The Mammoth Squaddie is a SUVs vehicle featured in GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, added to the game as part of the update on February 4, 2021.

How to get the Squaddie in GTA Online:

The Squaddie can be purchased in GTA Online from Warstock Cache & Carry for a price of $1,130,000.

The Squaddie can be stored in any of your Properties/Garages as a Personal Vehicle. It can be customized at Los Santos Customs. You can also modify it in a Vehicle Workshop inside one of your owned properties.

Once acquired, you can request the delivery of the Squaddie from the Mechanic.

How to unlock the Squaddie Trade Price?

A trade price of $847,500 (Discounted)* can be unlocked for the Squaddie. 

*The discounted Trade Price is unlocked after winning the "Assault on Cayo Perico" Adversary Mode. This vehicle was originally cut from GTA V, but then introduced to GTA Online with The Cayo Perico Heist Update.

Mammoth Squaddie in Real Life:

The design of the Mammoth Squaddie is based on a real life Hummer H1.

Mammoth Squaddie Top Speed:

The actual top speed of the Squaddie in GTA V is 101.75 mph (163.75 km/h) when it's fully upgraded, as it's been accurately tested in-game by Broughy1322.

Can you sell the Squaddie in GTA Online?

Yes, you can sell the Squaddie at Los Santos Customs for a resale price of $678,000 (60% of the original purchase), plus 50% of the value of your upgrades.

Squaddie: GTA V Vehicle Info

  • Seats 4
  • Mass / Weight 2,750 KG
  • Drive Train AWD
  • Gears 5

Squaddie: GTA V Performance

  • Top Speed - Real 101.75 mph (163.75 km/h)
  • Lap Time 1:16.678
  • Bulletproof No
  • Explosive Resistance

    Amount of explosives required to destroy the Squaddie, with 100% armor, and occupied by a player:

    Explosive Weapon Amount
    Homing Launcher / Oppressor Missiles / Jet Missiles 1
    RPG / Grenades / Sticky Bomb / MOC Cannon 1
    Explosive Rounds (Heavy Sniper Mk II) 2
    Tank Cannon (Rhino / APC) 1
    Anti-Aircraft Trailer Dual 20mm Flak 1

Squaddie: GTA V Statistics

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Handling
  • Overall 45.71

Note: The above statistics are coming from the Rockstar official website.

Squaddie Description:

Long gone are the days of playing army men with other kids. Now you play army men with grownups. And what's more grownup than giving each other a high and tight before piling into an armored truck, stripping to the waist and making revving noises? It's just like the old days, but your mom's not there to make you snacks.

Squaddie: GTA V Appearances

  • Game Edition Game Edition: GTA OnlineGTA Online
  • DLC / Title Update
  • Release Date February 4, 2021
  • Platforms PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

  • Squaddie Spawn Locations in Grand Theft Auto V

    Where to find the Squaddie in GTA Online:

    GTA Online:

    • Can be seen parked at the roadside or driven by the guards on Cayo Perico
  • Notable Owners:

  • Similar Vehicles

  • Model ID squaddie
  • Notes *The discounted Trade Price is unlocked after winning the "Assault on Cayo Perico" Adversary Mode. This vehicle was originally cut from GTA V, but then introduced to GTA Online with The Cayo Perico Heist Update.
  • Squaddie: Vehicle Customization

