotel
  • Other players can stay here and use it as a personal home for a host-set price per night
    • Free - $10
    • NPCs will also stay here
  • 2, 4 or 6 rooms depending on size
    • Different sizes available in different locations
  • Hotel rooms supply a wardrobe, bed and public eating area with a stew stove
  • If guest players have a weapon locker or dog, they can be accessed at the lodge if the host allows them
  • One bathroom is available
  • Stagecoach "taxi" service from the lodge
    • A nice alternative to the typical fast travel
  • Interior rooms can be separately customised with two colour options, furniture styles and colours, floor types such as wood and carpet, and decorations.
    • Dining hall can also be customised with the same settings.
  • Exterior can have a sign with a selectable logo and a custom name
  • Staff can be hired
    • $1.50 per day per staff member, up to 3 staff members available
  • Earns money over time, depending on how the player keeps it stocked
    • $60 income per day at max functions

Perfect for restoring cores, getting some food, preparing your outfits and planning your journey ahead, visiting one of the lodges across the country is one of the best moves you can make, just after owning one yourself! Hire staff to make your guests have the most comfortable experience possible!

The Saint Denis Fight Club

saint denis fight club

Yes, I spent too long making that logo

  • A public arena, like GTA V’s casino
  • There is a bar and bartender available
    • Because what's the point in watching people beat each other to death, if you can't get drunk doing it?
  • Ran by a man who calls himself "Saint Dennis"
    • Basically, the way everyone originally pronounced Saint Denis
      • Maybe he could have a sandy knee
  • Players can participate in fights or place bets on them
  • Betting is dependent on how many players place wagers and how much money is in the middle
    • $1 - $50 bets, or the option to freely spectate
    • The house takes a 5% cut each time, however
  • 6 rings, 3 PvP and 3 PvE
  • To participate in fights, players much purchase a brawling license for 15 gold.
    • Players without a licence can still place bets on fights
  • PvP rings have players face off in;
    • 1v1 matches
      • Winning a 1v1 will net you $10, with a $5 entry fee. The prize money will increase by 10% for 10 rounds.
    • 2v2 matches
      • 2v2 is posse based, and the victors have a joint celebration
      • 2v2 is the same prizes and entry free per player as 1v1
    • Up to 6 players free-for-all
      • Free-for-all involves all 6 players going at it to be the last person standing
      • In the free-for-all, the player gets a $15 winning prize, a $1 bonus per player in the match and a $2.50 bonus per player they got the final blow on
  • Champion can stay in the ring for the next challenger if they wish, and will regain a small amount of health
    • Increasing depending on their level in the brawler role
  • Players in PvE get to stay in the ring for 10 rounds or until they are beaten. The rounds get tougher with the “Tommy” brute enemies coming in at the end.
  • PvE games are;
    • 1v1NPC
      • Players in 1v1NPC get $5 per round each, and a bonus $20 for completing the set. Free to enter
    • 2v2NPC
      • 2v2NPC has the same rewards per player as 1v1. Free to enter
    • 2v6NPC
      • 2v6 has 2 brutes and 4 normal enemies for round 10
      • Players in 2v6NPC get $10 per round each, and a bonus $100 and 10 gold nuggets for completing the set. Free to enter
  • Sets can only be completed once every in game day. If the player is defeated before the end, there is a 30 minute cool down before they can re enter

There's only one rule here. No weapons. Other than that, this is a free game. Ladies and gentlemen are welcome to freely step into the ring and beat the life out of each other for some sweet American dollars, as it should be. Patrons can enjoy a strong glass of moonshine and throw their money to whoever they think is going to win, or just enjoy spectating the carnage. We don't need this country to be too civilised, after all.

What do you think of these properties? Which would you be most likely to buy? (Don't talk about the fight club)

If you like this concept, please be sure to share it around! The more shares it gets, the more likely it is for Rockstar to take notice!

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