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Emmet Granger

Emmet Granger is a gunslinger involved in the Beaver Brook massacre, the Laidlaw family disappearance, and the Chaparral killings. Despite being an unapologetic monster, he's retired from the outlaw life after making a deal with the authorities.

Arthur Morgan is sent to track him down and potentially interview him for a book about Jim "Boy" Calloway, as part of the Strangers Side Mission "The Noblest of Men, and a Woman".

His custom revolver can be obtained after his defeat.

Character Information
Role Gunslinger
Gender Male
Nationality American
Location Flat Iron Lake (The Heartlands, New Hanover)
Weapon Granger's Revolver
Performer / Actor Matte Osian
Mission Appearances
As Featured Character


Coming soon.


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Gunslinger: Emmet Granger

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