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With the GTA VI trailer set to be released by Rockstar Games in early December, we decided to ask the community what they want to see in the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series.


GTA / Rockstar Games Content Creator, TGG said:

- More enterable buildings. Not only more interiors but locations that have an effect on the game (gyms, fast food etc) like in GTA SA - Smoother animations - Multiple cities. The secondary cities will need to be more fleshed out than Paleto Bay & Sandy Shores - More replayability in single player. More business and things to work towards post-story

Rockstar community vertan, Paul Lennon said:

What I want to see in GTA VI. Red Dead Redemption 2 made the world feel more alive and interactive. I'm hoping GTA VI takes that up an extra level and then some. GTA IV let the player pick up items from the floor, such as bricks, coffee cups or other clutter. Afte RDR2 allowed us to interact with NPC's, via words or robbing them. GTA VI could allow us to mess with them more physically. Imagine throwing a can of eCola at a pedestrian who just littered on the floor? Or throwing a magazine at an enemy when you run out of bullets? I also hope that the world itself is living and breathing even when not on a mission. In GTA V early in the game, you chase the Balla through the railyard. It's busy with lots going on. Come back after the mission and it's a ghost town. I hope in GTA VI these areas can be fully operational at all times. And more interiors would be fantastic. Who doesn't want to race go karts around the inside of GTA VI's rendition of North Point Mall? And finally, I'd request that callbacks, or easter eggs were done tastefully, and not overdone. We all love GTA Vice City, but there's a risk of overdoing it. Honor the past, yes. But focus on being original, lest the game just becomes "Remember Vice City: The Game".

NestorSite said:

Personally, I would like to see the same level of immersion as Red Dead Redemption 2, where the map has its own life and you can discover small details in every corner. I'd like GTAto have different types of vehicles with specific mechanics (something similar to the compactor in San Andreas), and diverse and fun weapons like the chainsaw, katana, or a water gun. But the most important aspect will be the story, and I am afraid that Dan Houser's departure may have negatively impacted it. I wish he could finish everything before he left.

Kifflom! said:

Honestly, in GTA VI I would like to see and contemplate the city, Vice City, after living more than ten years in Los Santos, I feel that Vice City has to be a unique home, something unimaginable, I have the feeling that I will live many years in this city and I have great expectations with it, I want to see an immense city, swim in seas, explore mountains, go into forests, see many buildings inside and investigate them, I want to merge with the city and travel and know every corner.

Rockstar Nation said:

I would say that some features that I would love to see on the next entrée are some which where underused from the old games. -Being able to buy properties on single player and manage them like in Vice City Stories. -Being able to do mundane stuff like buying food, exercise and see a clear change on the characters. -More complexity for the vehicles while keeping the "Arcade" feeling. -Minigames -Romance options (if they don't interfere story wise) -Broader options of websites. -Take risks on they way the missions are setup.

Lewis from Rockstar Universe said:

Definitely more steal missions and new dynamics to them for movement (such as crawling)

Gaming Detective from Rockstar Universe said:

Since Rockstar is known for pushing every console generation to the limits, I imagine they’ll do the same with VI, technically speaking. I’d love to see more dynamic weather like hurricanes and tropical storms to match the Florida vibe. I’d of course also love for a lot of the buildings to have enterable interiors. I sound like a broken record on this, but for the story I want to see a drug smuggling/empire building, semi-serious (somewhere between 4 & 5 in tone) storyline that is inspired by a lot of the South American/Miami films we have today (narcos, miami vice, etc.). The map should be bigger than gta 5 and rdr2, but also not too big to where it’s completely barren (which happened to be the case with Blaine County in 5). Quality over quantity in terms of map size! Other than these key points, I’d love to see just general improvements on what we already have - a more modern representation of RAGE, improved graphics, a wide variety of side missions (not too bloated like a Ubisoft game tho), new mechanics like crawling, multiple towns and large cities, and, of course, no censorship and no holding back on the satirical aspect of GTA.

