Air Races are a Race Mode in GTA Online.

This is a mode that can be played by 1 to 30 PLAYERS_N.

Race rival players through San Andreas using Air Vehicles, such as planes and helicopters.

Air Races: List of Races

Air Race: Base Level

Play chicken and dodge ducks with this race over Lago Zancudo. Lap course for Besra stunt jets that cuts back over itself multiple times. Expect to see wreckage in the wetlands and impact zones on the bridges.
Air Race: Base Level GTA Online Race
Air Race: Base Level Map

Air Race: Blowing in the Wind

A tour of San Andreas' renewable energy infrastructure in the least green vehicles we could think of - planes. Point to point starts in Sandy Shores, dives through the windfarm, comes up over the Land Act Dam, and finishes Downtown.
Air Race: Blowing in the Wind GTA Online Race
Air Race: Blowing in the Wind Map

Air Race: Branching Out

From the sea side to mountain peaks, from hikers to technophobic, cannibalistic cultists, from state parks to secret weed farms, the San Andreas wilderness has it all. Drink it in with this lap race for choppers by Mount Chiliad and Raton Canyon.
Air Race: Branching Out GTA Online Race
Air Race: Branching Out Map

Air Race: Burn Your Bridges

It's duck season in this lap race for Mallard planes around South Los Santos. Fly through the thick of the smog as you buzz chimney stacks and gas guzzling freeways, and go under and between bridges in the city's soon to be outsourced industrial heart.
Air Race: Burn Your Bridges GTA Online Race
Air Race: Burn Your Bridges Map

Air Race: Burn Your Bridges II

Like all sequels, this is more of the same with a bigger budget. Lap race for Vestra jets that weaves between buildings, and gives show-offs seven opportunities to duck under bridges. Be careful not to go down the drain when you go down the drain.
Air Race: Burn Your Bridges II GTA Online Race
Air Race: Burn Your Bridges II Map

Air Race: Business Class

Do Loggins proud and race some fighter jets around Downtown LS and Vinewood. Weave between buildings and through construction sites on your laps. Two tight turns at either end.
Air Race: Business Class GTA Online Race
Air Race: Business Class Map

Air Race: Chopper Cruise

How do you get from lunch in the Vinewood Hills to your flight at Los Santos International when it's gridlock on the La Puerta Fwy? This Chopper point to point across the city will give you an idea.
Air Race: Chopper Cruise GTA Online Race
Air Race: Chopper Cruise Map

Air Race: Crop Circle

Explore the Eastern wilds of San Andreas on this point to point for choppers. Go up the coast, round El Gordo Lighthouse, buzz the farms of Grapeseed, and finish in prime alien abduction territory outside Sandy Shores.
Air Race: Crop Circle GTA Online Race
Air Race: Crop Circle Map

Air Race: Crosswind

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, or at least more people would survive. Advanced level lap race for Besra Jets weaving through the Ron Alternates Wind Farm. Try not to get chopped in half by a turbine blade, or collide with a rival at the crossover.
Air Race: Crosswind GTA Online Race
Air Race: Crosswind Map

Air Race: First Class

Catch the red eye with this night flight over South Los Santos. Lap race for Vestras that starts by the Maze Bank Arena, ducks under bridges, loops around Los Santos International, and returns over the tallest skyscrapers in Downtown.
Air Race: First Class GTA Online Race
Air Race: First Class Map

Air Race: Fleet First

Like every other pilot in LS, you know you can fly a commercial jet under suspension bridges and round Ferris Wheels - now see if you can get your passengers to share your confidence. Drop the oxygen masks and take in the views with this point to point race over some of the most beautiful parts of the state.
Air Race: Fleet First GTA Online Race
Air Race: Fleet First Map

Air Race: Flying Colors

Regulation Air Force exercises happen at high altitude over the ocean, but where's the fun when you can't get a feel for how fast you're flying? Lap race for planes over rural Eastern Blaine County. How close to the dirt can you go without taking the head off a fruit picker?
Air Race: Flying Colors GTA Online Race
Air Race: Flying Colors Map