    Total Cost to Fully Upgrade in GTA Online $421,400
    ModificationGTA Online Price
    No Armor$1,000
    Armor Upgrade 20%$7,500
    Armor Upgrade 40%$12,000
    Armor Upgrade 60%$20,000
    Armor Upgrade 80%$35,000
    Armor Upgrade 100%$50,000
    Body Work
    Black Roll Bar$7,050
    Black Gladiator Roll Bar$10,000
    Chrome Roll Bar$13,000
    Chrome Gladiator Roll Bar$14,000
    Low Profile Side Rails$16,000
    Troop Carrier Side Rails$16,500
    Side Rails w/ Canopy Frame$17,000
    Heavy Troop Carrier Side Rails$17,500
    Heavy Rails Canopy Frame$18,000
    Side Rails Armored Panels$18,500
    Canopy Frame Armored Panel$19,000
    Heavy Rails Armored Panel$19,500
    Heavy Rails Frame & Panel$20,000
    Stock Brakes$1,000
    Street Brakes$20,000
    Sport Brakes$27,000
    Race Brakes$35,000
    Bumpers > Front Bumpers
    Stock Front Bumper$2,200
    Black Offroad Crux Bumper$4,600
    Black Offroad Ridge Bumper$7,400
    Black Offroad Stinger Bumper$11,700
    Black Offroad Shield Bumper$14,500
    Chrome Offroad Ridge Bumper$14,700
    Chrome Offroad Stinger Bumper$14,900
    Chrome Offroad Shield Bumper$15,100
    Black Low Profile Bumper$15,300
    Chrome Low Profile Bumper$15,500
    Primary Low Profile Bumper$15,700
    Secondary Low Profile Bumper$15,900
    Black Low Profile w/ Winch$16,100
    Chrome Low Profile w/ Winch$16,300
    Bumpers > Rear Bumpers
    Stock Rear Bumper$2,200
    Black Bumper Bars$4,600
    Chrome Bumper Bars$7,400
    Black Offroad Trail Bumper$11,700
    Black Offroad Stinger Bumper$14,500
    Chrome Offroad Trail Bumper$14,700
    Chrome Offroad Stinger Bumper$14,900
    Black Heavy Plated Bumper$15,100
    Chrome Heavy Plated Bumper$15,300
    Stock Chassis$700
    Stowage Racks$1,100
    Ammo Boxes & Jerry Cans$1,350
    Weapons Crates & Ammo Boxes$1,500
    Camo Net & Ammo Boxes$2,750
    Camo Net & Weapons Crates$3,600
    Stock Door$300
    Primary Stock Door$900
    Primary X Plated Doors$1,500
    Secondary X Plated Doors$1,700
    Primary Beveled Doors$2,000
    Secondary Beveled Doors$2,750
    Primary Beveled Armored Doors$3,300
    Sec. Beveled Armored Doors$3,900
    Primary Beveled Armor Plated$4,350
    Sec. Beveled Armor Plated$5,000
    Primary Plated Doors$5,150
    Prim. Chequer Plated Doors$5,300
    Sec. Chequer Plated Doors$5,450
    Primary Medium Armored Doors$5,600
    Sec. Medium Armored Doors$5,750
    Primary Heavy Armored Doors$5,900
    Sec. Heavy Armored Doors$6,050
    EMS Upgrade, Level 1$9,000
    EMS Upgrade, Level 2$12,500
    EMS Upgrade, Level 3$18,000
    EMS Upgrade, Level 4$33,500
    Stock Exhaust$260
    Side Exit Chrome Exhaust$750
    Side Exit Titanium Exhaust$1,800
    Side Exit Trail Exhaust$3,000
    Side Exit Dual Chrome Exhausts$9,550
    Side Dual Titanium Exhausts$9,750
    Side Exit Dual Trail Exhausts$10,500
    Low Exit Exhaust$12,000
    Dual Low Exit Exhausts$13,750
    Dual High Exit Exhausts$14,625
    Ignition Bomb$5,000
    Remote Bomb$7,500
    Stock Grille$200
    Black Grille Guard$750
    Painted Grille Guard$1,340
    Grille Guard w/ Blank Fogs$1,650
    Grille Guard w/ LED Bar$3,000
    Grille Guard w/ Fog Lights$3,200
    Black Wide Grille Guard$3,650
    Wide Guard w/ Blank Fogs$4,100
    Wide Grille Guard w/ 2x Fogs$4,550
    Wide Grille Guard w/ 4x Fogs$5,000
    Chrome Wide Guard w/ 4x Fogs$5,350
    Narrow Grille Guard w/ LED Bar$5,700
    Painted Guard w/ Fogs & LED$6,050
    Chr. Grille w/ Fogs & LED Bar$6,400
    Black Heavy Brush Guard$6,750