Synth Potato from Rockstar INTEL said:

I want to see the city, the map, it feels like urban cities in video games are so rare these days, I guess forests are easier to make and populate I can’t think of any games recently that had huge cities aside from like cyberpunk, so finally having a new Rockstar Games world and city to explore is the thing I just cannot wait to see, im so sick of Los Santos and Blaine County, I want to see Vice City and all the new amazing locales we’ll see, if it’s a fraction of the detail that Saint Denis had in RDR2 then it’ll be stunning

Ryder S said:

I think first is the return of the Iconic places from GTA Vice City to GTA 6 like the Malibu club and the famous vice city mall 2 half of rdr2 realism and with mind-blowing details that RDR2 was famous for. RDR2 is known to be the most detailed game ever made. I'm sure GTA 6 will cook with these details and pass rdr2. 3 the return of activities from GTA San Andreas like gym and basketball and the return of restaurants like clucking bell and burger shot

GTA Online content creator, Berseker said:

- expand more on the hand-to-hand combat even more than red dead 2 did - Parkour could be an amazing mechanic added to GTA more in the parkour style of TLOU2. - Incorporate businesses, similar to online or like vice city stories where you take over territories and fight gangs - Incorporate the best third person shooting system that we saw in Max Payne 3. - Better mission design, instead of being told what to do or provide a variety of different choices. More room for player input - Depth of the environment, more secrets with huge rabbit holes to go down to find the meaning piecing together easter eggs and secrets - Better interactive system instead of greeting and antagonizing like rdr2 - Physics that are similar to GTA 4 which includes better car destruction physics and ragdoll physics. - More destructible environments, if we shoot at buildings they get destroyed and over time you see the building being repaired with construction ect - Better police realism, make chases feel action packed and actually intense with consequences including vehicle detection - More character customization options, instead of the generic clothing GTA 6 should make players maintain upkeep like health and physical attributes. - NPCS with lives similar to RDR2 each NPC has their own life, job, duties and they go about their own day every day

GTABase Staff / Rockstar Groove Owner, John M said:

First of all I would like to say that I am extremely excited for the new Grand Theft Auto and can't wait for December to see the first official Trailer! We can finally say that we have officially entered the pre-release period and it is certainly the most beautiful period, a real experience! As for the game itself, I think the potential will be enormous, not to mention the expectations, when it comes to Rockstar we can rest assured that it will be an incredible thing! I'm totally excited to return to Vice City, even in the slightest comparison to what Red Dead Redemption 2 was, I think the graphic and dynamic aspect of the game will be crazy. I would also like to see more Stealth mechanics and tactics in general, which can be used both in Freemode and in missions. For the rest I think it will be simply incredible to return to the streets of Vice City and then be able to build our new empire in the new Online component in a completely new world, I can't wait!

Vinewood Motors from CentralGamingHub said:

With regards to the game, I don't actually know what I want, I'm excited to see what's in store. I hope it's as indepth as Red Dead Redemption 2, and I think it would be a good idea that online comes out after the launch by 2+ weeks

Teo said:

I'd wish the gameplay is seamless as the story, engaging with all the scenes plus the utilization of gen9 features. And more traversal with lots of activities!!

KrisBN said:

Firstly, I would love to see Rockstar take on a more mature approach to the story of the next Grand Theft Auto game. Coming off of Red Dead Redemption 2, which provided one of the best stories in the history of video games, many consider it impossible for Rockstar to exceed it. It impacted many players with its masterfully written characters and plot, beautiful cinematography, attention to detail, and tragic ending on a deep level. I would love to see Grand Theft Auto's next entry take a more serious direction and deliver an impactful and moving campaign while retaining the colorful DNA of the franchise.

One of my favorite aspects about Grand Theft Auto is the level of detail that Rockstar puts into their vehicles. However, for the new entry, I would like to see even deeper vehicle customization with more options for the interior and exterior.

Another improvement I would like to see in GTAVI is a better melee combat system. One of the most noticeable downgrades in GTAV was the melee combat. Other Rockstar titles such as RDR2, GTAIV, and GTA: San Andreas all feature more in-depth combat systems, which make hand-to-hand combat more engaging and rewarding. I would love to see Rockstar go beyond and introduce a more comprehensive fighting system. Additionally, it would be fantastic if Rockstar incorporated more interactive elements into the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 has small animations that allow players to engage with the environment, like sitting on chairs, benches, and beds, eating stew from a bowl, and picking up a beer. Another example is the ability to pick up objects from the ground and throw them, which was introduced in GTAIV. With the new online experience that will inevitably come with this next installment, Rockstar will want to ensure it is as successful as its predecessor. My wishes for the new multiplayer counterpart are that Rockstar creates a safe environment for all players, tones down on the futuristic weaponized vehicles, and works towards a more immersive and grounded experience that allows for fun and balanced gameplay, regardless of whether the player wants to indulge in less stress-inducing activities such as roleplaying or participate in high-octane PvP combat. 

Screenshot from GTA Trilogy DE

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for full coverage on everything Grand Theft Auto VI on our Twitter (@GTABase), in the coming week as we approach early December.

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