Since June 2020, we've released numerous articles with ideas for Red Dead Online, including concepts for roles, heists, properties, storylines, minigames, and other smaller additions. With Rockstar's current update schedule, we have provided enough updates to last the game years. That's why this Red Dead Online concept will be the last for a long time.

We Red Dead Online players love our roleplay. We love to really feel one with our characters, and that's why we've managed to come up with the "Western Skills" update, featuring three skill paths for players to level up over time, allowing them to flex their new abilities to lower ranking players.

The three skill paths, Skills of the Gunslinger, Skills of the Rider and Skills of the Vehiclemaster will unlock once the player hits level 100, serving as endgame goals for any prestigious player to pursue. 15 new levels of each skill path to work through, each worth 2000 SkillXP, with no buy in allows players a selection of new abilities to help with all of the new roles, missions and other activities we've conceptualised over the past few months.


rdo skills of the gunslinger

Skills of the Gunslinger


  1. Running Dead - Sprint whilst carrying bodies.
  2. Maximum Pain - Shoot when diving. (Pistols and Revolvers only)
  3. Breathe and Squeeze - Faster bloom time. (Double speed)
  4. Things to Shoot - Eagle eye highlights enemies and explosives.
  5. Sturdy Shoulder - Use long-arm weapons when carrying bodies.
  6. Executioner - More visually skilled executions.
  7. 20/20 Vision - Smaller bloom. (50% size)
  8. Perceptive - Eagle eye available in scopes.
  9. Skilled Reload - Fancy animations, a chance to load one extra bullet.
  10. Want Some? - Auto throw empty tonics and drinks at nearby enemies after consuming them.
  11. Double Reload - Reload both dual wielded pistols or revolvers at the same time.
  12. Marsupial - 1.5x dive distance and height.
  13. Hands-Free Reloading - Weapons reload when holstered. Same reload time required.
  14. The Tumbleweed Terror - Roll at the end of a dive to stand up faster.
  15. Cyclone of Death - Spin round auto-targeting nearby NPC enemies in Deadeye, will consume full Deadeye bar and core

XP for this skill path is earned by shooting enemy NPCs, players and animals, cleaning your gun, using previously earned skills, winning Duels, or by placing high in the shooting competition in The Sporting Games.

rdo skills of the rider

Skills of the Rider


  1. High Speed Maintenance - Clean your horse and guns when galloping. Horse will follow waypoint.
  2. This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun - Use long arm weapons as a passenger.
  3. Catch - Hold your arm out to help ally players onto your horse whilst moving / Prepare yourself to be caught.
  4. Well Exercised - 0.5x stamina drain speed.
  5. Souvenirs - Your horse will have a 5% chance of picking herbs and plants as you pass over them
  6. Slow Decline - Horse slowly climbs down mountain ledges, and is less likely to slip
  7. High Speed Mastery - Change outfits, open maps and the catalogue whilst galloping. Horse will follow waypoint.
  8. Swimmer - Horse can swim 4x the distance
  9. Pack Steed - Double bag carrying on back of horse
  10. Combat Ally - Horse will kick and trample attacking NPCs
  11. Sturdy Stance - Horse is less likely to fall over when colliding with rocks, trees, other horses and such
  12. Rodent Rider - Double small carcass carrying
  13. Horse Surfing - Stand on the back of a moving horse, in order to jump onto approaching or parallel ledges
  14. Herse Horse - Double large carcass carrying
  15. Complete Trust - Horse isn’t afraid anymore, you will not get bucked out of fear

XP for this skill path is earned by riding your horse, feeding it, building bonding level, completing tricks, using previously earned skills or by placing high in the Equestrian Skills or Triathlon competitions in The Sporting Games

chadwick farm rdr2

Skills of the Vehiclemaster


  1. Learning the Ropes - Use lasso on wagon.
  2. Into The Water - Shove any beached boats back into water easily, or carry smaller boats with another player.
  3. Extra Passengers - Climb and ride on the side of a wagon, hold on tight!
  4. Liberation - Cut horses free from wagons.
  5. Seatbelts - No falling off tipping wagons or boats.
  6. Duck! - Duck whilst in vehicles to avoid bullets.
  7. Smuggler - Hide in the wagon or boat, under a tarp or among boxes if available.
  8. My Loyal Stallion - Attach horse to wagons, or bring them on any boats that are big enough.
  9. Counterbalance - Wagons are less likely to tip over or roll forward and crush horses.
  10. Big Catch - Lean out to help ally players onto your wagon or boat as you pass by / Prepare yourself to be caught.
  11. Easy Transportation - Stow body / carcass / loot bag steadily on boats or in wagons.
  12. My New Best Friend - Stow hogtied victim on boats or in wagons.
  13. Professional Packer - Double stow balance.
  14. Get On Top - Climb from the driver or a passenger seat to standing on the roof / back of the wagon.
  15. Master of the Ropes - Use a lasso to pull tighter corners, or quickly and safely dismount a wagon without sliding upon hitting the ground.

XP for this skill path is earned by driving wagons, boats and hot air balloons, stowing bounties or carcasses in their respective wagons, using previously earned skills, or by placing high in the Rowing event in The Sporting Games

What do you think of this idea? What skills would you like to see in Red Dead Online? Let us know on Twitter @GTABase and stay tuned for more news about all of Rockstar's Games!

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