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Wanted System in Red Dead Online

Differently from punishment in Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode, in Red Dead Online you won't amass a Bounty for your crimes. There are no Wanted zones or locked down regions. Instead, a red circle will display a Wanted radius that only you can see.

There are no lawless regions. The law are cracking down on crime throughout the states, and they will be brutal with their justice. No arrests. No interrogations. In an effort to eradicate those who besmirch the law, they will immediately shoot to kill.

Law and Bounty Updates Coming Soon: Some changes are coming to the way the Law and Bounty systems work in Red Dead Online to reduce the enticements for griefing. Soon, players will get a bounty for committing crimes and will be incentivized to pay them off within an allotted time. Wait too long and bounty hunters from each of the states will track the player forcing them to either pay up or escape.

If a civilian spots you committing a crime, they will try to tell law enforcement. When an eyewitness reaches a law officer, law enforcement officers will come after you.

If you commit more crimes while the law is chasing you, more and more vicious law officers will show up to pursue you.

Also, be careful who you roll with. Affiliating yourself with other Wanted criminals in your Posse may result in you becoming Wanted, as will riding in a vehicle with a Wanted player.

Parley and Feuds with Other Players (PvP)

If you are repeatedly killed by another player in Red Dead Online, you will be given the option to begin a Parley on your Death screen. If chosen, the opposing player will be unable to harm you for 10 minutes.

If you and another player kill each other repeatedly, you will have the option to start a Feud. Feuds can also take place between Posses and Posse Leaders.

Similarly to how you are able to start a "One on One Deathmatch" in GTA Online, after being killed three times in Red Dead Online you will have the choice to challenge that player to a Feud presented to you on your Death screen. If you activate this prompt, a challenge will be sent to the other player who can choose to accept it or ignore it.

Currently, there is no Passive Mode in Red Dead Online. However, when you're at your Camp, you can raise the white flag to prevent being attacked from other players while there.

How Honor works in Red Dead Online

Are you an honorable Gunslinger or a dishonorable Outlaw? Gain Honor and lose it as you interact with the world and those around you. Your actions have consequences and you will find that the missions you select will impact your Honor.

In Red Dead Online, your honor will shift high and low based on your decisions and behavior. You’ll shape your honor through your choices: from life or death decisions to natural interactions such as caring for your horse.

In many ways, honor in Red Dead Online works similarly to the Mental State feature in GTA Online. You can gain Honor by reviving your Posse Members. Lose it by killing civilians, ignoring those in need of help, or stealing or killing other players' horses.

In addition to the world responding to you in subtly different ways, you’ll also notice the nature of certain missions will reveal themselves to you based on your current honor state. For example, an honorable gunslinger may be asked to help escort a convoy, defending it from attacking gangs or even other players’ Posses, whereas a dishonorable outlaw may be asked to help spring a felon from the law.

If you don't like who you've become, you can visit Old Man Jones at his Honor Shop.

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