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Red Dead Online Posses

In Red Dead Online (the Multiplayer of Red Dead Redemption 2), you have the opportunity to join Posses and create your own to play together and share the rewards.

Posse Types

There are two types of Posse to choose from; Temporary and Persistent.

  • A Temporary Posse can have up to 4 players, is free to set up, but will disband, and be deleted after the Posse Leader leaves the game.
  • A Persistent Posse can have up to 7 players but will cost a fee of $200 to set up. It is saved, and reforms whenever the Posse Leader is online. Player stats and Awards are tracked, and you will have more freedom to customize your Posse's style.

In a Persistent Posse, the Posse Leader can initiate Posse Versus content in Free Roam. These are short games launched from the Player menu that can be played within your Posse or against another. Compete together or against one another. Fight, Race or hunt down rival Posse Leaders.

How to Create a Posse in Red Dead Online

To create a Posse, go to the Player menu by pressing the the Left Directional Arrow, select Posse, then Form Posse. Here you can choose the type, set privacy, turn friendly fire on or off, pick your Camp location and enter your Posse name. Then select Form a Posse.

You can choose a Posse name, the style of decor and even the style of clothes your members wear.

To add Posse Members, go into Posse in the Player menu and select your posse. Choose Invite to Posse, then find the player you would like to join and select Invite.

Joining an existing Posse

Alternatively, you can join an existing Posse by heading to the Online menu and selecting Posse Up, or by accepting a Posse Invite.

Posse Perks and Rewards

  • Certain activities and missions will reward players with a greater amount of RDO$ & XP when playing in a Posse.
  • Posse leaders will bring the entire Posse with them when joining Free Roam Events, Competitive Challenges, or Showdown Series via the Player Menu or Series icon on the map, keeping the group together.
  • Leaders of a Persistent Posse can change their gang's Outfit Style and Posse Name at any time in the Posse Settings Menu.
  • Every Posse member can see the leader's waypoint on the map, making navigation easier for the group.
  • If your Persistent Posse is all riding to the same destination, leaders can trigger a Posse Race for some extra XP along the way. Simply enter the Player Menu (d-pad left), select Posse and then Posse Versus to choose your activity.

Red Dead Online Camps

As a solo traveler, set up your Player Camp to give yourself somewhere to rest in Free Roam. Or head to your Posse Camp to share a communal space with other members.

Use your Camp to access your wardrobe, collect purchased goods, craft weapons and tonics, rest up and even Fast Travel, if you have upgraded. The Camp can be found under Kit in the Weapon Wheel, or via the Player menu.

Camp Size

All Posses require a Camp as a base. Before creating a Posse, you must choose the Camp size, which will affect how large your Posse can be, and the Camp's location.

  • A Small Camp can hold between 1-4 Posse Members. A Daily fee of $1.00 is charged for Camp maintenance.
  • A Large Camp can hold between 1-7 Posse Members. A Daily fee of $2.00 is charged for Camp maintenance. Only Persisent Posses can use Large Camps.

Camp Locations

There are 13 possible Camp Locations in which you can set up your camp:

  1. Scarlett Meadows
  2. Bayou Nwa
  3. Big Valley
  4. Cholla Springs
  5. Cumberland Forest
  6. Gaptooh Ridge
  7. Great Plains
  8. Grizzlies
  9. Heartlands
  10. Hennigan's Stead
  11. Rio Bravo
  12. Roanoke Ridge
  13. Tall Trees

A small fee must be paid to set up the Camp, to move it afterwards or to increase its size. Your Camp will be blipped on the radar for yourself and your Posse to see.

Camp Customization

As Posse Leader, you can customize your Camp by talking to former outlaw and helper JB Cripps.

Here you'll be able to select a Theme. Is your Posse a Military troop? Or perhaps they have more in common with wandering Hobos. They might be intrepid Survivors, or maybe they are a Cultured gang and sophistication is more their style.

You can choose between the following Camp Themes:

  1. Standard Theme
  2. Traveling Opulence (unlocks at Rank 38)
  3. The Hobo Life ($150,00)
  4. Military Surplus (unlocks at Rank 24)
  5. Survivor Theme (Free with RDR2 Ultimate Edition)

You can also customize your Tent, Flag Color, Equipment, Cripps' outfit, as well as add a Fast Travel Post to your Camp when you reach Rank 65.

When you're at your Camp, you can raise the white flag to prevent being attacked from other players while there.

Upgraded personal tents will increase the rate at which your cores refill when resting in Camp.

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