It's a hotly debated topic right now - Should GTA VI's ever-awaited Online mode carry progress from our current iteration of GTA Online? And how much of it should be carried over, if so?

Well, first, let's weight the pros and cons:

There are a few main reasons people think Rockstar should completely wipe the slate clean, with nothing being carried over. Of course, there's the immense time and money it takes to port assets over to the new engine and to update assets to be more in line with the ninth generation quality we expect to see from Rockstar, but on top of this - there's the argument of what we actually want ported over. Many players wish to see a clean slate so we don't have the immediate return of overpowered vehicles such as the Hydra, Oppressor MK II, or the Toreador.

There are also a lot of benefits to carrying over player progress - The sense of reward for dedication and hard work to the previous iteration of GTA Online being the main one, as well as the feeling of continuity for our GTA Online characters as they continue to build their criminal empire across the United States of America.

One popular online sequel which wiped players from all of their earned gear was Destiny 2. Whilst the character customisation was carried over, and returning players got special dialogue for their achievements in the original Destiny - All of their gear was completely ripped from them, and the narrative was made to fit this change in gameplay.

A recent example of a game allowing players to carry over progress from the previous title is the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Visiting a stable will allow players to retrieve any of the horses they owned in Breath of the Wild, complete with names and stats.

Criminal Legacy: Our Solution

The idea I would like to propose in order to appease both sides of this debate is something I am calling the 'Criminal Legacy' - Much inspired by the new 'Career Builder' introduction to GTA Online introduced in the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. What players have access to in 'Criminal Legacy' however, will depend on their achievements in GTA Online:

Offshore Accounting:

The first question is how to handle the player's finances. The tricky balance here is rewarding players for what they have achieved over a 10+ year lifespan, whilst not setting them up with too much money which would make the new game feel redundant. That's why I propose that for each $100k the player has earned across their total time in GTA V's Online, they will be awarded $1k starter money in VI's.

This sounds stingy, but to give an example of how this would work: I have earned $250 million in GTA Online since I started playing in 2013, which would set me up with a satisfying and fair base of $2.5 million spending cash.

I would also apply the same logic to the game's levels - For every one hundred levels the player has achieved in Legacy GTA Online, they would be awarded one level in the new version. This will still allow players to have a fresh start in the new game.

Franchise Mode

Upon completing the introduction mission, players would be then taken to a screen akin to the current 'Career Builder' available to new GTA Online players. This would introduce them to 'Franchise Mode' in which they would be able to purchase select unlocked businesses at a one-time discount offer. In order to franchise out from Los Santos, players will have to have completed certain tasks in the legacy version of GTA Online they are importing their character from. This includes the following:

  • Cargo storage: Fully empty all warehouses.
    • Unlocks "Franchise" option at the CEO Office computer for $50,000, granting purchase permission in VI for a CEO Office priced at a discounted $800,000.
  • Hanger: Complete 10 air races.
    • Unlocks "Franchise" option at the Hanger computer for $50,000, granting purchase permission in VI for a small Hangar priced at a discounted $1,200,000.
  • Illicit goods creation: Sell all product.
    • Unlocks "Franchise" option at the Biker Clubhouse computer for $50,000, granting purchase permission in VI for a Drug Lab priced at a discounted $500,000.
  • Vehicle exports: Complete all Special Vehicle missions.
    • Unlocks "Franchise" option at the Vehicle Warehouse computer for $50,000, granting purchase permission in VI for a Vehicle Impound priced at a discounted $750,000.
  • Gunrunning Bunker: Complete all Gunrunning missions.
    • Unlocks "Franchise" option at the Gunrunning Bunker computer for $50,000, granting purchase permission in VI for a Gun Smuggling Den priced at a discounted $910,000.
  • Nightclub: Acquire all DJs and sell all goods.
    • Unlocks "Franchise" option at the Nightclub computer for $50,000, granting purchase permission in VI for a Nightclub priced at a discounted $850,000.
  • Auto Shop: Complete one contract and two customer vehicle requests.
    • Unlocks "Franchise" option at the Auto Shop whiteboard for $50,000, granting purchase permission in VI for a Large Garage with Mechanic at a discounted $110,000.
  • Arcade - Heist Lair: Fully stock Arcade with different cabinets and complete the Casino Heist.
    • Unlocks "Franchise" option at the Arcade computer for $50,000, granting purchase permission in VI for an Underground Heist Planning Lair at a discounted $1,250,000.
      • All of the Heists added to the game would be run from this property, helping prevent VI from having such a large clutter of buildings.

Having players have to complete certain tasks and challenges set in a DLC before the release of the next Grand Theft Auto title would help build up hype for the game, and I'm sure it might even give a final boost to Shark Card sales before the game is finally moved over.

Franchised businesses would start with no upgrades, customisation or enhancement, meaning players could fairly establish a foothold in Vice City without having a gaping advantage over new fans or those who didn't invest as much in the current iteration of GTA Online.

A Little on the Top

Legacy GTA Online would also have a variety of other rewards for players who have completed other non-business related activities, adding extra convenience when exploring the unknown streets. Some examples of such rewards could be:

  • Completed OG Heists: Gold weapon paints.
  • Completed Lowriders Story: Free six car garage.
  • Completed the Doomsday Heist: Free "I Saved The World and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt."
  • Completed Casino story: Free luxury velvet suit.
  • Completed Casino Heist: Free high Roller tartan suit.
  • Completed Cayo Perico Heist: Free Perico Pistol.
  • Completed all Heist-based DLCs: + $1,000,000 starting cash.
  • Completed all Tuners Contracts: 20% off first purchase in select car stores.
  • Completed The Contract: Free AP Pistol.
  • Completed A Superyacht Life: Free speedboat.
  • Completed Gerald's Last Play: 5 free drugs material resupplies.
  • Completed Madrazo Dispatch Services: Free Sniper Rifle.
  • Completed Premium Deluxe Repo Work: Free Bravado Gauntlet X10.
  • Completed Operation Paper Trail: Free "Secret Service" outfit.
  • Completed Hooligan Missions: Free Journey RV.
  • Red Dead Online - Completed Moonshiner Story: Unique drink options at bars.
  • Red Dead Online - Completed all Legendary Bounties: Free "Wanted Poster" apartment decoration.
  • Red Dead Online - Completed all Legendary Animal Sightings: Free Snakeskin boots, Bison coat, Raccoon hat.
  • Red Dead Online - Completed all Blood Money contracts: + 5000 starting XP.
  • Red Dead Online - Completed all Call To Arms maps: Free Double Action Revolver.



Overall, we find this to be a fair and balanced way to reward legacy Grand Theft Auto Online players whilst allowing the new online GTA experience to still be a blank enough slate where all players are on a near-enough level playing field.

Please be sure to let us know your thoughts on the 'Criminal Legacy' concept, and feel free to tell us how you would budget your franchise when moving to GTA VI's Online either in the comments on this article, or on our Twitter @GTABase

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