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Whether you are short on cash or hungry for more in Red Dead Online, Treasure Maps are a good opportunity to unearth yourself a fortune.

After ranking up in Red Dead Online, you may receive a map as a reward. However, don't forget to also loot fallen enemies. Some folk in these parts carry secrets in their pockets. Unburden them, and find the treasure they have left behind.

How to use a Treasure Map in Red Dead Online

When you have discovered a Treasure Map, find it in your Satchel and choose ''Use' to begin the hunt. The Pause Map and radar will then reveal and highlight the general area where the treasure is located.

Somewhere in this expanse a treasure chest will be hidden out of sight. Head to the area to begin searching for the chest. But remember, you can only concentrate on one map at a time.

Finding Treasures

As you enter the area, you will feel a slight vibration which will grow more intense as you move closer to the treasure. Follow the feeling, or use Eagle Eye by selecting L3 and R3 to focus your vision and locate the chest.

Treasure chests can hold a variety of plunder from Gold Nuggets to cash, consumables, ammo and clothing. Loot the chest and receive your reward. After finding the chest, the highlighted area will disappear from your Pause Map, and you will be free to use another Treasure Map and seek out your next prize.

Gold Bars Currency

Alongside cash you can now earn Gold. This Gold can be spent on a number of luxury items, access locked items early, and to purchase unlocked items.

You can earn Gold in game in the form of Gold Nuggets. It takes 100 Gold Nuggets to make a Gold Bar. Once you own 100 Gold Nuggets, these will automatically convert to 1 Gold Bar.

The value of 1 Gold Bar is the same as $25 in-game cash currency.

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