Air Race: Flying Low

Push your aerobatic stunt jet to its limits with this tricky lap race around the city. You'll duck under bridges, skim the canals, trench run the LS River, and maybe, just maybe, learn something about yourself.
Air Race: Flying Low GTA Online Race
Air Race: Flying Low Map

Air Race: Grave Danger

Starting in the Puerto Del Sol, go around the whole of beachside West Los Santos in this lap race for choppers. Aerial views of the Vespucci Canals, Richards Majestic Studios, Del Perro, and the Great Ocean Highway.
Air Race: Grave Danger GTA Online Race
Air Race: Grave Danger Map

Air Race: Heli River

Stick to the waterways in this chopper lap race around Los Santos. Follow the concrete river channels and fly under the bridges as you try to beat other birds from Downtown up to El Burro Heights and back to Little Seoul.
Air Race: Heli River GTA Online Race
Air Race: Heli River Map

Air Race: In the Loop

Hold onto your lunch or you'll need windshield wipers on the inside of your cockpit. Point to point for jets through the docks and Downtown. Obstacles to avoid and two loop the loops will keep you on your toes... or your head.
Air Race: In the Loop GTA Online Race
Air Race: In the Loop Map

Air Race: In the Wings

What's the last thing an indicted M and A VP sees after exiting the window of his corner office? Today, it's not his recently repossessed Infernus, it's you and 29 other psychopaths doing laps in military grade jets. Technical air race passing between skyscrapers, through cranes, and under bridges. Welcome to the business district.
Air Race: In the Wings GTA Online Race
Air Race: In the Wings Map

Air Race: Jet Lag

Long point to point race for Lazers. Fighter jets will start at Fort Zancudo and go over the wetlands before coming over the Vinewood Hills rounding Downtown and finishing above Del Perro. Pilots have to go between buildings and under bridges at high speed.
Air Race: Jet Lag GTA Online Race
Air Race: Jet Lag Map

Air Race: Jet Stream

Scenic tour of the outskirts of Los Santos... in fighter jets. This long point to point for Lazers takes you past some postcard-worthy landmarks. If you look hard enough, you can make out the tourists taking selfies.
Air Race: Jet Stream GTA Online Race
Air Race: Jet Stream Map

Air Race: Jet-setting

When a normal person wants to get out of the city, they have to sit in traffic for hours. Business leaders jump a jet and get out in minutes. Point to point for Vestras heading due North. Over the Kortz Center to Great Chaparral, past Mount Josiah, and all the way to Procopio Beach.
Air Race: Jet-setting GTA Online Race
Air Race: Jet-setting Map

Air Race: Lazer Quest

Have you got the right stuff to take laps around Blaine County with this race for fighter jets. Starts near Sandy Shores, goes through Grapeseed, along the North coast of the Alamo Sea, around Mount Jonah, and back down Raton Canyon toward the Grand Senora.
Air Race: Lazer Quest GTA Online Race
Air Race: Lazer Quest Map

Air Race: Lift Off

Ever wondered why the collective noun for a large group of helicopters is a 'death wish'? Find out with this small-scale, shallow-turning race for up to 30 willing martyrs above the Great Ocean Highway.
Air Race: Lift Off GTA Online Race
Air Race: Lift Off Map

Air Race: Loose Canyon

Figure of eight airtrack between the Alamo Sea and the Ocean. Laps follow Cassidy Creek, loop around Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness and come back. Pilots have to fly under three bridges.
Air Race: Loose Canyon GTA Online Race
Air Race: Loose Canyon Map

Air Race: Over the Hill

As the duck flies, race Mallards from El Gordo Lighthouse to the West of San Andreas, and then back to the Alamo Sea. Point to point for stunt planes taking you over San Andreas' highest point, the peak of Mount Chiliad.
Air Race: Over the Hill GTA Online Race
Air Race: Over the Hill Map

