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If you follow us on Twitter @RedDeadBase, you may have seen some The Doors - "Riders on the Storm" references among our tweets, with RDR2 images attached.

Well, if you was wondering what was going on, like some of you were, or singing along, like some of you were, there isn't actually a great big conspiracy or story behind it. 

Simply, I started humming the record while I looked at some of the official Gameplay Video screens and when I watched certain parts of the Gameplay Video. So I captioned some of the screens that matched up with some of the lyrics, and the references begun. Of course it didn't stop there - since the beginning of my time playing Rockstar's games, the music was always embedded so deeply into the game and myself, it's impossible to not associate one with the other. The same goes for video. The audio and visual combination is always nailed properly when it comes to Rockstar Games.

With that being said, we decided to create our own little audio and visual experience, which inaugurates our new Youtube Channel! Check it out below!

Oh, and bonus points if you can guess the soundtrack.

Red Dead Riders on the Storm 

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