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Rockstar have released a brand new vehicle for your Online garages, as well as a new Adversary Mode + Facilities discounts.


Getting from point A to point B in one piece ain't good for much unless you ooze some serious class doing so. Luckily for you, the Grotti GT500 Sports Classic is a shining example of Italian automotive excellence — seductively styled, and terribly uninterested in your health and safety. Get your Grotti GT500 today, exclusively from Legendary Motorsport.  

AIR QUOTA - NEW ADVERSARY MODE OUT NOWYou picked up a couple of cheeky kills in a P-996 Lazer and dubbed yourself 'King of the Skies', but how are your skills in an attack helicopter? Can you duck and dodge in a Thruster? Well, Air Quota is here to put your claims of greatness to the test in a gigantic aerial fracas for up to 4 teams and 16 players. Work your way through every flavor of airborne combat the Los Santos skies have to offer the only way you know how - by blowing your opponents to bits with Missiles and Cannons. Earn Double GTA$ & RP in the brand new Air Quota mode now through January 22nd. 

DISCOUNTS TO KEEP YOU STYLISH & SECURE We know you're in a rush to save the world from impending doom but it's time to add some flair to that new lair of yours. Maze Bank Foreclosures is slashing the sticker price on select customization options for your Facility including a Security Room upgrade equipped with guns and goons to strike your foes whenever your heart desires. And when you're done plotting from the confines of your underground fortress, we've got two discounted vehicles designed to crush the competition with lethal proficiency:

  • Facility Styles – 25% off
  • Facility Graphics – 25% off
  • Security Room – 25% off
  • Buckingham Pyro (Plane) – 25% off (Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • HVY Nightshark (Weaponized Vehicle) – 25% off
PREMIUM RACE & TIME TRIAL SCHEDULEEarn some extra cash by competing in this week's Premium Race and Time Trial. Through January 22nd:
  • Premium Stunt Race – "Plummet" Locked to Super
  • Time Trial – "Tongva Valley"
Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. The top three finishers will earn GTA$ and you'll get Triple RP regardless of where you place. To take a shot at the Time Trial, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you'll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP.

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