The mode is also available to play in Team variation.

Job Information
Game Mode Showdown Mode

Demonstrate your personal specialty in this free-for-all: the trickier the weapon you use to land the killing blow, the more points you get.

  • Repeater x1
  • Revolver x2
  • Shotgun x3
  • Maxim Gun x5
  • Sniper / Tomahawk x6
  • Melee x7
  • Explosive Arrows x9
Location Lanik Electrical; Tall Trees
Job Variation Free For All
Weapons Setting Forced Weapons
Number of Lives Unlimited Lives
Players 2 - 32 players
Release Date November 27, 2018
Title Update 1.03 Red Dead Online Launch

Name Your Weapon Tips

  • While low value weapons like repeaters are useful at long range, you may find yourself able to rack up points much faster with close-range weapons such as the Tomahawk.
  • Keep an eye out for the train, which carries high value weapons such as Dynamite Arrows. These are in very short supply, but can take out multiple targets at once to help swing the pendulum in your favor.


This game mode can take place in the following map locations / variations:

Lanik Electrical

Tall Trees


Coming soon.

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