Red Dead Online holds a lot of potential for greatness, there's no doubt about that. After the improvements made to character movement and the addition of roles, the game has began to find it's footing. But the game needs some minor features and additions to really make it a fantastic experience, and Rockstar has listened to us in the past with these - with more saddle bag designs, the stew pot, weapon lockers and the aforementioned improvements made to the aiming and movement.

Because of this, I've compiled a set of lists consisting of tiny features that I managed to come up with, that would really help round off the game as a whole.

Enjoy the Little Things - General Content

  • Acoustic guitar - Playable when riding on wagons, at the campfire or on foot. Can be customised in depth with engravings, embellishments, wood types, etc.
    • We could have other instruments too, like a Harmonica, which could be customised with metal types
    • Instruments could harmonise together to make fantastic music, like in the moonshine shack or Sea of Thieves

vanderlinde campfire

  • Theatre, cinema and hotels from single player
    • Hotels could fortify cores when resting and give access to a wardrobe
      • Multiple rooms available, maybe some in the Valentine Saloon?
      • One player at a time for 10 minutes. Bath good for cleaning
    • Imagine visiting the theatre with your mates in Online, being called up as a volunteer and firing a bullet at a magician to catch in his teeth. Obviously, other player could try to grief this but if tickets had to be purchased before the show started, it would be easier to manage
  • Horse breaking
    • Broken horses can be saddled and saved but will not respawn if they die
      • Unless a more expensive horse insurance package is purchased
      • Perhaps if the horses could be sold for 20% of their purchase price, it would bring more reason to do so. It could even be worked into a role like GTA's Import/Export DLC
        • Horse spawning could either be decreased slightly to balance this, or it could work like Los Santos Customs or Simeon's requested vehicles
  • Restore the original payouts for animal pelts and fish sold to the butcher
  • Two-player actions/emotes
    • Destiny has them, and we kind of have them in the moonshine shack with the interactions, so it's not impossible
  • Posse emblems
    • This can be done through something like the crew logo creator for GTAO, or it could be a separate in-game feature like the ones in Halo or Call of Duty.
  • Blackjack, Dominos, Five Finger Filet and Liar’s Dice
    • Even just a gambling table available at our camp for friendly games with our fellow posse members
      • Rockstar's anti-gambling cheat methods are strangely strong, considering we can't purchase $ in RDO

rdo gambling screenshot

  • Trapper + trapper clothing
  • Wagon and horse fences
  • Citizens in the houses we can enter
    • I need more risk when robbing homes
  • Dog tricks/jobs (Fetch ammo, ingredients, etc)
    • Think dogmeat from Fallout or Boomer from Far Cry, but the wild west
  • Dogs linked to tents, not camps. We want multiple dogs at our camp
    • I want them to chase eachother around and play
      • No puppy making though, please. That one scene from GTA V was quite enough
  • A ferry that takes you across Flat Iron Lake
    • It's like a train, but wet
    • Ticket prices would perhaps be around $2.50, so it's cheaper than fast travel, but takes longer
  • Passenger trains
    • We need to be able to purchase train tickets, rob passengers and steal these just like we can in single player. There's no reason the online ones should just be limited to the cargo trains we have at the minute.
  • Ferrari horse
    • But call it a Lampadati for the memes
  • Purchasable coach wagons that can be customised
    • Wheels, paint x2, livery, seating materials
      • Perhaps a "Paint quality" feature where our paint could look fresh or more worn would make this even better
      • Painting and applying liveries to our bounty, hunting and delivery wagons would also be nice
      • We could perhaps store valuable items in the wagon lockbox, in which we could sell to a fence.
        • Carrying more than 5 gold teeth would be great
  • Chose the horse(s) to pull your wagons, including the bounty, hunting and delivery wagons
      • Who is this shire and where did he come from?
  • Bar food/meals from single player
    • A hireable bartender in our moonshine shack would also be useful
      • They could also serve this food.
  • rdo moonshiner

  • Summonable row boat / steam boat / canoe
    • Also make these paintable
  • The ranch at McFarlane’s ranch should already be built
    • Bonnie said it was built when she was a child
      • Unless she's still a child at heart
  • Some way to get to Guarma, even if it's just a mission
    • Please, Rockstar. We've went seven months with nothing. Treat us
  • Separate bounty rankings per state
    • Another feature available in single player, perhaps to balance this we could build bounties faster
    • This would be really cool and bring a new level of thought to the game, choosing to avoid locations to avoid being hunted down
    • Allow us to sleep at camp beds/sleeping bags
      • This should make our cores regenerate faster than typical resting, maybe fortify them by one level

Guns, and Other Deadly Tools - Weapon Additions and Improvements

  • Weapon naming
  • Metal plating armour which increases health but decreases stamina and movement speed
    • It already exists in showdown modes and the mission where we defeat Teddy Brown, so it's a little less work
    • Perhaps we would be restricted from eating if we wore the helmet, but we'd be a little more protected from headshots

A Game of Style - Character Customisation

  • Assless chaps
    • Okay, I'm joking with this one
      • Don't even try and convince me you wouldn't want to see Arthur's juicy cheeks
  • Kilts, sand masks, satchels, robes, turbans, gowns, dresses
    • Rockstar is a traditionally Scottish company, we need kilts! John Marston's Dad was even Scottish!
    • The satchels would also be a nice addition, and could perhaps increase inventory space
    • Sand masks would be good for hot weather
    • Turbans are great for character creation and diversity
    • Dresses and gowns are good for those who spend most of their time in Saint Denis or Blackwater
      • Dresses have been added to the game
    • More Native-American tribal clothing would also be appreciated
  • Stick-poke tattoos
    • All these vintage or tribal tattoo designs would make our characters look way more interesting
  • War paint for players and horses
    • This would be cool for rougher characters, or Native American characters
      • There really is a huge Native American scene in Red Dead Online. More clothes for them would be good too

eagle flies

  • Better fitting bandoliers
  • Bow customisation
    • Woods, grips, paints, strings.
    • Maybe even arrow paints?
    • Was added in The Naturalist
  • Winchester repeater
    • Perfect for killing the undead
      • If you know, you know
  • Bayonet gun
    • Being able to charge with this would be cool
  • Pitchfork
    • Big weapon for impaling people
  • Flaming torch
    • Previously available in Guarma and RDR1
    • Alternative light source to the lantern
    • Another weapon that is perfect for killing the undead
  • Body hair options
  • Beard customisation and hair growth
  • Makeup for men
    • Ru Paul's expansion into the wild west was a hit success

Stories to Tell - Random Encounters

  • Bounty hunter random encounters
    • It's strange that we only find bounty targets when we're looking
    • Was added in the Bounty Hunter Update
  • More honour-based random encounters
    • The blind fortune teller would be a great way to tease future updates and events
      • Even just missions the player hasn't completed yet
      • He could even convince players to purchase roles, and maybe offer 1 or 2 gold off them
  • High-end stagecoach random encounters
    • They could be carrying rich citizens, special valuable items or even collectibles
  • Duels, with both NPCs and the ability to challenge other players
  • More frequent random encounters
    • With server improvements, this seems to be a thing
  • More camp random events, like an animal attack
    • That old guy said he'd remember me, let him come back and give me something nice
      • Animal pelts for Cripps, please?
    • Travelling circus, wandering fence or trapper which we can purchase things from, anything like that

What small features would you like to see in Red Dead Online? If we get enough ideas, we'll credit you in a follow up article!

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