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If you have ever played an open world video game in your lifetime, there is a massive chance that it was a Rockstar game. Be it Grand Theft Auto, State of Emergency, Manhunt, Bully, L.A. Noire or Red Dead Redemption.. The list goes on. With Rockstar's games, there is always a different kind of open-world to explore. A different time frame, a change of vibe - be it fighting your way through the concrete jungle sporting your colours, riding a horse through the badlands, or even catapulting stink bombs at teachers, there is - always - something for someone. 

"Rockstar's worlds, like I said, are the best open worlds of any games. The consistency is almost always there and every new release has a world that is better than the last"

A video from YouTube user RoboKast goes further into detail at how - and why - Rockstar Games are masters at the open-world storytelling experiences. RoboKast manages to squeeze in a fair amount of details into his 11 minutes video and is pretty spot on in what he says. 

Give it a watch over yourself below and get ready to explore yet another R* world come October 26 with Red Dead Redemption 2!

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