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Rockstar Games have just tweeted a mysterious Red Dead Redemption 2 wanted poster for Van der Linde head honcho Dutch van der Linde.

red dead redemption 2 dutch wanted poster


From The Pinkerton Detective Agency 



For the robbery of close to $150,000 in banknotes from a boat in BLACKWATER and multiple associated counts of MURDER

Leader of the ruthless VAN DER LINDE GANG, responsible for numerable TRAIN and BANK robberies, across the Western states. A charismatic, manipulative individual believed to harbour subversive, anti-American ideals. 

Mid-forties, dark hair and moustache, dresses smartly. Last seen heading north into the GRIZZLIES from BIG VALLEY, West Elizabeth. 

This is the first we have seen of this and I think it is definitely not the last. I expect to see more for the rest of the members and Van der Linde associates. Possibly even on daily basis, considering there really is only seven weeks left until RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) releases worldwide. 

It is exciting to see Rockstar drop things like this, leaving us begging for more but also happy to see them give us something. I wonder when we will see the next fugitives mug on paper! 


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