    Chrome Heavy Brush Guard$7,100
    Brush Guard w/ 3x Fogs$7,450
    Chrome Brush Guard w/ 3x Fogs$7,800
    Black Brush Guard w/ 4x Fogs$8,150
    Black Brush Guard w/ LED Bar$8,500
    Stock Hood$1,600
    Primary Stock Hood w/ Bag$3,000
    Secondary Stock Hood w/ Bag$5,000
    Primary Vented Scoop Hood$8,000
    Secondary Vented Scoop Hood$9,600
    Prim. Small Modular Vents$11,000
    Sec. Small Modular Vents$11,600
    Prim. Medium Modular Vents$12,000
    Sec. Medium Modular Vents$12,400
    Prim. Triple Modular Vents$12,400
    Sec. Triple Modular Vents$12,500
    Primary Plastic Hood Cover$12,900
    Secondary Plastic Hood Cover$13,250
    Prim. Chrome Vented Cover$13,600
    Sec. Chrome Vented Cover$13,900
    See the full list of the available Horns options »
    Lights > Headlights
    Stock Lights$600
    Xenon Lights$7,500
    Lights > Neon Kits
    See the full list of the available Neon Kits options »
    Basic Camo$18,240
    Zancudo Camo$19,380
    Sprayed Camo$20,520
    3 Color Outline$21,660
    90s Sandbox$22,800
    Modern 5 Color$23,370
    Arid Theater$23,939
    Winter Camo$24,510
    Urban Warrior$25,080
    Nature Reserve$25,650
    Naval Battle$26,220
    Urban Geometric$26,789
    Coyote Geometric$27,360
    Large Geometric$27,930
    Naval Geometric$28,500
    Desert Fractal$29,070
    Urban Fractal$29,639
    Large Digital$30,210
    Medium Digital$30,780
    Small Digital$31,350
    Stock Mirrors$300
    Secondary Stock Mirror$900
    Black Modern Mirrors$1,500
    Secondary Modern Mirrors$1,700
    Black Long Stem Mirrors$2,000
    Secondary Long Stem Mirrors$2,750
    Black Bolted Wide Mirrors$3,300
    Secondary Bolted Wide Mirrors$3,900
    Blue on White 1$200
    Blue on White 2$200
    Blue on White 3$200
    Yellow on Blue$300
    Yellow on Black$600
    See the full list of the available Respray options »
    Stock Roof$200
    Roof Rack$700
    Chrome Roof Rack$1,150
    Cargo Roof Rack$1,600
    Chrome Cargo Roof Rack$1,950
    Roof Basket w/ Fog Lights$2,400
    Chrome Basket w/ Fog Lights$2,500
    Roof Basket w/ LED Bar$2,850
    Large Roof Basket w/ LED Bar$3,400
    Basket w/ Crates & Ammo Boxes$3,950
    Stock Skirts$2,500
    Rhino Side Steps$5,500
    Black Running Steps$8,000
    Chrome Running Steps$10,500
    Black Ridge Steps$14,000
    Chrome Ridge Steps$14,500
    Nerf Bars$15,000
    Nerf Bars w/ Plated Step$15,500
    Black Running Boards$16,000
    Black Trail Running Boards$16,500
    Chrome Running Boards$17,000
    Chrome Trail Running Boards$17,400
    Trail Side Steps$18,300
    Crux Side Steps$19,000
    Stinger Side Steps$20,425
    Stock Suspension$200
    Lowered Suspension$1,000
    Street Suspension$2,000
    Sport Suspension$3,400
    Competition Suspension$4,400
    Stock Transmission$1,000
    Street Transmission$29,500
    Sports Transmission$32,500
    Race Transmission$40,000
    Turbo Tuning$50,000
    Wheels > Wheel Type
    See the full list of the available Wheel Types options »
    Wheels > Wheel Color
    See the full list of the available Wheel Colors options »
    Wheels > Tire Design
    Stock Tires$200
    Custom Tires$5,000
    Wheels > Tire Enhancements
    Standard Tires$200
    Bulletproof Tires$25,000 (Rank 20)
    Low Grip Tires$500 (at LS Car Meet)
    Wheels > Tire Smoke
    See the full list of the available Tire Smoke options »
    Light Smoke$1,500
    Dark Smoke$3,500

Squaddie: GTA V Screenshots

Squaddie: Custom Paint Jobs

Squaddie Video

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