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Rockstar Games dropped the second part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay video today and showed us more of the locations we'll be roaming in, the gangs we'll be running into and the things we will be running from. And importantly, a brief look at the game running in first person view.

Red Dead Redemption 2's First Person looks immersive and exciting. And you can play the entire game in First Person Mode. A whole new way to play and experience the next wild west story. Here are some screenshots from the in-game-play video that show Arthur riding on horseback, shooting various weapons and getting into combat as well as using the revamped Dead Eye system.

Here is the first scene that we see FPV in action, with Arthur riding on his horse. Note, players will be able to choose to completely remove the head of the horse out of view when playing in First Person View.

rdr2 first person horse head

Horsehead restricted 

rdr2 first person horse head restricted

Here we see Arthur holding a rifle and engaging in combat on horseback

RDR2 GameplayVideoPart2 59 Radar ArthurMorgan FirstPerson Forest

RDR2 GameplayVideoPart2 60 Radar ArthurMorgan FirstPerson Forest

Now we take a look at Arthur breaking down a door and entering a building, sweeping through and taking out an enemy in close quarters.

RDR2 GameplayVideoPart2 62 Radar ArthurMorgan FirstPerson

RDR2 GameplayVideoPart2 63 Radar ArthurMorgan FirstPerson

A good look at the weapon reload animation here. You can see gunsmoke and individual bullets loaded in. And of course the blood splatter from the guy you just blasted.

RDR2 GameplayVideoPart2 64 Radar ArthurMorgan FirstPerson

RDR2 GameplayVideoPart2 66 Radar ArthurMorgan FirstPerson

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