Massive Red Dead Redemption 2 promo spotted in Los Angeles (Live update)

A new (and massive) Red Dead Redemption 2 advertisement has been spotted in Los Angeles, California. On the corner of Wilshire and Western. Taking up what looks to be the entire side of a building, top to bottom. So far we have two progress images of it, thanks to Twitter user Chris. It seems to be of the scale of the Grand Theft Auto V character promo ad that went up in a nearby location, leading up to its game lanch respectively. 

Check out the first progress pictures below, and keep an eye out here for daily progress.

Day 1 Monday, September 24th


Day 2 Tuesday, September 25th


Day 3 Wednesday, September 26th


Day 4 Thursday, September 27th


Day 5 Friday, September 28th


Day 6...


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