Games such as Fall Guys, Jackbox, and technically, Minecraft which focus on short minigames have been on the rise lately, and with Red Dead Online struggling to keep it's head above water - What better way to ensure a gold medal, than to introduce the Olympics to Online?

The Aim of the Game

Once per event week, players could compete in a match of "The Sporting Games", an 8 - 20 player series of 10 different competitions to determine who the champions of Red Dead Online were. Much like the Time Trials or Featured Series in GTA Online, the maps and arenas would change weekly.

You could join the games at any time during the week to compete with other players, but once you've finished the games - That's you done until next week. The prizes are way too lucrative to grind it out frequently.

Simply walk up to The Office of the Sporting Games and talk to retired French Athlete, and founder of The Sporting Games, Aaron Blanch to enter for a $20 fee.

This would work by having the players compete in one round of each of the ten categories, garnering points based on their performance. The points are totalled at the end in order to determine who the winner is.


Incentive to Win

The top three contestants across The Sporting Games would receive the following prizes:

  • First place: $20,000 and gold medal neckware
  • Second place: $10,000 and silver medal neckware
  • Third place: $5,000 and bronze medal neck ware

The rest of the contestants would receive somewhere between $1000 and $150 depending on where they placed on the final leaderboard.

If a player earns a total of three gold medals, they will be awarded a 'Ruby Medallion gun belt trinket' which decreases the time required to lose their wanted level.

Being the MVP in one of the individual games will also award the players with a prize.

The Setlist

The Sporting Games would be a playlist of the following:

  • The Caber Toss

    • A classic Scottish game - Contestants lift a large log, spin round with it, and have to throw it farther than any of their competitors.
    • Prize: The Golden Tartan Kilt, doubling the alcohol required to get drunk when worn.
  • The Triathlon

    • An exciting race - Players begin on foot, must run to a river or lake, swim across it to their horse, and ride to the finish line.
    • Prize: Hermes Wings Spurs, adding 20% sprint speed and stamina when equipped.
  • The Relay

    • A collaborative race - Players are randomly placed into teams of two, one partner has to run round a set track and pass the baton to their teammate who will finish the race. The winning team shares the largest amount of points.
      • The game will favour friends lists, posses and parties for this.
    • Prize: Throwing Baton - A concussive, non lethal throwing weapon which will knock out any target with a headshot, or knock them over if it hits the body.
  • Archery

    • Self-explanatory. Players will have to shoot the most targets, the most accurately in a set amount of time.
    • Prize: Golden arrows, which grant double damage but can not be recollected.
  • The Obstacle Course

    • One at a time, players will have to complete a mostly parkour and balanced based obstacle course built over water and mud. The faster they complete the course, the more points they get. If they fall off, their score will depend on the distance they got.
      • To prevent time griefing, each obstacle will have a time limit based on difficulty.
    • Prize: The Climbing Hook, allowing 3x climb height on any walls.
  • Heavy Lifting

    • Reskinned yoga from GTA V.
      • Fun to reintroduce this challenge in RDO
    • Prize: Strongman uniform, giving the player double strength when worn
  • The Brawl

    • Players are placed in a one-on-one gauntlet type combat arena. Last person standing wins.
    • Prize: Bandaged outfit, which allows the player to take 50% less melee damage, with a 0.5% chance to negate any damage from melee attacks and 0.01% to negate explosion damage when worn.
  • Equestrian Skills

    • Players complete a series of jumps, climbs and other obstacles on their horse.
    • Prize: The Olympic Saddle, which allows the player to carry 10 saved outfits and has the highest-tier stats.
  • Rowing

    • Boat race, where players must follow a river and avoid obstacles along the way. Beaching the boat means dnf, and points will be determined by distance made.
    • Prize: Swimming flippers, which allow double swimming speed when worn.
  • Shooting

    • Plates are thrown into the air, players must shoot the most plates within the time limit.
    • Prize: The Olympic Repeater, which has the stats of a Litchfield with 30 rounds stored, but it can't use special ammo.


Enter the 80s Training Montage

So how do you get used to these minigames in order to win? You train, of course! Naturally, you can practise your boating, shooting and fighting across the frontier, but you could also travel to various destinations to train with a professional in order to hone in your skills to be the next Sporting Pro!

What do you think of The Sporting Games? Would you take part weekly? Let us know on Twitter @GTABase and stay tuned for more information about all things Rockstar Games!

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