Air Race: Plane to Sea

Play crop duster on this mountain hugging, crevasse diving point to point for planes. From Procopio, go around Mount Gordo, and over Grapeseed's dusty farmland. Bringing out of date pesticide and a disregard for immigrant laborers is optional.
Air Race: Plane to Sea GTA Online Race
Air Race: Plane to Sea Map

Air Race: Stage Flight

Lap race for planes in Northern Los Santos County. Starting in the Vinewood Hills, heading North over the Redwood Lights Motocross Track, turning back South over Harmony, going up over Lake Vinewood, down into Downtown Vinewood, and ascending to the Vinewood Bowl. All things Vinewood then.
Air Race: Stage Flight GTA Online Race
Air Race: Stage Flight Map

Air Race: Tight Squeeze

Knife edge between buildings and duck under cranes as you fly by Vespucci, Vinewood, and Rockford Hills. If anything goes wrong, you'll kill some construction workers or package tourists, so who cares, right? Lap race in the Vestra business jet.
Air Race: Tight Squeeze GTA Online Race
Air Race: Tight Squeeze Map

Air Races: Removed Races

The following races are no longer available in GTA Online:

Air Race: Downtown, Downtown

From Mirror Park to Del Perro, get across the city as fast as you can with no chance of being stuck in traffic. Lap race for planes cuts between skyscrapers as it traverses the metropolis.
Air Race: Downtown, Downtown GTA Online Race
Air Race: Downtown, Downtown Map

Air Race: Eclipse

Challenging aerial lap race for Mallards taking you from the bright lights of Eclipse Blvd. past the big cranes and bigger egos of Downtown Vinewood, and back to Eclipse.

Air Race: Fly Like an Eagle

If a helicopter's going over South Central or East LS, it's most likely harassing folks with statistically appropriate racial profiles. If one's going over West LS, it's probably ferrying a teen starlets favorite coffee brand beverage to her on set. This chopper point-to-point passes some of the most expensive real estate in the city and a golf club where 99.9 percent of the population couldn't afford an iced tea.

Air Race: High Dive

Dive bomb Downtown in this point to point for Jets. You start in the Tongva Hills, climb to high altitude, make a near vertical descent, and try to pull up at the last minute. It's the highest climb and fall we've got on our books. You'll make an impression or make an impression on the ground.
Air Race: High Dive Map

Air Race: Kept at Bay

Short figure eight track for choppers just a few feet over Paleto Bay. Start on the headland, pass the chicken factory and Blaine County Savings and Loan, go down to Paleto Cove, and come back. Look out for low checkpoints over buildings and oncoming racers at the junction points.
Air Race: Kept at Bay GTA Online Race

Air Race: The Humane Race

Point to point race for planes across natural resource rich eastern Southern San Andreas. This is a novice level course, but that is no excuse for novice level flying. Be all that you can be, and hope that that's better than the other guys.
Air Race: The Humane Race GTA Online Race
Air Race: The Humane Race Map

Air Race: Life's a Beach (Planes)

Let the Great Ocean Highway be your guide as you follow the West Coast down from Lago Zancudo to Del Perro Pier. Point-to-point for planes.
Air Race: Life's a Beach (Planes) GTA Online Race

Air Race: Swift Arrival

Take advantage of relaxed no fly regulations around Los Santos International with this short figure of eight lap race for choppers. Go under bridges, and over parking garages, and try to make your flight on time.
Air Race: Swift Arrival GTA Online Race
Air Race: Swift Arrival Map

Air Race: Up in the Air

Stay above the smog with this helicopter lap race in the Vinewood hills. Starts near the Galileo Observatory, looping lake Vinewood, and going up to the Vinewood sign. Racers are forced to fly low at first, but you can climb as the track moves North.
Air Race: Up in the Air GTA Online Race

Air Races: Job Info

  • Job Type Race Mode
  • Multiplayer Type PVP
  • N. of Players 1 - 30 PLAYERS_N

Air Races: Release Info

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date October 1, 2013
  • Platforms PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Air Races: Video

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